October 18th, 2005


Tuesday, October 18

I woke up at 6:30 with a dull throbbing ache behind both eyes and wrapping my head in ouch... yes indeed...

My food journal points to rice-crispies, peanuts or the air pressure (low pressure and rain).. as all possible culprits.
This is in reference to the the notes I keep on life factors that have repeatedly preceded headaches.
The truly challenging aspect of tracking food, etc. in combating headaches is that it is usually not any "one thing" but a combination of food and environmental factors. And it's hard to combat "combinations"... I hate headaches... I hate how much of my life is wasted wandering though it with the shadow of pain or, possibly worse, the numbed senses of being medicated to relieve the pain.!!

Hot hot water in the shower helps a bit... and just moving on with the day... helps too...
but it's hard to take the edge of a day that is being ground against such a coarse stone.

Geo went to school today... still has an irregular hoot for a cough but it is less... and it will be less and less further still as the day gets under way.
Sadly, the weather is soooo rainy and cold that the children will likely not be sent outside at recess so he will not get the fresh air he needs to keep his breathing clear.
We shall see what the day brings for him.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers...
~ three tone green beige-y thing ...er... shirt.
~ and another tie.
~ get busy with a new document ...
gap analysis of the clients current position against the industry standard for an ITSM practice called "configuration management"
(sounds fun doesn't it... :D)
~ test wireless pcmcia card I purchased two weeks ago and have had no luck making work in my linux laptop... (grrrrr!)
~ watch Amazing Race tonight... (go go gahgans!!!)
~ reading more of the builders documents on warranty stuff... learn learn learn...
~ that more people would STOP conversations and make fun of people when they say "do do" in the course of normal communications. "Oh, yes, I do do that..."
~ to draw your attention to a web site that my friend katie8471 linked me to...
[ :: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Helping Families Feed Themselves! :: ]
If you are planning on supporting the world wide press for financial support to the people who need it most... this, I believe, is a good place to start.

Birthday moments...
to catch up with yesterday... let me wish wrldtravlr2 to very best of birthday wishes and sugar... I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. :)
As for today... well... I'm not sure how 'around' she is of late... but for many years I have had the good fortune to know (here in blogland) lique and today she celebrates her birthday. Let me say a few quick things; There are a lot of different people out there in the big world... and it makes me very happy to be able to reach out and know a little about so many of them. Some of them are ... special. Michelle is someone very precious. She is a survivor and is likely an unknowing inspiration for others. Mostly though, and because we can only know so much about one another in a place like LJ... I can very sincerely say that lique is a creative spirit around whom the universe finds certain order and patterns. I know I am surly sounding a bit simpering but you can deal with that on your own terms. Dearest lique, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that good health, great love, and the sweet breath of good fortune hold you in a comfortable embrace all through the year ahead. Happy birthday sugar-lick.

So the Vatican is at it again...
There's some news of late about the Catholic church deciding to make it a bit tougher on the gay priest population, let alone the prospective gay priest zone. Seems that it's not enough to forsake your sexual existence to become a priest. The suggestion from the big hats is that a gay man must demonstrate three years of celibacy before he can be ordained. So... basically that means it's ok for a prospective priest to have had group sex with Latex Linda and the Paddle Crew in the weeks before the big ordination but enjoying a man-cicle is out of the question. What a complete load of shit. Hell guys... if you ban gay priests... you will lose at least half the priesthood. Worse still... the ridiculous closet bound hypocrites that run the show will surely be outed by the ones you try to push out.
The "Church" does not have a "gay priest problem"... it has an Old Man problem. Fortunately... they will die and the people they are so afraid of - tolerant youth - will take over. Hurry up and die already so we can try to reduce the pathetic stink you bring into the room every time you get off your high horses.

So every time I feel indignant about some crime and the criminals behind it... and I end up thinking... "put them away!!!" I realize coldly, just how overburdened our criminal justice system is... jails, courts, and the probation system. Then I don't know what to think. The story of the moment is about Mat Brownling... a fucking moron if there ever was one. He kills this young woman and her child when he plows his car into them... years ago, as a drunk driver. The result is what it is... there is punishment and it includes a lifetime suspension of his drivers license. Ok, well he was arrested as a drunk driver on the weekend. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to fill the courts and jails with drunk drivers... but there has to be an answer. And I think I know what it is... SEVERE BEATINGS. First offense for Drunk Driving: one week in jail and a "tied to a chair and whipped with a rubber hose" beating. Second offense: one week in jail and a gang rape'en by people in that jail... Third offense: handcuffed and left in a room for four hours with the parents of children killed by drunk drivers for four hours. Hmmm?

Surprising reality: the expenses for a team of senior executives in a multi billion dollar corporation with global business interests will exceed the annual salaries of a bunch of pencils that like to complain about shit. Take the example of David Dingwall, who, despite his unfortunate name, was hired to run the failing Agency of The Canadian Mint. The Mint is run as a corporation and is independent from the Government. They provide coin-stamp services to a global marketplace including minting foreign currency, etc. Under his leadership the Mint went from the Red to the Black and is now a highly regarded success. Then what? Some jack off gets a hold of the guys annual accounting records for the expenses accrued to his office. Expenses that reflect the amalgamated expenses for the team of executives... Expenses that were filed by some administrative assistant and for sure... simply handed to him for his signature. So the press gets a hold of "close to three quarters of a million dollars of expenses for Dingwall" and they suggest the expenses were not authorized expenses... even though the expense process at the mint is, no doubt, as rigorous as it is anywhere. The guy steps down while the alligations are investigated. The guy is rich... he needs this shit like a hole in the head and ... this is the thanks he gets from Canadians for saving us millions of tax dollars by putting the Crown supported agency into a profitable position. What a load!!!!!

Okidoki... all done... back to nursing my headache. :) See ya.

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three dozen little choco cup cakes... for geo's class on thursday... (his birthday)
two 9 inch choco cakes... for the freezer.
so far? havent stopped since I got home.

Now? totally chill'en and going to watch AR in a few mins. :)

ps. I love my sunbeam mixmaster. :)
(it was a wedding pres... fourteen years ago! and it rocks on... )

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[ :: bunny ears? :: ]

Look... enough with the bunny ears...
It's like... everybody thinks a) bunnies can talk and b) that there's like two bunnies that would say what-ever silly thing you're on about.
I mean... I can understand emphasising something. Heck... you could raise your voice... or maybe make it all deep.
But what on earth are you thinking with the "oh this is important... see... bunnies say it!"
Bunniues can't talk. Hate to break it to you.
Oh sure... they're soft...
but they don't talk.