November 8th, 2005


Tuesday, November 8

yeah, so go me. :) I managed to do it again today... up early and sorted with kids, clothes, breakfasts and school buses totally at ease... no rushing... no arguing or frustrations. This is ... in a word... wonderful. :D
If I can improve things any more it would be to ensure that they get to bed a wee bit earlier. They are just too flippen tired in the morning.
I even remembered to boil an extra egg so I could bring it to work for a "protein" snack...

I needed my sunglasses as I drove in today... which means I was buzz'en on the lovely sky and fall weather.

It is officially the most perfect time of the year.
I love the dog days of summer, lazing around the yard, late night warmth and open windows...
Winter white zones... skiing, playing outside and snuggling by the fire mid-day... is all lovely too...
but there is nothing quite as comfortable as cool fall air filling your lungs,
and glorious reds, oranges and yellows pouring off the trees like liquid sunshine.
It's the time for a nice sweater, wrecky shoes, old gloves and a walk in the park. :)

~ green ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white t, white shirt... dark tie... :) holy boring clothes boy...
~ more of the same... report number 1, draft number 1, is zooming towards conclusion...
~ accomplish some "declutter the house" goal
~ watch AR :D
~ maybe get everyone to go for a walk after dinner...
~ to send some congrats out to crayolaphoenix... now... what's a DIQ?
~ that the dramatic moments in the life and times of orange_knickerz ... ease up!!!
~ just to smile over at my friend kimberly27616... for all kinds of good reasons... :)
~ to say that I'm thinking of lil'ali... no and hoping things are ok...
~ and big smiles out to a florida girl (ackies) that got her power back today!!! :D

George Poopie-head, Headlining on my morning paper:
"The United States does not torture!!!".
Yeah... the united states of america does not "do torture"... they just ship their victims to one of several countries that do so that the US can get their answers but keep their hands from getting smelly. This is not news... this is called the US Rendition Policy and it's a matter of factual record. And any country that can call itself a democracy and free... yet have a document like The Patriot Act signed, sealed and in place... is a just a tad bit rich...

Information gathered through torture is suspect in every way possible and while the "Kieffer Sutherland interrogates terrorists while the bomb tick tick ticks" makes everyone question the issues like "is it justified to torture if so many lives are on the line" ... that scenario is unreal in the extreme and when things come to a situation like that... then individuals make choices... Governments should not make policy to support the extreme random possibilities of a world gone mad.

Remember my comment about George declaring a "War on Birds"... ("go on Condi... say it...") yeah, well lets see how this works out... 7 Billion dollar appropriation to battle the birds. And ONE BILLION DOLLARS set aside for no-bid contracts awarded to a medical research company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haliburton. Well fancy that. Big surprise there.

Hold the phone... Brittany and Feder-boy are on a trial separation? She's (and this is a quote) "at home attending to her mommy duties" while Federline is out getting his hair braided and this makes her upset. So, as the last straw, she gets her back up and kicks him out.
Can we just break down "at home attending to her mommy duties" for a second;
Lets see...
~ cesarean birth ... a month early because she doesn't want stretch marks.
~ no way baby is sucking on one of those... that would mess up their already weird shape.
~ and what? six mothers helpers in the mansion with her? It's a surprise if she manages to "See the baby" every day... let alone attend to her Motherly Duties.

Not that I want to defend her husband the retard, (hair braids?) but the guy is married to Brittany Spears and of all the people you can know or imagine, he stands the best chance of any to have already spent time spanking her, pulling her hair and yelling "Hows this for one... (slam) more...(slam) time... (slam) "

NOTE: Watch or tape Larry King Live tonight... so you can watch Jennifer Anniston almost walk out on him because he asked some question her "handlers" had him sign a deal to not ask... hahahaha... oh my god famous people sure do get full of themselves... :)

~ have a wonderful day and remember that loving is easy, and hating takes a ton of work.
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(no subject)

hey ... australia people...

What's the deal with ...
Vanessa Amerossi?
Killing Heidi?
Just say'en... I love the voices behind them.
Are they famous in Aussi?
Or are they has-beens?
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Dear gazillion people that have me listed as a friend but are not listed on my FL.
Have you ever looked at my bio page?
Just say'en...
perhaps as it is, is as you want it.
However... if you want to be added back...
Bio page. :)
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Ok ... Mac Geeks... question?:::

EDIT::: Thank you!!! tons of information on this. I appreciate it. :D

iBook (My MILs)
darwin v.7.9.0

My BIL used it to go to tucows and he clicked to download OpenOffice.
So now there's an icon on the screen that looks like a card reader, and appears to be called " 2"
There's also an exe on the desktop that is prol'y unrelated (but I'll mention it anyways) called ZangoWallsJericho.exe.

All stop.

No idea what to do with this.

I can go to the prompt and navigate to the files I suppose, but ...
The goal is for her to get a reasonable word processor. Options include; OpenOffice (Free and now! -in theory), Apple Works (couple of days to borrow it) or MS Office for Mac (but I have to order it and wait for delivery).

So the question is...

What do I do with that 2 file on the desktop (is it a cd image?)

and what office suite should I get her started using?