October 4th, 2005


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oyi... long day.

very tired.

Some randomness...

~ Dr. Mengela... (I should be nicer, he was very kind)... assessed and then referred me off to an oral surgeon.
That story will take a while to sort itself out. I (expletive) hate dealing with dental issues...

~ house zone continues to baffle.
when I look objectively at our conversations... I know there is no way we wont be "going for it".
But for now... we keep whittling away at issues to make sure there are no mind killing problems...
er... besides having to become bank robbers.

~ Opera and her faith hill episode... That mommy / song writer girl did us both in with that song about Ruby. geeeez!

~ there are some fricking amazing amazing amazing... unbelievably amazing houses in the zones north raleigh NC... holy schmoly!
Looking at those from 800 feet up (google earth) ... is enough to kick in the "Total Perspective Vortex" like vibe... sigh.

~ magma kills Simpatico when it comes to how much it costs a year to have 3.0 Mbps highspeed for a year.

~ and I'm going to bed. :) night.

Tuesday, October 5

do you grok "roll your Rs when you speak french?" (let alone italian...)
Yeah, so I don't speak french very well... that is to say... my vocabulary is weak. But I grok the language and when I do speak it... I have - I am told - spot on diction or at the very least... "very convincing diction". The result, of course, is that if I dare to say anything in french, people think I can speak great french so they babble on in gobble-di-goop as I glaze over and wait for them to stop so I can ask to not do that again.
However... this is beside the point.

The "point" in this case, is that I can roll my R's. So when I pull up to the drive through at Star-bucks and say ... "I'd like a grrrrrrrrrrande mild with two creams..." the barista / slash coffee & cash monkey has a good chuckle. They recognize me by my rolling r and... man... do I ever get good service. The other night, suz and I went through to get get a pound of french roast and I mentioned that they needed to be certain of the grinder settings because I thought the last batch was a bit too fine.
So along with the coffee... they're offering us basically anything we want - on them. We only took two grrrrrrrande coffees but ... nice. :)
The morning crew actually all come to the window... there's three of them... one after another to say hi when I come through to get a coffee (I go there on my 'drive-to-work' twice a week.). All of this makes me feel very good.

Yes, I'm easy... but smiles are very inexpensive to hand out and just about priceless to receive.

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ white t, and a maroon dress shirt... and a tie... for no good reason.
~ get through the rest of this "report consolidation"
~ plan a trip to the post office...
~ watch Amazing Race tonight!!! :)
~ to congratulate a treasured and precious friend... tonya on the occasion of her second wedding anniversary. :)
~ I knew what my house will sell for if I sell it in 10 months. sigh... more on this later.
~ to send a wee smile out to sin_da_rella... just because it's fun to smile at happy people... they often smile back ... .:D
~ that moxielass finds all the stamina she needs to get the jobs done! :) (go you!!!)
~ to point out that uniclycommon... is super! (and I'm betting she has a giant S on a caped single suit she hides under her street clothes!!)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday demyankee!!! May you find kindness and friendship in the hearts and hands of the people you let into your world... and I hope the year ahead keeps you feeling loved. :)

Harriet Miers? Harriet Miers???? No really? What's next... His grade six teacher appointed to head the department of education?
Seriously people... I'm sure there are some wonderful qualities in that woman... but even McDonalds has people fill out an application.
How the hell does Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld get away with the stuff they say and do? How come they haven't been fricking lynched yet?
Rumsfeld is, arguably, the worst of the lot... while Chaney is just a dick head and Georgie Poopie Head is a nit wit puppet, but man... I swear I can hardly believe the stuff that they say and do that gets recorded for the world to see.
Now this Supreme Court appointment... And the Gang of 55 will undoubtedly pull their fingers out of their bums long enough to confirm her!!! ahhhhh! and I can just hear the people saying... "shut up corto... what do you care... you're canadian..." and that's about when I shake my head in wide wonder at how unfocused and out-of-touch some americans are when it comes to understanding the impact their country has on the world, let alone a neighbor joined at the hip. And before this makes any one feel all special... I'm using the word "impact" here to replace several paragraphs concerning trade injustice, out-right illegal (international court style "illegal") foreign policies (like, say... softwood lumber for example?) let alone economic terrorism.

Russia... land of the never-quite-free and industrious, is also a land unblemished by the dragon lords of the RIAA. This is made most evident by a quick review of the web site www.allofmp3.com . They sell music there. Sign up... don't even go to the Credit Card part... but confirm your email... that'll get you 0.20 USD credit... and heck.. thats enough for four songs. Try not to flip out to hard... $1.50 for an album and ... you are not breaking any laws (*yet*) by shopping there. bwaahahahaha...

That show... "The Ghost Whisperer"... is essentially Medium except the main character is stupid. Sigh... Jennifer Love Homeless... needs a decent break soon or she's going to have to chance her name to Obscure Girl In Tight Sweater for movie credits.

Where ever you are...
What ever you're doing...
Smile... and find any excuse to share it.
People react remarkably well to being smiled at.

and if you're alone... you can smile at me.
I promise to appreciate it... and smile back.
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Edit: Well the day is here and away... so the filters gone. :)
(and we had a lovely anniversary!)

Tomorrow is our fourteenth wedding anniversary.

When suz and I were married... we honeymooned on a cruise ship.
It took us to many places...
... one was in Puerto Rico.
There, we found a jewelry store...
... and we bought a tri-coloured gold bracelet.
She had worn it for many years...
but at some point... well, it broke.
The clasp was gone and the flat links had a few wee kinks.
So it rested - or perhaps "hid" is a better word - in a jewelery box and waited.

Last month I found it... and had it fixed up.