November 7th, 2005


Monday, November 7

Well it wasn't an hour earlier... but it was before 6:30 ... and what a huge difference a half hour makes. (ok, 40 minutes)
I went to bed with their lunches made... fresh muffins cooling from the oven and a plan. :D I was up at 6:20 and done with the whole shower, shave, dress zone by 6:45.
Coffee (Like the verb "coffee" which is short for "coffeeication" or "brain-sleep-ectomy") and then I cut up some fruit and put it on the table, with some muffins.
From there I headed up to wake up Geo and start dressing Ed. By 7:10 I had two dressed boys eating in the kitchen. Teeth brushed, book bags packed and totally fricken ready by 7:30. This gave them both a full half hour to watch a show and sort out the whole "being awake" thing. I got to wake up Z nicely and even read a bit of my FPs for few minutes!!
We all left at the same time... I kept 'em warm in the car at their bus stop and then... ta da... I get to work earlier than "on time".

This is such a sharp contrast to the "hurry up" vibe that eats mornings when we all wake up at 7:00... I'm very happy.
And yes... I know a lot of people get up buckets earlier than us... and blah blah blah... what ever.
I'm not really about you ... am I. :D

Last night was a total write off... That computer I was mak'en for my SIL... It all went south when we got back from dinner and I was doing the O/S install.
Another main board died, so I had to tap into my supply of hardware I was holding back for rebuilding Geo's computer.
In the end, I couldn't justify giving away a better computer than George was using... so I embarked on the path of most resistance... sigh.
I upgraded Geo's computer and used his spare parts to make her computer. Now she's got a PIII 733, 512 megs, 20 gigs, 128 meg video XP Pro workstation (she had a PII Win98 computer when this started) So she'll be happy. Oh, and I even managed to handle her semi-frantic late night phone call with "I forgot to download to my palm... can you tell me what appointments I have tomorrow?" ahhhhhh.... as I survey the floor with her old computer spread out across it... hahaha...

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black shirt and two tone black and blue dress shirt...
~ an early start to the day!!!
~ getting through to another milestone in report land.
~ monday night? Medium...
~ even later? Well we watched zero last night... so we might watch Gray's Anatomy tonight... :)
~ that I have more mornings like todays... :D :D :D :D
~ for an unstoppered Bob in the life and times of angryvixen
~ that my sweet friend in PEI and soon to be mommy of Olivia's... brother? :D aeue!! enjoy that ever expanding little tummy.
~ that hakuai gets off the project... which is way better than getting shot!
~ Holy Happy for sin_da_rella... it's so great to see the cards dealing you in on such a great hand.

The weekend came and went... and counting today... that's ten (10!) birthdays... So here goes...
Saturday November 5
crayolaphoenix... K, I'm not really sure if this was your birthday or not... but if it was... a) stop moving it around to hide it! and b) may you have a wonderful year with a renewal of loves influence in your life. I wish for your happiness sugar A... er... nany. :D (and if it's not your b-day? so what... i still wish happy thoughts for you. :D)
militantmomma Not sure where you are sugar... but I hope all is well with little Paris and I hope you have a wonderful birthday... good fortune and the best health!
costello1177 Happy birthday picture girl... may you find great happiness in the creases of the unfolding year ahead.
Sunday November 6
murflegirl May you too, have a wonderful year sugar... with the "worst days" behind you... there's nothing but grand adventures and love on the horizon!! :D
amyliscious to one of my longest standing lj friends... I hope for you to have the very best of years sugar... may you be loved and appreciated!!
no1topaz Michelle... happy birthday married girl... may the year keep you and your love in the best of health... and maybe make a little someone new too. :)
harleydog Hey sugar... birthday huh... cool! Happy Birthday sugar-harley and I hope you were able to truly enjoy the day, and I hope the year ahead keep you safe and happy.
And today... November 7
pamdewind Hola mommy mammy... :D Happy birthday sugar sweets... my ever so distant friend! Have a wonderful day and a fortunate year ahead. :)
yupjustme So close... you are so very close... :) Happy Birthday my little francophone mommy... :) have a lovely year...
nortacon DUDE... I have no idea if you'll see this... but the world of you made me smile twice so far today... so please, have a wonderful birthday and enjoy a healthy year ahead!!! (emphasis on the "healthy" part!!)

And I continue to hold out the feint hope that some French politician will lean into a microphone and suggest that the angry, disenfranchised, immigrant youth setting fire to their poverty stricken hovels... eat a little cake and try to calm down. Truly that would be a bad thing... but it would make a great sound bite for the 24 hour news networks.
ps. Jacque... nice of you to wade in. That big talk better swing a stick... anything less sends the message that the best way to get the French government to step up to action is to burn down the neighborhood and that cannot possibly be a good thing.
pps. This mess really is your own fault. The French are way to full of themselves to ever make a good "melting pot" for immigrants.

Do you really care whether or not google keeps every search term you ever enter? If it was possible for the government to read your entire hard disk.. would you really care? Why? What are you afriad of? Privacy? hahaha... come on... Privacy? If you're "average" you havent' had any privacy for decades... and that's not going to get better any time soon. But seriously... do you really care? Why? I mean, unless you're laundering money, and burying bodies in the basement... who cares if the "man" can see your dirty underpants?

Have you cruised
Groovy man... groovy. Bored? video google Alias and watch the "lost episode" ...

have a wonderful day!!!
Smile at a stranger...
you just know they'll smile too... usually after you're out of sight... but still.!! :D

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yeah, doe, judst day'en... ib snot wab Oil... my nobe woood be a dexas gusher.

sigh... like odda nowhere... :(
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Somebody out there is a visio god... I just know it.

You know the little "x" marks on an opject you place in Visio? The little thing that you hook "Connector Lines" to?

By default, a square has four of those little "x"s. One on each side. So I want MORE... how do add more connectors?

ok... so using the connection point tool... select object and press Cntl key down... now place "new connections."

Cool. :)

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holy long night batman!! sheesh

Home from work to hurry-up-and-get-ready...
friends and their two wee ones (2 & 4) over for a big dinner.
We were gonna have it at my folks house, but a last minute problem ixneyed that...
So spaghetti, ceasar salad and stuff... for eight. :)

It was lovely... :D

Now the boys are a'bed, kitchen's cleaned up and dw is whirring away in the background...
So I'm thinking it's time for Prison Break. :)

Geo's coughing...
I'm still mount st. corto in the runny nose department
and the other two are showing no signs of a cold... YET.