November 4th, 2005


Friday, November 4

~ noting that artfully turning my head a quarter turn into the light... hides the brilliantly red pimple that decided to pop up on my forehead.

Up early again. But not early enough. I need to add an hour to this picture and things might change. So I'm going to fricken get out of bed at six every morning next week and see what I can accomplish. The challenge, of course, is how things go with rousting the family through waking up, eating and getting going. I feel horrid in the accomplishment of the boys making their bus... because it comes with the cost of being pushy daddy and not letting choices have anything to do with their morning routine. Looking back on the mornings... I have to admit that they must suck for the boys and as long as there's no chance for them to make choices... I will constantly be the focus of their morning frustration. So... Next week... I'll do better.

It's kind of a gray day... but it's not at all as cold as it might be on November 4. Heck, we've had full blankets of snow by this time of the year... so I'm counting myself lucky.

Ps. that pork loin roast was fantastic. So... for all you crock pot owners... I sliced an onion and dumped that in the bottom of the pot along with a roughly cut up, peeled carrot. Then I put a half frozen pork loin roast... long thin thing that goes on sale at the grocery store every now and then... On with two cut up cloves of garlic, a cup of water and the lid. 10 hours of low cook. The only thing I'd do different next time, would be to add three or four peeled but whole potatoes and make mashed potatoes out of them when the cook time was done.
pps. Eat pork with applesauce... it's more fun that way.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos and ... [ :: I totally love these!! :: ]
~ black stretchy t
~ dk gray funky shirt... buttons, a zipper, weird pockets and ... kinda silky. :)
~ read through this big ol'doc from HP on activating Configuration Management. fun eh. :)
~ still working on the first draft of the first doc...
~ write about Survivor... but way later.
~ call the builders and get sorted on the next steps...
~ I had a better vibe with the kids in the morning. I have to work on this... I'm trying... up earlier will help. We all need more time in the morning.
~ that fragbert finds his way to 1138
~ for a little less pain in the world of talashandy...
~ that all the little charges in kimmellee's care stay well ... especially that littlest one is ok.!!
~ that the flight of a raherrier... is safe, uneventful and over quickly... :)
~ and that travellingstar's world spins back into control soon...

Birthdays... :D
webdiva Kelly Kelly kelly Kelly kelly Kelly Kelly kelly Kelly Kelly Kelllllllllllllllllly.... (Woody's song! :D) Happy birthday sugar-kel. May you never lose your camera, be forever loved by people that count and always know... where your towel is. :)
and Happy Birthday to nordicaicewench as well... Not sure if you'll see this... but no matter. I hope everyone is safe and healthy in your house and that you enjoy a wonderful and fortunate year.

What evil does religion let lose in the world? Look around... take stock and reach your own conclusions.
There have always been people of non-christian faiths among the christians of western cultures, but never before in such abundance and with so many strong voices and a global press ready and willing to give amplification to those voices. Now with enclaves of muslim immigrants in almost every major city in the world and expanding to the "less major" cities... we are assaulted with the never ending barking of a christian majority feeling threatened. I don't mean the nice man or woman on the street that is comfortable in their spirituality... I'm talking about the self appointed protectors of the faiths that seem to end up on tv, magazines and radio. The news media trips over itself in a weekly ratings orgasm as they try to get the next big (or stupid little) confilict into the spot light. "Disenfranchised muslim youth riot in France... mostly because they can... versus any other good reason." "Racial profiling across the united states focuses more on the brown man... replacing the black man as Deputy Dog's biggest enema".
This is only the beginning. We cannot demonize muslims around the world and expect them to be integrated into our communities without flare ups. We cannot allow "flare ups" to target a religious group without having the blame end up at the feet of the prevailing religious groups and all of that ultimately leads to flash points of intolerance.
The world is quite simply using up resources like mad and we are only now starting to come to grips with the impact of that abuse. Scarce resources will lead to an effort - conscious or unconscious - to limit the access to said resources and from the look of things... those limits will come by demonizing groups, disenfranchising them and ultimately waging war against them. Its a modern and sickening interpretation of the Taoist notion of cutting crime by ripping up half of the law book.

Madonna bitching about Paris Hilton sticking her slutty toe into Kabala land is pretty rich... I mean... this is Madonna we're talking about here. Of course, I don't necessarily think Paris Crab Bucket Hilton should be allowed out of her room for anything, let alone pretending to be interested in some over-the-top-religion, but that's another story.

Dude... Denver... Colorado... makes recreational use of pot ... legal. Their law is still trumped by the state law but it's definitely a long thin nail pried out of the big war-on-drugs sign that successive US administrations have nailed to the wall. [ :: Full Story Here :: ] . I mean, how cool is it to see a government of any sort validate or even marginally validate the notion that pot is less dangerous than alcohol. I've been espousing this position for three decades. From my earliest experiences with recreationaly altering ones state... it's been clear to me that the guys that drank ended up hurt, beaten up, dead, stupid, holding a fine, in a cop car, face down in their own puke, or holding their recently kicked nuts while a hot girl walks away. Meanwhile the stoners are just wondering if anyone brought pretzels.
and ps. Smoking pot does not lead to doing cocaine any more than eating an oh-henry leads to shooting black people.

Have a great Friday... :D
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possible FOP night ahead... we'll see. :)

~ leaving for Wally land. Will return special Lemony Snickets DVD package with the fancy spancy book thing... never opened... from Geo's Birthday.... and get Revenge of the Sith. Then? While Z is at workout? We'll go all health crazy and eat at McDeaths. Then home to let George Lucas entertain us with an overloud soundtack and fun-like-candy graphics... Oh, and I'll do some crunches at some point... no really... :D

Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

Yes Mass'ser...

Where in... the tribes seem to elect to live together instead of merging, and we get to see pretty much the worst some of these personalities have to offer in the human being department. Jeff sends 'em on a "needle in a wheat field" hunt, and Jamie makes sure we all know he's a nasty little shit that needs a time out with Bubba down in Cell 219.

(edit: hehe... ok, yash/nak mix up sorted... :D)

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