October 20th, 2005


Thursday, October 20... 1995... Geo is born. :)

So last night was a total right off... well, ok, not "total". We watched LOST at some point and I watched Jon Stewart... ("What Went Wrong?" - bwaahahaha) but everything last night was done with cold packs or hot packs on my neck... and eventually the strain became a proper migraine so I drugged up and found sleep. sigh. I know I make whiney noises about head aches a lot... thanks for putting up with it. :)

Today dawned brilliantly. There's sunshine, kicken frost... but still... sunshine is good. I was up and at 'em all on-time and stuff... however, I had to detour and drive the 35 iced cup cakes to the school for Geo to share with his class (and the office ladies... :D) The phone rang at 10:ish and it was the school telling me that they had Edward "and he says he's not feeling too good." I want to say "oh he's just jealous of his brother getting some time off and he's a big faker!!!" but I know I can't... and I will err on the side of patience and love... because... that's my job baby... parenting rule number 349 : put off being cynical until they have hair in their pits.

Ten years ago today... my darling Z, in the middle of the night... pushed and pushed and pushed and... we got ourselves a little Geo. I can easily say that that was the most defining night of my life. It divided my life into two distinct halves... the time before and the time after having a child. I thought I knew what love was... I thought I understood fear... and I now know that I knew nothing of these subjects up until I gazed into the eyes of my own little slice of immortality. He is a trusting boy... full of love, care and laughter and he is surrounded by the friends that he so easily makes. He had several choices for what he could do to celebrate his birthday with his friends this year... they included Laser Quest (honking cool-beans laser tag game), a party at Cyber Dome (rock climber, video games, smaller laser quest thing... or a trip with friends to iPlay... a multi player computer game center with party rooms etc. But Geo wanted to invite some girls... well, he wanted to invite one in particular... (Sydney) but he appreciated that she prol'y didn't want to be the only girl... so he invited three... counting on at least one not being able to come... (gah!!!) and then... AND THEN he changed the plans to go to a Wave Pool Birthday Party so that the girls would have fun too. He's just so precious... :)

Happy Birthday my little lovely ... :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ kahki cargos... crazy comfy
~ b.u.m. long sleeve and nice dk gray sweater.
~ work work work... must get some progress under my belt after blowing yesterday all to hell.
~ finish the AR thing that got left behind while I crawled around in migraine land.
~ watching Survivor...
~ to pay a wee bit of cred out to inspectorjury because... well... Just because!
~ to send my most sincere condolences to my friend lady_anandia for the loss in her family... and my hope that there is some peace to be found in the good memories.
~ and several hugs ... hug hug hug hug ... out to sushie_shuakhwe!!! :)

TV Land...
LOST - Sawyer... when Echo handed him that chopper... he should have walked right up to the rosy perez wanna be and hacked off her leg... just for fun.

You know... people can be kinda dumb ass sometimes. There is a big civic meeting tonight here in Ottawa. City council is debating the proposed ban on pesticide use within the city limits. There is not going to be one single person in that meeting who hasn't said "It seems like there's more allergies... like 'peanut allergies or "sesames allergies" etc.." or lamented the need to get water filters in their houses or any of a long list of social and environmental evils that seem to be products of "now" versus "back when so-and-so was young". Yet they have to bright red screeching balls to stand up in a civic meeting and bitch about the city wanting to ban pesticide use. I just don't understand people sometimes.

I remember an episode of West Wing where some "Corn Lobby" was bucking for attention over the notion of making a renewable energy out of corn.... which, of course, raises the stakes for several US states that are otherwise considered... well... cow corn pastures. No respect... The story line included an explanation that seemed to say... "great idea, but there's not enough corn in the universe to sustain the idea." So today I hear a radio story about a south american country that is making ethanol using sugar cain... and that the big Auto (Ford, Fiat... etc) have been making cars for that "flex fuel" for a while now... So I have to wonder... where is the Flex Fuel initiatives in North America and was the discounting of corn in this story just talk to protect the big money makers? (Oil).

The Blog Sphere is awash with information concerning pending indictments for US Fed officials and Bush'ites... tres interesting. I'm leary of course, because there is soooo much crap out there but... one can hope.

Ok... see ya later. :) have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :)

Amazing Race 8 Update!!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Ghost Walk

It's all about... the magic of television and a journey into weirdness as they race through Louisiana. Besides that, however, we do get to see the Screamers head to a NASCAR race track in a blatant demonstration of how much sway the jokers in the CBS Psych department have in these shows. People who clearly can't find their asses find themselves advancing in the game, and people who definitely know where their asses are... in fact, they stick it out the window, end up in first ... Oh and the secret message in this edition of The Amazing Race is most definitely... "Hey Dipshit... listen to your kids, for a change!"

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Ok... so I'm having a wee bit of a generationally challenged dad moment here.

I bought him a curtis mp3 player (inexpensive) ... for his birthday.
I bought an inexpensive one... because it will be stolen or lost ... period.

Sadly... I could not make it work.
Now... only after taking it back and buying a RCA Lyra did I actually read the manual and see that programs like "media player" and music match, have features that "write to portable". So maybe the curtis would have worked if I had figured out how to do that from media player.
I installed the Music Match app that came with the RCA one... but the plug in process for the specific mp3 player... was not there.
grrr... it's a pain and I'm taking the Lyra back. It too was inexpensive, yet twice as expensive as the Curtis.
However the Lyra seemed "Old Geek" with large lcd letters and hard to push plastic buttons and a camera style USB connection.
Screw that...

I suppose I was expecting it to present a drive letter to which I could copy files.

Bottom line: it doesn't matter if I can read the manual and sort it out. It will be el-pain-in-ass for Geo to sort out and use on his own.

I use iTunes for most of my computer based music needs... but the fricking cheepest iPod shuffle is still over 100$ (Cdn$).

So ... what type do you use?
What app do you load and unload music with?
I suspect I will just get him an inexpensive cd player and let him continue to burn cd's from iTunes. He's become proficient with that.