October 2nd, 2005


Sunday, October 2.

Oh my god... it's sofa king gorgeous out side I can barely stand it!!! It's like the "perfect summer day"... and it's October 2nd?


House wars yesterday...
the batter between ... buying a resale, renovating a resale, or building new.
Sigh... the market it down... so the only unreasonable option is the building new part... which, of course, is where we're leaning.
... again... sigh.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ b.u.m. shirt... :)
~ job jar day... about to do the floors.
~ something... anything... outside!!
~ desperate housewives tonight. :)
~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Never eating a hershy bar again!!! (and hotblue, stick to Jersey Milk!!!!)
~ to send some jealous congrats out to the Yatzee god! markalope

Birthday moments...
From WAY WAY WAY back on September 29th...Happy b-day lady_anandia. May this year keep you in good health and better fortune. :)
And also from the 29th... Happy birthday to ohmysheglows May he be safe through all days and nights and in your arms more than away... be well Ashley and Happy Birthday.
(Oct 1) For my sweet Misha... Happy birthday (A day late) to willedit. As I sort through every card you have ever sent me... consider the picture of you, the man and the bug that adorns the wall over my desk, I can think of so many wishes for you that it's silly. Be healthy and be happy and I truly hope you have a wonderful year ahead.
Happy Birthday (Yesterday too!) to Amy... macdatty (a woman who I don't think truly appreciates just how wonderful she is... but others do... so it'll all be good). May this year bring you great passion, a little romance and much happiness.

Why do people keep blowing things up in Bali?

You get one life. Just one. How you use it... says a lot but only to peeps that are listening. You, however, can't help but hear and really, you are the only person you need to impress. Will you live this one life wishing? Will you live it hoping? maybe waiting or maybe trying... Or will you grab this life, let lose the safety nets, tell everyone to stand back and live at full speed? There is no prize for arriving safe and sound... at your death bed.
Big talk ... I know. But when I face the biggest choices... I always end up at the "you only get one life... what are you going to do with it?" stage.
Take the house issue... my children will be "children" only once... and only for a short while.
Where shall we all live while we make the rest of our family memories? hmmm?

Did anyone else watch Alias last week?????? We finally watched the season opener last night... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But then again... I hated his dimples so... see ya... or wait... was she dreaming? Or is a plot twist with dear old sneaky dad? Andre Michaud my ass! :) hahaha...

~ and I'm still buzzing on Serenity. I'm going again... If I have to clockwork orange force feed firefly to suzanne I will... and then ... Serenity big screen again. :)

k... see ya.
Have a great sunday.

the tape method.

(yes I've posted about this before... sue me... :D)

A seemingly silly post...
... but if the idea is of use to you...
Then it's an immensly useful post. :)

Job Jar Item E) for the day... putting up a little hanger thing in Ed's room.

A border we put up forever ago is ripped a bit below the light switch... from little hands that used to jump for the switch.

The location.

With spots to drill marked on the wall...put on the tape!

... and then drill!!

resulting in this... (instead of a mess on the floor)

and then I hang up the hooky thing. :)

(and [ :: here is a way short :: ] little move of the complex clean up process after using the "tape method". :D

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I know... Posty McPostalot...

I once read a "love is..." than ended in something about shaving on Saturdays.
So I shave on Saturday.
But on sundays? The boys would rather I not.
You see... sunday night back scratches... well...
The wee hairs on my chinny chin chin make - I am told - the ideal scratcher. :)