November 3rd, 2005


Thursday, November 3

Ha... totally on my game this morning.
Woke up at 6:50 and was out of the shower, dressed, dressing Ed with breakfast cooking downstairs by 7:15. We don't normally struggle out of bed till 7:20.
Geo and his long hair thing is getting to be a problem. He gets indignant when ever the subject of his bangs comes up...
... and I'm trying to tell him to just brush his hair to the side when he's at home so his mom doesn't tell him he needs a hair cut ever time she looks at him. At this suggestion he gets that wild "you're not the boss of me" look...
:) And he's 10. bwahahahaha... oh man.

So... Mr. On-The-Ball ... gets out of the house with a crock pot making a dinner in the background... totally on time and calm.
For my troubles? I get stuck behind some punk ass accident scene that holds me at 0 km/h for over 35 minutes. Gah!
The only saving grace was laughing my ass off as this guy in a business suit steps out of his stupid SUV and takes a wizz against the traffic barrier between the East / West lanes.

~ black ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ three tone green / blue dress shirt and tie... sigh.
~ crock pot pork loin roast tonight... I was totally inspired this morning. :)
~ just did my client time sheet.. I only started this gig two short weeks ago! wow. Feels like longer.
~ plenty more on the "creative writing" zone...
~ eating way spicy food at lunch... clears the head.
~ hoping to go to this Kitchen Design place tonight after dinner... :D :D :D :D
~ Survivor tonight... and it better not be as fucking sad as Amazing Race was...
~ ### ###### and fall asleep dreaming of kitchens... ... er... wait... did I say that out loud?
~ that dear aliseana would be more careful with the tweezers...
~ to wish my friend ayoub Allah yubarak feek! my brother... !
~ to point out that if you read blogs to learn and get the odd giggle... then you would do well to read cottontimer
~ to send out some congratulations to sin_da_rella... who is real busy trying to set the hook properly. :) (go you sugar!!! go!)

Rant City today!! :) but don't be fooled... I'm feeling an electric buzz today... happy vibes abound. :D

Lets do this twice....
Dear Punk:
Do us all a favour... grow the hell up.
You think you're so damn special?
Everybody has their shit and we're all just trying to see our kids grow up.
Stop expecting everybody to bend over backwards and kiss your ass...
take responsibility for your actions,
treat other people as you would have them treat you,
and, btw, I'm getting really sick and tired of you squeezing your so-called-friends for stupid favours that just make everything worse.
You've been a punk for years... you're still a punk... and if you don't smarten up soon, you'll find yourself remarkably alone.

ok... now again
Dear Israel:
... !

The government of Canada is not the PIP (Party in Power).
Like many governments in the world today... the real power is invested in the people and processes that are entrenched in the institutions that line the Horizons of Authority. Those institutions mock the winners of whatever election was most recently held and while the PIP struggles to fend off the never ending abuse hurled by the losers of that last election... economic and foreign policies continue, unchallenged and unexplained.
On the one hand, we have the US literally telling Canada to go-to-hell over the softwood lumber issue, basically, because Canada refuses to change our Lumber industry to be "more like the US model". Meanwhile, the United States continues to squeeze every canadian teet they can get their hands on to get access to Canadian clean water. Oh, and the Red River polluted dumping and environmental nightmare from North Dakota into Lake Winnipeg continues without any hint of letting up. Thanks. And the Canadian government? is doing nothing of substance about any of this.
On the other hand... the US is complicit in the actions of middle eastern countries... demonized by the play of western politics, and wondering just how pathetic we can get while they torture and kill our citizens in their jails and we send ass kissing diplomats over to legitimize their insanity... all because we don't want to upset the apple cart of Oil and Money. Oil and money... far more important the rights of citizens... hmmm... sounding very sadam like.

A quote from David Seluchi... former Ambassador to Canada from the US; "So much about the relationship between our two countries works well..." bah! We hear this all the time. Talking heads with bright white shirts telling us that Canada and the US have a wonderful relationship and we must not minimize that great success by focusing on the negative issues. Excuse me!!!! Any fucking time... someone can tell me just what it is that "is working so well". What parts of this one-way-ass-fucking of a relationship Canada has economically and policy wise with the United States is "working so well."???? and if you say tourism... please kill yourself. It's a big world.

Our government is pathetic in it's refusal to stand up the neighborhood bully.

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now let me just say you could be naked, burping and picking your nose and I wouldn't know... so pick away

People come and people go.
To life there is a certain ebb and flow.
So away with you and enjoy.
When next we meet... we wont.

Later... :)
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