October 13th, 2005


Thursday, October 13

Up extra early... Geo's class was having a "Canada food guide" breakfast in class today... volunteers there to cook... and all the kids were bringing in food items off the guide. The goal is to teach them what a healthy breakfast is all about. Suz went in early with him... while I sat at home eating bon bons... er... ok, no... but I did take care of Edward on this rainy morning and then got myself to work. :)

It's brrrrr cold and the forecast is nothing but wet... for the next several days... sigh.

Things are all up and running on the web host and I have to say... I'm mightily impressed.
I'm not sure why the JavaCam.class applet is not working from the host for the cam page (but the meta cam page, and remote page are working fine)
Still... I'll work those details out. Macromedia Dreamweaver's site management tools are even more useful than before... :D

~ black ftls
~ black kinda cargos...
~ gray t... thick and comfy
~ black sweater... red stripe...
~ editing several dozen image files and visio diagrams for a report...
~ smiling... broadly.
~ watching Survivor tonight...
~ work out some geeky details with the wireless side of my new router...
~ to send a few good men vibes out to caranya... :D
~ and many words of gratitude to the friends that speak up when words sooth an aching psyche. :)

Who's is the voice of dissent if it only comes from the inside? A comment reads something like "he's not even American..."
Don't be too quick to discount the observations of a Canadian, or any other foreign view, on issues central to American life and politics. My observations are often spurious and usually only marginally informed... so (essentially) no-great-shakes.... however they are the views I am left with after being a consumer of Canadian, British and US news sources in print, radio and television. So while my views are often banal... they are formed out here with the rest of the world. (and for what it's worth... I am much less a critic of "all things US" than most voices that lift up to speak on this subject.)

The public radio air waves are chalk-a-block full of commentary from so-called "American Think Tanks" discussing the good and bad of the proposed Iraq Constitution. They (Iraq) vote on adopting it this weekend. In the hearts and minds of those that feel America is essentially the sword of democracy slicing down the dictators of the globe... this is a teary kodak moment for the sweet little Iraq. Be well reminded of the struggles that encircled the signing of the US constitution. It did not receive unanimous support and civil unrest surrounded it. And they didn't have car bombs back then.

Here's the thing... all these opinions, people with giant glass enclosed brains - it would seem - discussing what is good and bad for Iraq. The ex-iraqui diplomats... the expatriated iraqui graduate students... all lined up with the big thinkers from the cauldrons of political thought... and the degree to which these people lack imagination is just sickening.
How many more iraqui citizens have to die before America stops trying to justify the notion that iraq would make a great 51st state? Have you read their constitution? I have a copy on my desk right now. I've read it. I'm telling you here and now... Iraq is just totally and completely fucked. One year from now... two... five... ten... twenty... fifty... just fucked fucked fucked fucked. To those people stuck in dreamland saying "but look how much better things are in Iraq now..." please ... wake up and look. It doesn't matter if CNN brings you six or seven sound bites from northern Iraq where a soldier is bringing flowers to a Kurdish woman with her smiley happy baby girl... More iraquis live in fear of suddenly exploding and burning to death today than ever did under Sadams sickening pyscho nut bar rule. And when they try to be the democracy the puppet government wants them to be... with all the religious loopholes in their constitution... things will just get worse.
America has unwittingly consigned Iraq to a hundred years of civil war.

Of course... 30 million Americans living below the poverty line... are easily forgotten. And by "below the poverty line" ... I'm talking about the sort of living you see in post Katrina New Orleans... except without the arrival of food and medical aid, free shelter, and cash cards.
Iraq only has 26 million people...
So a greater number of Americans suffer at the hands of a devastated economy than live in all of Iraq.
But somehow it's important to spend two hundred and fifty BILLION dollars (at least, and so-far) on subduing Iraq.
(but you know... I'm only talking out of my ass... sheesh!!!)

LOST: I'm so completely out-of-my-mind flummoxed that they keep pushing the stupid button. !!!!!!!
See... they don't know what the right thing to do is... right?
Surely their goal is to figure out what happens when you push that button... what other systems are connected to that old Apple II computer?????
If you (they) decide that pushing the button is the right thing to do... then they will simply never have any validation.
If, however, they decided that NOT pushing the button was the right thing to do... they would have their validation in 108 minutes.

There is a life lesson in there.
Do you push "the button" ... every single day... because... well, because you don't know whats going to become of you if you don't?
Are you alive? or are you living a robots dream?
Are you fine with having your universe ordered by forces beyond your control?

So I ask you... when will you hold your hand back and chose to not push...
When will you take your world into your own hands and stop letting someone or something dictate the values of your existence.
You know... like Jesus.

K... time to go. :D
~ oh, and about all that other stuff... "that boy sure loves his drama"... may be accurate... but... so?

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can anyone point me to a Torrent file of last weeks Alias episode... it was called "-1-" (or something like that)</strike ~ bingo. :D ????