October 5th, 2005


Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I let z cut my hair last night... grabbed the big trimmer, the 9mm comb attachment and have at it. :) (the picture cuts off the top of my head!!! I'll take a better one tomorrow).

It was almost five years since we had moved in together...

On a rainy night, fourteen years and six months ago I knelt in a field across from the La Ronde (montreal amusement park) while the Spanish entry in an international Fireworks competition filled the sky behind me and asked my darling Z - who was more than a little shocked - to wear the ring I had carried in my sock all day as we shopped the twisty streets of Montreal. Behind suz... a good fifty feet away was a parking lot, filled with people in their cars watching the fireworks. Horns and flashing lights and the explosions in the sky behind me accompanied her embrace and whispered yes.

She planned the wedding... and it was wonderful.
A little church, flowers, a flowing white dress and boys in dark suits... and on October 5, 1991 we made our deal.
Today dawned with sunshine and beautiful air. The boys ate their breakfasts and we went about our morning rituals, with [ :: two dozen beautiful roses filling the kitchen with their scent.

~ black ftls
~ black kinda cargos, sorta nice cotton pants, with ... thigh pockets
~ gray t and a groove short sleeve don't tuck me in shirt... or am I lazy?
~ to give that extra 110% at work... "be the shining star"... go the extra mile... er...
~ still working on ip stuff (turning contract work into generic tools to help the next time this same work is done)
~ on enjoying every bite of this Jello "cheese cake cup" thing... sweet heaven... :)
~ write about Amazing Race at lunch...
~ go out to a nice dinner!!
~ watch Lost tonight... k... I'm really looking forward to Lost. It's the top of my must-see-tv list!
~ I had another starbucks coffee on deck behind the one I'm about to finish...
~ that my friend no ... can somehow dig out and that her geek-zone is not hammered from all that water!!

birthday moment...
Happy Birthday mentalconundrum!!! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and when the time comes for looking back, that the view is one of real happiness. :)

So, look... I know I harp on about some things and it is surely getting old... but tough. This has got to be said and should be said as often as it takes to make people understand. All the armed forces in the United States of American Resolve will not soon change the culture of a people that has formed over several millenniums. The "war in iraq" that rages on ... to ram democracy down the throats of a nation that was building universities when Abe Lincoln was sucking his thumb is never ever ever ever going to bear fruit. The might of military and economic terror may force them to act like a democratic anomaly for a while but there will come a day when america will leave (Unless of course... THEY NEVER EVER LEAVE) and the moment they're gone... democracy will be flushed down the toilet and an autocratic leader - or by that time, probably a theocratic leader - will step in. Consider the [ :: news from the UN today :: ] that they (the UN) are quietly pissing about Iraqs quicky law to ensure that reasonable dissent is squashed. Democracy? The "law" thing... is that two thirds of all registered voters, as opposed to two thirds of the votes, are required to forestall the passing of the proposed constitution. Dude... two thirds of registered voters? There will not be half that in total votes cast in the first place. The UN will have to withdraw their support for the legitimacy of the Iraqi Constitution and ... we'll all be back at square zero with the Fifty First State. One Hundred And Fifty Billion Dollars later.
ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION dollars and yet, the people that were totally hosed by Katrina will continue to be hosed by poorly implemented government support, lost jobs, lost homes, and the really unbelievable smell from the food in all those refrigerators. (Note: if you come across a fridge in a dump in New Orleans that has a sign on it with the words "do not open"... best to be believing in those words... seriously!)
But ... it's ok... it's a wise investment in the future to help shore up American interests in Oil resources and line the fat pockets of Haliburton Inc.

ps. I wonder what discoveries would be possible if one hundred and fifty billion US dollars were sunk into renewable energy research.

To best prepare for battling the challenge of an Avian Flu epidemic in America... George wants you to let [:: him use the armed forces :: ]for the purposes of enforcing domestic policy (read: police). I mean... it's working so well in places like Iraq... heck, why not. Maybe the Armed Forces could run a few of the Jails too... or are there enough dog leashes out there?

"ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai" - It's what should be for breakfast... or at least an after dinner snack!!

Have a grand day muchachos y muchachas... :)
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[ :: If this is real... then things are clearly worse than I thought :: ]

~ considering the less-than-stellar performance of the department of homeland security so far I would have to say that the notion put forth in that article just sickens me.

My mom just ordered a lap top... in Canada... and when it arrives... I will be checking it for this!

~ and I will be checking snoops regularly to find out if this is total crap (or horrifically true)

OK... Never mind... (rosanne rosannadana moment). Snoops... http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/dellbug.asp

Amazing Race 8 Update!!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Thank God... again.

It's all about... a sub-game to be the team that says "Thank God" or (because some are just closer) "thank you god" the most over the course of the race. Phil, of course, gets to say "The black family" again... and you know he's loving that... but sadly he prol'y wont say "the stupid family"... although after tonight's show... he just might.

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Ok... so just because it's a good day to stir the pot...

Lets take a quick look at the good work of the Indianna Legislature..

Republican lawmakers are drafting new legislation that will make
marriage a requirement for motherhood in the state of Indiana,
including specific criminal penalties for unmarried women who do
become pregnant "by means other than sexual intercourse."

[ :: read all about it here... :: ]

~ Not bad for a state that has a resort called "French Lick"
Of course, they don't call any of the motels "turkey baster lick".

(and thanks to the many lj'ers that pointed me to this wonderful bit of legislation)