November 5th, 2005


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So ... in an episode of The X-Files come to life ...
a swath of automatic garage doors and gates just up and stopped working in ottawa over the last week.
People were confused... they were alarmed... and they were opening their garages by hand.
(screeeeeeems for effect)

Careful analysis of the problem led some losers industrius people to triangulate and find ... the patterns.

Seems all roads lead stright back to ... [ :: this place :: ] ... the American Embassy.!!! ... and, if you're really into this stuff... probably right back to [ :: this evil device :: ] that sticks up above the embassy... forcing dozens of citizens to wear tin foil hats...

You can read about the world wide phenomina.. ... er, ok... just in the States actually...

[ :: There's this article about it at engadget :: ]

[ :: or this one from the Pro Door Dealer dudes... :: ]

And now... it's happened here.
But when the CBC broke the story last night... and the mfg of the door openers sent their "fixer" out here ... the signal... vanished!

[ :: and here's the story from the CBC... :: ]

No ok, so all jokes aside... wow, what a fricking bummer. Imagine...
and it's all some secret government plot thing to boot!
~ that parts total gravy. :)