October 31st, 2005


Monday, October Boo.

~ that's my sceeeeery haloween face!

[ :: and a smile :: ]

So yeah, I woke up and it was just so dark out... but it was time,
so I crawled out of bed and immediately noted that Geo hadn't
crawled in. He must have been too tired to wake and wander in.
I found my house coat and started for the stairs... glancing back
I noticed too that Z wasn't in bed. That gave me a pause, but
she must have crashed on Eds bed. I walked to his room before
I went downstairs for my coffee. He normally has so many night
lights on that it's daylight in his room... but tonight? nothing.
Other than a mini lava lamp in the hall "night light" zone... it's
totally dark. So as I creep into Ed's room I struggle to see, and...
nothing. I just can't see but I'm so darn tired I don't even think
about snapping on his light... I just turn and head downstairs.
Kitchen... no smell of coffee brewing... and I'm sure I set the
coffee maker.
The oven light is on and that's it. Everything in the room is lit
from that dim and low-to-the-ground light.
Coffee Maker? The green light is still on, so it hasn't begun?
What time is it?
I can't see the clock and the microwave is saying "press Clear"
instead of the time.
nothing... no geo... no Z... no Ed... no time... no light... no coffee...
I stumble back upstairs, and this time I head for Eds room intent
on getting Z and getting her to come to bed.
Feeling my way along his bed... again... nothing.
I have a panic moment and snap on his light.
nothing. no one. his bed is made and ...
I zoom down the hall ... flustered.
Geo's room... Same deal.
No one. Bed made.
What is going on?
I turn on the light in our bedroom.
I'm alone.
I look at the clock.
and the most piercing... horrible...
heart stopping, mind numbing... scream pierces the night.
It's coming from everywhere...
... and my eyes open.
The alarm clock is making it's morning screech noise.
a bed full of Ed, Suz, Geo and I.
ah yes... halloween.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ freshly ironed dress shirt... kinda black and blue...
~ and a tie...
~ do "company performance eval' stuff on my boss (and no, I only mean "about" my boss... versus any kinda weird "on" thing)
~ go from notes to text on a few more bits...
~ meeting at 1:30 ...
~ home quick...
~ dinner with MIL and family ... then kids are OUT a trick'r'treaten... and I go with!! :)
~ watch some "invasion" later tonight...
~ to send some warmth out to sleep_walker... just cuz...
~ to remind pixiecup that she's got all the personal style in the world...
~ that my friend, no, feels the love.
~ to say how happy I am that there was a good weekend on the books in the story of canuckgirl... :)
~ and to just send a smile out to rini... :D

2000. Two thousand and counting. And that's just the DEAD american soldiers. Nobody tells you how many maimed and otherwise injured soldiers there are.
We're approaching the number of total dead resulting from the Air Liner Attack on the World Trade Center.
... and what, exactly has America, has George Bush, purchased with those lives?
Haliburton stock is up.
I think there's Oil flowing in Iraq.
And terrorism is up all over the world.
Go team go.

Neighbor kids asked their parents if Geo and Ed could go out with them to Trick or Treat... alone... no parents.
I laughed.
Safe as our lovely neighborhood seems. There is no chance between here and the deep blue sea that I would let my kids go out on Halloween without a mommy or a daddy walking the road. none. nadda. Maybe when they're 30. Besides... who's going to remind them to say "thank you"??

I am still riding pretty darn high on just how fun MEPIS Linux is. Dude it just works so well. :) Fun O/S and comes with ... frigg'en everything you need. It kills me that stuff like this is free and yet everyone pays good money for Windows, let alone the apps. Well... "everybody" is pretty subjective. If you've go an older system, like a lap top or whatever... give MEPIS a shot. I like how tight Ubuntu Linux is... but this is no-questions-asked "funner". :)

May your day pass with care and the night come and go with all the wee children in your world safe and sound.
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and a wee historical moment...

Edward lost his very first tooth tonight.
(and my telling him to "show your tooth..." and "smile" caused this horrid picture... s'not his fault. :D)

E "I think I want to keep it..."
M "but the tooth fairy..."
E "ahh... yeah, well that's just daddy right?"
M "no... "
E "because I would stay up later than george and I saw him come in and trade stuff..."
M "oh... well, perhaps she knew you were awake, but with her tight schedule... had to finish up, so she dressed up like dad?"
E "maybe...."