October 23rd, 2005


Sunday, October 23

Yesterday? Lovely day... turned cloudy and got nasty but it was a lovely day never-the-less.
We signed on the line Friday... we are committed to the house project. Closing date... August 10, 2006
Now? Unbelievable volumes of stress and anxiety will eat away at my mind and body until I die on August 9.
Or ... not. :)

We had an impromptu dinner at my folks house and I was loot-bag shopping... and groceries.
I had trouble with the loot bags. On the one hand... little miniature remote control cars (that required not-included batteries) were on sale for 4.92 per. I was shooting for 5-7$ per bag. So that and some yummi bit was a go. However... that looses the "loot" feeling and replaces it with parental angst over finding the batteries. So then there was the "accelleracer hotwheel", metallic gel marker, mini drawing pad, big-gum-tape-thing, tattoos and yummies. Same price point but ... more "loot" like.

I went with the loot construct... versus the one-big-toy thing. However, that is not the point. How the heck am I gonna make the decisions about house building... if a loot bag is a struggle? (kill me now!!! hurry!!)

~ total crap... pj pants and a seven hundred year old sweat shirt...
~ oh a shower... definitely a shower.
~ then? I'm gonna let my round, hairy tummy hang out in front hundreds of young people.
~ er... we're having Geo's "Wave Pool Birthday Party" today... :)
~ more house stress... the vibe is building.
~ I had traveled more before I grew up...
~ and I wish I'd remember to cruise my friends pages before people get up here on Sundays... because there's just no way to get through it after they're up. grrrr!

Birthday moments...
Yesterday... my day of atonement for six days of geeky fun, was the b-day of one Mizz celtic_bairn (miss amazatron photographer girl) and little sometimes59... such a sweet and long time friend. Happy birthday girls... (I'd say "ladies" but I really sorta save that for old women and policewomen).

Watching the movie Contact again last night... and I was struck by the mid-movie segment on the "passenger selection hearings" ... and they're asking her whether or not she believes in god. One of the characters says "95% of the worlds population believe in a higher being... blah blah blah"... and I'm thinking... is that true? Do fully 95% of the people on this planet believe in god? or at least... some god slash collection-of-gods? No fricking wonder everybody spends so much time killing one another... they're all pissing about who's god is bigger. My god can kick your gods ass....
It is the central human failing ... in my opinion... that as a race of people... we are so lost, lonely and insecure... we have to construct a figure(s) to whom we can attach blame for all the stupid things we do, and in whos name we can justify all the even stupider things we tell other people to do.

I have to share a picture of something my dads working on with Nikki... the once-upon-a-time gardengnome girl... but that will have to wait till later.

gotta go...
big rush... :)

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~ on average, I store about 500 megs of photos per month. I back 'em up to cd's and leave them on the computer. This process is now very routine... considering I had lapsed in the "back up to cd" part a while ago and had a craptastrophy with a hard disk reformat, and then "recover" which only - ultimately - rescued half the data.

~ Geo and I went to future shop ... he took a look at the cd players... and thought they looked bulky. He looked at the shuffle ... and was underwhelmed in a most significant of ways. In the end...

.. a sandisk 256 meg mp3/wma player, radio, voice thingy was the answer. It was pricier than the sort I had already tried ... but it worked out of the box and he was bopping to music in moments. The voice recorded part is a "wow" factor for him... (clarity of the sound and that notion that he can put the file back on the pc to store forever... hahaha) and he likes the radio. The best part to him...was the "cool red look" of the player. :) He's happy... I'm happy. :)

~ children... lined up for a wave pool birthday party...
Note to self: Daddies get seriously worn out, keeping up with a gang of kids in wave pool.

~ my dad... as I've mentioned before... carves. There are - or so I am told - two kinds of serious wood carver... one that is playing a game of exact notions and another that is in the game of making things that are pleasing to the eye. He started by carving birds... I will dig up some bird carvings... and you will say "ooooooo" and "ahhhhh". (i mean it! anyone want a peanut?)
He recently carved, for competitions...
a) A bowl

b) Flowers...

c) and a Gardengnome!!

(the inset are the egg shells used to make the walk-way.)