October 17th, 2005


Monday, October 17

A new day... And Mondays - despite their historic significance as yuck city - are really good days to use up with a "new day" vibe.

We had a lovely family dinner at my Moms house last night... family celebrating young Georges number 10. :)
Edward asked his mom if he could taste her wine before dinner... she indulged him... turned her head briefly and he grabbed the glass and downed it.
No really...
No... really. sigh. We watched and besides him pulling off a great slight of hand magic trick... and pulling himself past the kitchen door on his tummy like he was "shark boy"... it all seemed kinda normal. He was complaining of feeling icky as the night wore on... but he appeared none-the-worse-for-wear at breakfast.
Geo, on the other hand... was not walking to the bus stop with me and Edward. Geo's hooting like a snozzwoggle... He is "phlem boy" and I'm hoping it gets bedder fast!

It was cold this morning. I've (in my dotage) noticed that when I catch a bone chill... Like walking out to the front porch to collect the newspaper in my ftls, sox and t... I almost feel like I'm gonna die. It's horrid. House coat time is here...

Note: New contract... much less time for reading and things lj related. :( but life is good so that's gotta be all that counts. :)

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white keep-me-warm shirt
~ freshly ironed several tone blue dress shirt... and (*sigh) a tie.
~ Day One New Gig. (dances around)
~ up and at'em...
~ set up an office and get busy...
~ call an audio shop or two and sort out this car audio issue
~ tonight? who cares... PVR will catch anything I want to keep and I might be too busy dancing around to pay attention.
~ you could reach out and just poke your little finger into my hand... 'cuz you'd feel the vibe... yes you would... it would tingle... a little electric sizzle making you yank your hand back... but you'd smile... 'cuz you just know it's a good feeling. :D
~ to send some love'en out to no ... just because she's a good girl and deserves the care of her friends... :)
~ many wishes out to kimmellee... sit down sugar... standing is no place to be when dizzy is the vibe!!
~ and to send a few good luck type vibes to spurbaby !!

There is a pro-abortion associated community here in Lj land. I read some interesting commentary on it recently. I have spent a lot of time in my youth researching issues related to abortion... and had the exceptional pleasure of having lunch (myself and coworker) with Dr. Henry Morgantaller before he gave an afternoon long presentation at the college I attended. I consider my knowledge on the subject incomplete ... but I also believe I have learned more about the related issues than the average bear with a pro-choice or pro-life opinion. This could be entirely pig headed... but then again... I don't really care. :)
Here's the thing. The pro-abortion community... with all it's talk from girls that say they have had several abortions and paint a picture of women using abortion as a viable method of birth control... let me just say... don't believe everything you read. Clearly this happens. But it (having multiple abortions and "using it as birth control") happens much less often than you think. The dramatic and vast number of women that enter a legal abortion clinic do so with huge mental conflict and nothing short of life changing personal drama. To paint all such women with the sharp brush strokes of a pro-lifers criticism... to work towards the legislated denial of a womans right to control her destiny and her body based on the perceptions that young women are just fuck-monkeys-with-coat-hangers-in-their-purse ... is more wrong than I can ever express.
To build a "pro-life" position based on religion is also suspect... for a legion of good reasons but that's a whole other line of debate.

Floods... Mudslides... Hurricanes... Earthquakes... Pandemic flu... Aids...
Please join with me for a moment as we hold our hands above our heads, waggle our fingers and ask Mother Nature exactly what the fuck she has up her ass lately?

All the US money... paper and coins.. it all says "in god we trust".
Clearly that's a good idea.
At least he had the good sense to set his Bush on fire.

K... time to get back to "it" ... (wicked double entendre in there... :D)
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car audio update.

So... speaker mfgs stopped making the 6 inch speakers required for the ... most populace car on the roads because... they're dumb asses.

Options include
A) do nothing... always an option yo!
B) search the universe for 6 inch speakers... however, I'd feel way too much like Samantha if I spent any time searching for six inches...
C) buy 6 1/2 speakers and CUT THE CAR DOOR... sigh...
D) buy 5 1/4 inches, drill new holes and accept the notion that size doesn't matter, it's what you put into it that counts.

clearly car audio is all about the cock.