September 28th, 2005


Wednesday, September 28

A lovely cool, fall day... colours are starting to show in the trees... (I have to take some pics!!), and I need to switch on the heater in the car for the drive in.
Of course, it's warming up already, and the day will hover in the early 20's. After a summer of 30s, that's a nice temp for the day.

Last night was all about working on the kids schedule, (they go to bed too late, and we're changing that), watching Amazing Race, and then a lot of house talk.
The house talk is getting a bit frenzied... well, ok, maybe that's not the best word... It's "intense".
We know what we want... but affording that is tricky. So please send cash... big gobs of cash... ar ar ar...

A top 40 station on the radio is running this contest... which makes no sense to me what-so-ever. It's the "birthday game"... They give you the cue to call, and caller number whatever gets to play. "Play" in this case means, tell them the month you were born in. Then they open this "secret envelop" and reveal the games special month. If it's a match... well, that's part 1 done. Now tell them the day of that month for your birthday. They open another envelop and if there's a match... wohoo... that's part 2. Now... part 3 is ... the year. Tell them your birth year and they rip open another envelop and reveal the secret year. Get parts 1,2 and 3 and you get a quarter mill $. Get any part without all three and get $500 for your each.
Ok, so first of all... I cannot imagine how anyone could ever win.
I can imagine that it's remarkably fixed... as in, ... "secret envelop" my ass... but lets give them the benefit of a doubt.
Yesterday, I'm listening to one play out as I drive home... and the "envelop" birth year is 1943!!!!!! WTF is that????
Stupid game. I mean... not just "bummer, hard to win, dumb game..." but "YOU ARE A STUPID RADIO STATION AND I'M CHANGING CHANNELS because of your dumb contest." kinda stupid.

~ black ftls
~ black, treacle actually, kinda cargos... cotton, pockets everywhere...
~ white t and ... The First Sweater Of The Season. Light, though it may be.
~ off yesterdays proposal and onto todays new project... making intellectual property out of the stuff I did for the last client...
~ a lot of number crunching re: house stuff... it's a wee bit crushing as it stands... so, we'll see.
~ tonight?? LOST (and, as usual, all excited about it. :D)
~ that sugar-m... the crushdmb girl, manages to feel a wee bit better as the day wears on...
~ ditto to nbbmom... feel better sugar. (as the LJ Cold Season kicks into high gear... )
~ for sunshowers08 to get a little feeling back in the burned finger of hers...
~ and i do hope miss silly... er... kaylee and her arm feel better. :)

Birthday moments...
happy birthday markalope... May your year be prosperous!!! and filled with the good love of close friends.

So just you watch... as the various efforts to "get to the bottom" of all things relating to the Katrina hit on New Orleans progress... we will see every negative thing reported in all media being disputed or claimed as false and the people on the scene will be demonized. Meanwhile... a new version of events will be written for the history books by people living in offices far removed from the gulf coast and the stuffed shirts that did basically NOTHING will claim greater and greater proportions of glory for the wonderful things they did... at least according to the stories written by those unnamed officer workers.
Truth is the first victim of a bureaucracy's racing to protect it's pension.

I had two interesting moments recently that relate to ... well... personal racism. I'm pretty sure I'm not a racist... but then again... everybody has their something. Ok, so it's like this...
Corto The Racist: I'm really intolerant of Car People. I used to think... you know, that they were just like you and me... no difference... but nooooooooooo. They have different genes, different culture, different traditions... and they all suck. I'm just saying... 6 cars on your two car driveway (hence, on your lawn, the street, blocking other peoples driveways)... and the oil, coolants, fuel, and unidentifiable liquids that ooooz down your driveway into OUR common sewer system... and the frigging noise... shitty engines... make lots of noise... bah!!! it all adds up man... Those people ... they're just not like us. I bet they have big foreheads.
Corto The Non-Racist: Canada just anoited a new [ :: Governor General :: ]. This is an outdated ceremonial position in our government that is classically the Commander of our armed forces and the British Queens official rep in Canada. It's all a bunch of Hooey, but whatever. The GG spends loads of cash, gets a vast house, lives a lavish lifestyle and actually does a great deal of charitable work (I mean, wouldn't you if you had almost unlimited resources?) Now I may sound down on the GG but I'm not. I don't actually give a care. The government has bigger issues in my opinion that things related to a bit of expensive pomp and ceremony so... whatever. The thing is... the new one is wicked cool... She is a relatively famous journalist from Quebec who commands a great deal of respect from her peers and has demonstrated a lifetime of compassion. She grew up in the rat hole other people call Haiti, and made her way in Canada with great success. I watched the news... I read the paper and I learned about her and the plan to make her the GG. And then last night... no, two nights ago, they had this "life and times of the new GG" thing on the tele and on comes this boisterous black woman proclaiming how wonderful it is for Canada to have appointed a black woman as the GG. And ... honestly... that was the first moment I internalized the notion that this woman... the new GG ... was black. I mean, I knew she was black... at some level... but it never actually held any truck in my thoughts. I had thought... "oh cool... another woman." and then congratulated myself for living in Canada but the black thing... just never came up in brain land.

Speaking of BLACK... man, that family on AMAZING RACE... the losers last night... what a huge ass bummer. Sooooo many others deserved to lose soooo much more than them. (sniff). :)

: have a great day muchachos y muchachas... ;)

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Subject: wireless routers... home networks...

K, so I have a linux server and a 100 meg swich serving four wired connections at home.

Now I have a wireless broadband router. I've used them ... I grok the setup etc.

Is there some good geek reason to leave the existing infrastructure in place and add the wireless router to one of the wired ports on the switch?
That would mean putting my 192.168.1.x addi in the wan port of the wireless router and then letting it DHCP out the other side.

Now the wireless has four wired ports... i could just replace my switch outright...

but before I do that... I wondered about the whole downstream issue...
I mean, I know they describe the 192.168 address range as "non routable" so you never find those addi's on the world wide net...
but do I have to worry about that? can a "router" route an incoming 192.168.x addi and dhcp it out ????? let alone, can I set a new range of non-routables below the wireless?

My goal is to have four wired drops running dhcp addresses and a mac filtered, wap, whatever, secured wireless connection to a single lap top...
Is there a security benefit you can see to putting the wireless router downstream of the switch?

And JAY... ask your geek gods about this!!

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second best part about having way short hair...

justified indignance over finding long hairs on things... even if they're your colour.

Amazing Race 8 Update!!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

The Season Of Screams

It's all about... girls that scream just... you know... because. Gah!!! Ok, there be little bitty kids, buff boys, mom's on the edge of a nervous breakdown and blonde girls... a seemingly endless supply of blonde girls... and every one of them seems to find great comfort is screaming their dippy fucking heads off.

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DING::: Days done.

two things...

~ does anyone know where to DL last nights epi of Amazing Race? (inquiring minds want to know!!)

~ Ever heard of Chillcam? It's my "cam software".... I was sure it was abandoned. but the developer... Josh Fallon, is working on a new release!!! :)

See ya tonight...

(seriously geared up for LOST and my brother is buying Sirenity tickets ... :D :D :D
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It's like... if stickers were currency... we're sticker bank robbers that are digging through the loot.
Stacks and stacks and stacks...

Source?a story from suz's work.
Destination: a few school teachers we know... :) (and a few stacks for the kids of course).