October 26th, 2005


Wednesday, October 26

Welcome to "Indictments indictments" day... may it bring much joy and mirth to the masses. Cross yer fingers.

It started out all rain and brrr out today but it's stopped the wet stuff and leaves plenty of the brrr.
Some random animal trashed my garbage again last night...
so I got to shovel a most yucky brew from the road and rain.

My throat is still sore... "sorer" in fact... so I'm not bringing this to work.
... and I've been on a bit of a roll with the report so I'm all about that for the day... from home.

Oh, and I finally got my air link card to connect my xp laptop. So that's fun.
The problem was using the passphrase... works like a charm if I use the hex values but not the phrase.
I hear of that happening a lot... and one wonders... what exactly is the fricking use of the passphrase?
(Not my linux laptop yet... the "make" works in compiling ndiswrapper, but the "make install" tanks... )

~ blue ftls
~ ripped jeans
~ old t and a turtleneck... (brrr!)
~ sick... home... work... blow nose...
~ try not to talk... er... I'm alone... so possibly, no problemo.
~ write about AR later...
~ is Lost new?
~ that this stuff... "Cold FX" is good stuff... anyone ever use it?
~ to send a big big Thank You out to the peeps that helped out a friend by going to vote for my lj friend at the "best fitness facilities for San Mateo County" a while ago. meremonami WON!!! (is good!!)
~ to lend a little support to my dear friend auntyadele and remind her that some insects are worth ignoring. :)
~ for a little good fortune and perhaps a pay-off from studying for kutie_kara today... :D
~ there was any real comfort to give those friends that are slogging their way back to reality in Florida... let alone any of the other apocalyptic locations.

Alberta... land of the "holy crap, are we ever raking it in" government... is entertaining the notion of making some aspect of post secondary education "fully funded by the provincial government". The idea I heard them talking about was paying for the first two years of post secondary. Sigh. As fun as that sounds... I would have to say that it sounds like a very very bad idea. Pay for the final year... in a college diploma program or university degree... but don't load an already taxed system with a bunch of gravy train passengers that are just killing time and wasting everyone else's... to say nothing of the money they will waste and believe me... there are plenty of young people that would go to UNI for a year or two and flunk out or quit as soon as the deal cost something. Educators are overworked as it is, to say nothing of student services from housing to libraries... The sudden need for more teachers and space and services and and and and that would result from a vast influx of students would a) go unaddressed and b) drag down the capability of the education system overall.

Pay for the last year... and pay down some of the graduates student loan debt...
Now that would make a social, and economic difference.

There is this news item rushing around Canada ... the Sikhs and their ceremonial daggers again.
I confess to a complete disregard for all things religious when it comes down to the brass tacks...
however... I grok the notion of that small and growing group of Canadians holding on to their cultural and religious traditions.
How-fucking-ever... I can't get on an airplane with a pair of nail clippers.
And this guy was asked to lose the big giant knife while riding an intra city rail line.
Dude... It's not like I think you're gonna start knifing people...
but some crazy bastard could take it from you and do some killing...
... and that, in the end, is still not the real issue.
The real point is that you are part of a community... and if a lot of people in that community are scared shitless of having that knife on their train ride from where-ever to Toronto... then screw off.
Traditions... smaditions... culture... religious requirements... whatever.
Grow for crying out loud.
All modern religions have adapted the exercising of their faith to meet the needs of a contemporary society.
You get your "Layers" of faith with orthodox jews (for example) and reformists... changing their practices to meet the needs of the day.
With the state of the world today... (remember that guy getting gunned down in the british subway?)
... how can you fight city hall on the idea of wanting to wear a big-ass-knife around your neck everywhere you go?

Somebody has simply got to find Mother Natures wee little button and put the lick on.
Take a break woman... pawleeese!

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Oh... and can I just say....

Happy Birthday out to;

Mz. redwaterlily!! May you find the year ahead filled with the closeness of friends, the love of family and the best of health... and despite my slipping into Hallmark mode there... I do hope you enjoy the day and get a few bruises from enjoying it so much!!

Little Miss Mommy... odyssey_road Busy Bethany... Happy birthday sugar and I hope your little nugget holds her health, entertains you and lets you get your rest. Her brother may want to show up soon... (ar ar ar ar....) Have a wonderful day and a great year.

and another birthday wish out to lizzola who is either being birthday anonymous with a new journal name... or is never going to see this because... she's gone!! :D
Have a great year where ever you are sugar... :)

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I'm taking the 3, 3 and 3 doses of cold-fx... (recommended dosage when you have a cold)...
and while I was functioning well today... it's now gone all to hell in a handbasket...
it hurts to swallow... hurts to breath... hurts to cough... and I constantly feel like I have just breathed in some water... you know? that 'gotta cough to clear the water out" cough?

Any ways... I believe a I shall take the next three and see if I can write about AR...
or if my brain will shut down completely. Either way... I'm fucked for work. grrrrrr!

edit: I forgot to mention... we played "Spongbob Edition LIFE" all evening ... Geo got it for his birthday...
Everybody should spend a couple hours playing a kids game ... with kids... every now and then.
Is good! ;)

ps. dinner was fantastic... crazy delicious... but I was feeling several orders of magnatude better back then ... so whatever.

pps. what the heck does going to "hell in a handbasket" mean?

ppps. kill me...

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

I Come... I Show You The Way

It's all about... every possibly bit of crap-tastic luck washing over the Gaghan family as they push forward. The Linz brothers show some true colours and ... finally, someone screws those Branson Sorority Hot Tubs.!!

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