October 25th, 2005


Tuesday, October 25

Woke up with that acid-ee feeling / taste on the back of my nose... head is stuffed... taste buds are fried... sigh.
This is the price for burning both ends of the candle with a blow torch.

Prison Break kinda rawks... you know I like a show when I spend half the show talking to the characters... or yelling at them... poor Z she has to keep pausing it until I shuddup. :)

We enjoyed an evening with our neighbors over for tea and coffee ... talking kid stuff and houses... They live in the mirror of our current house... the only two built by our builder on this street. The differences are subtle ... but significant. They're nice people... I'll miss them when we fly away into the country sunset next year.

Weather Idiots call for 4 - 6 degree temps, rain and ... blowing snow!!!!! blowing SNOW today.

~ green ftls
~ khaki cargos... fuck'en love these pants...
~ gray t and a big cream and blue p-z turtleneck sweater... first time this fall...
~ reading several docs boss types have shipped over since yesterday and integrating that into my gig.
~ working on the first report...
~ leaving a bit early ... gotta go back to builder land to firm up round one for the blue prints..
~ Amazing Race is on tonight... maybe they'll shoot somebody ...
~ I wasn't getting sick... no really... pawwleese... nooooooooooo!
~ that everything in the world of nbbmom stays safe
~ to say that I'm glad phej is safe... cars are cars ... but you're rather singular bro!
~ that my long time forever friend debby makes it through yet another day of diapers...
~ to send a few nice vibes out to megrainwater... mostly because she's eleven kinds of sweet... :)
~ and wee hopes that don't vanish ... for the safe journey of Ms lorena_b...

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday mysticprincess... and may the year ahead find you well and truly happy lil'sugar.

Ms. Condolences Rice brought her lapdog of a self to Canada... you know... now that Latvia and bum fuck eastern europe have all been visited. She - no doubt - wants oil, and canada to sign up on some other defense initiative of the united states... like how all Canadians will have to have a passport to go across the boarder to the US... no biggie really... except that the US would raise holy hell on a half shell if we asked them to do the same. Meanwhile illegal american guns flow into canada at an ever alarming rate. Lets see Condi... we'll be happy to entertain talking turkey with you about five seconds after you fucking tell your ass wipe of a boss to honor the five BILLION dollar debt your hiding from as adjudicated by the Nafta Review Tribunals... (The US has lost a case between Canada and the US over tarrifs paid by Canadians on the export of Softwood Lumber). But wait... I forgot... US foreign policy is essentially one long list of things that start with the word Gimmi.

The Green Zone... home to the international press community, and foreign VIPs... in the heart of Baghdad... is supposed to be safe... you know, after pouring 250 billion dollars into Iraq... you'd think they could secure a couple of square blocks. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... two car bombs blow up killing foreign reporters. Not just little grenade bombs... but vast "heard throughout the entire city" bombs rocking the green zone. Did you know that dozens of murders occur every single day of the week in Iraq? The vast majority go unreported and almost none make the news cycle... because they're boring!!!

Way to go Georgie Poopie Head... good ol'Iraq is just sooooooooooooooo much better off now.

When you inject, snort, smoke or swallow crystal meth... you will send a signal to your brain that you cannot possibly imagine until you actually do it. It's similar to the signals sent by Crack... and like the vibe from cocaine except several orders of magnitude stronger. The message your brain is trying to interpret sounds something like this...
"I don't care... about anything... my children... my family... my job... my money... my life... anything... except getting another hit of this incredible high"
Then you blink a few times... and a month has gone by, you're broke, alone, ugly, sick, pathetic and you still want that next hit. Unless you died of a heart attack.
This is not ecstasy... This is not pot... This is not a hit of acid dripped onto some bit of paper with a miniature spirograph design on it.
This is a completely different thing. There is no fighting it... You are powerless in the grip of her horrible, cracked and bleeding hands. They hold your hand steady as you light your lighter... press the buttons on the ATM, lock doors, and draw curtains... and then they squeeze your chest, rip out your heart, tear your flesh and when you least expect it... they dig into your eyes and shatter the illusion of your reality.
Go ahead... do your first hit of Crystal Meth... and say good bye to everything and everyone you love.
No debate.

If you're worried that people don't take you seriously or think you're a hick or maybe just an idiot... perhaps you should stop putting a "T" on the end of "Across" when you talk.

:) see ya.
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the hand

official TMI Time.

[ :: here is a most interesting set of medical journal articles :: ]

All published in the Public Library of Science Medicine.

The subject is Male Circumcision.

The issue is the epidemic of AIDS transmission in the third world and more specifically in African countries.
The notion being that research has demonstrated a 60% decline in transmission among men that are cut.
The problem being that where excellence in personal hygiene is not easily pursued the foreskin provides a warm and wet environment for the virus to live and grow.

I'm cut. I'm cut probably because my dad was cut so when the delivery day came and went so did the foreskin.
My boys are cut... although when they were being born 7 and 10 years ago it was an open debate and hospitals in Canada had only just stopped paying for the procedure.
My take on it was this... like father like son.
Contrary opinion went like this: If the trend is to not cut... then be careful to not make junior different than his peer group...
But I don't buy that. I just don't. I'd have left 'em be if I thought it was a good idea but for my money... I think it's more hygienic.

And here's another thing... which may seem like a joke to you but I don't mean it as humor.
You will never ever hear of an orthodox jew dying of food poisoning. Ever... period... no question about it.
Why? because the jewish food rules are based on preserving life... assuring health... and they were developed in a time when life was short and germs, disease and rot were common.
I extend the logic of their rules... and find myself having to admit that there is probably a similar logic behind the good work of the Moyle.
Chop chop Ezra...

Anyways... I heard that doctor... Bertran Auvert, interviewed on CBC tonight... and found it interesting.
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Canada... essentially an extension of the US for resources and material goods... in the eyes of the current administration.

The united states of american depends on Canada for Oil ... clean water... and natural gas.

In fact... the current US administration had demanded that Canada maintain the NAFTA Rule that assures Canada will sell Oil to the United States at the same price it sells it to Canadians.

The United States sued - in the NAFTA Trade Court - a Canadian manufacturer that was selling goods to Europe at a lower price than the price listed for that companies goods sold in the US. The US won that case and the small manufacture had to pay five million dollars in damages to the US.

Now... Canadian soft wood lumber producers take the US Government to the NAFTA Trade Court... the lower... middle... upper and Supreme courts in fact... and win a judgment against the united states in all cases and are awarded a clear win against the United States.

Judgment number one is that the US owes Canadian Softwood Lumber producers 3.5 billion dollars in unfair tarrifs.
Judgment number two... settled in two out of three courts and the supreme court ruling is pending and expected to be no different... calls for an additional 1.5 billion dollars in penalties. That's five billion dollars.

But does the US pay? Absolutely not. In fact... they say they want to negotiate a settlement.


It's good enough for the US to accept the rulings of the NAFTA Trade Courts when it goes in their favor but if not... then they want to negotiate.
Some punk ass small potatoes manufacturer has to pay the US government five million in cash...
But the money machine also known as the US Government refuses to honor it's debts and welches on this judgment.


Canada should double the price we charge the US for oil... cut off all Fresh Water supplies and Natural Gas supplies and tell the United States of America to kiss our Maple Smoked Asses.

But... alas... earwax.
We will do no such thing.

We will entertain that retched Rice Patty and let her tell us to "Settle down" about the trade disputes.

Canada, it seems, is unwilling to stand up to the neighborhood bully.

And I for one, think the United States deserves a time out and should go to the stairs...
... and pay the five billion dollars they owe us.