November 2nd, 2005


Wednesday, November 2

(home... at the kitchen table... :D)

The air is thick with the sounds of Canadian Geese kissing us goodbye and heading to the big guano yard in the south... :)

I feel like maybe I should be noting that everyone at home is healthy... all at the same time!
This is atypical ... and I'm furiously knocking on wood... my cold is receding, z is great and neither boy is sniffling. :D

Next stop... Snow.
(I really need to swap the garage from summer to winter... kind of a saturday afternoon thing.)

~ green ftls
~ jeans...
~ b.u.m. long sleeve comfy shirt...
~ stay at my home office and get a crap load more done than I do at the client office with grand central station surrounding me.!!
~ er... and the coffee's better here. :)
~ write about AR later...
~ check the guide... looking for new LOST!!! (crosses fingers)
~ for some good fortune to track with bosox's family today...
~ that uniclycommon finds a little more shelf space...
~ to compliment harleydog on the chop!! ... pixiecup too!!!
~ and for heatherbell to get a whole lot better!!!

Holy Miers Smokescreen Batman!! Look at the slice of white bread that's up next. Gah... and they'll take him, no doubt.

I read a great set of stories posted on a pro-choice website, written by medical staff at various abortion clinics.
Each was an observation of the occasions that a pro-lifer had to come in for themselves or with their daughters...
Truly, this is a world gone mad with hypocrisy.
And what is worse... the worst offenders of decency tend to be the self appointed pillars of propriety.
"I shall define what is right and wrong... good and bad... and for my trouble... you will all kindly look the other way while I contradict every word I say with my actions."

Sad sidebar observation: This also seems to apply to the way in which so many large corporations go about relating to their employees.

Dear Canada:
Please rise up against the tide of bad government
and demand that a new party form and rise, phoenix like, from the mess we are in.
Let the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada rise...
Rise... Vader... rise....

Whach ya gonna do wit all dat junk..
all that junk inside yo trunk?

~ L8r sk8ers... :)
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LJ stuff.

things worth noting...

I've had a link to the Lj Portal on my friends page for ... years.
Now Lj is really working the Portal into a cool tool.
When you're logged in... go to

Also... have you noticed how much work they've (lj) done on the gallery thing?
Check out the menu item called "scrapbook" and see all the gallery related links.

Best part? Check on the lj update web page (
for a wee drop down menu on the "middle upper right side".
It says "insert".
Despite the drive towards innuendo ...
That little click lets you automatically insert an image from your PC hard drive into your post and load the image directly into your gallery. Tres cool.

(note: i think the gallery stuff only applies to paid users...)

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

You Hoo... Boys...

It's all about... blonds trolling for dollars on the streets of Panama, buses, volcanoes, San Jose, a big nasty Yield and a nasty little red bean that ruined everything!!!

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