September 27th, 2005


Tuesday, September 27

Dressed him... no wakee... carry him around? no wakee... nothing... It takes breakfast on the fork bonking against his sleeping lips and a lot of "YO ED? WAKE UP" to get those eyes open.

The nights that include "dad, can you wake me up at 6:30?" include Geo's grand plans for the morning... and, come the morning, I take a bunch of abuse from him as he changes his mind and I get up at 6:30 for... nothing. grrr... :D :D hahahaa...

it's picture day at the kids school... Last weekend Suz looked at me and said ... "should we try and get him to let us have his hair trimmed a bit?" HA! we agreed within seconds that we'd rather this milestone picture mark him as he is. :)

It's a beautiful day... sunshine... which may or may not stay around... but it doesn't matter... there's a good vibe deep down inside. :)

~ more black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ black t and two tone black and blue dress shirt...
~ well, I was coming in to continue the bid freak out... but plans change yo.
~ now I'm working on a brand new proposal... proposal work can suck the life out of you... except this one is small and ... totally "me" centered, so I'm all over it. :)
~ calling my "periodontist" to make an appointment that I ... honestly... dread. sigh.
~ calling real estate agent ... gotta keep on 'em...
~ calling home builders... got questions...
~ watching Amazing Race "Family Edition" (which better not be "boring ass edition") tonight.
~ to extend my condolences and care out to a very long time friend... dear bloojanuary.
~ that phatmommadee stays on course... I miss them too baby... but ... we're better off!!
~ for pixiecup to find a little better health ... asap!! :D
~ that angryvixen makes it through her day!!
~ and that nbbmom ... gets just what she needs...

birthday moment...
Today is whatilove's birthday... :) Happy birthday little sugar... may the day keep you warm and the year keep you loved. :)

A couple of Garbage Remixes...
To celebrate the news from the band that the australian press story about them breaking up was... bunk.
Isn't that story always bunk right up until a band actually breaks up?
Enjoy the music yo! :D (those are "yousendit" links)

[ :: WIGU - Danny Mix :: ]

[ :: Stupid girl (Dreadzone Dub Mix) :: ]

From the land of rich entertainers that should prol'y know better but somehow refuse to acknowledge that... we see that Ashton and Demi have wed... and - maybe I'm alone in this - but is there anyone else out there that thinks... "geezus... she must give some seriously incredible head" every time you think about that relationship, his options and his choice?
Oh, and because it's more fun than a basket full of water beetles to imagine the dinner table at their house tonight... This news just in "Guy Ritchie was being interviewed on some French language show ... and when asked... did not know madonnas real name..." BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA... No Soup For You!!!! hahahahahahahahaha...

megrainwater linked this one in her journal last night... TOTALLY AWESOME... Spirograph... [ :: DIG IT!!! :: ]
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Amazing Race 8 Preshow!

The Amazing Race 8

The Family Edition

The Teams

The Gaghan Family (dark blue)
~ Mom's all smiles and Dad... looks scared as hell. they have a 9 and 12 year old in tow. I think daddy is right to be scared.

The Schroeder Family (pale pink and black)
~ so that's what happened to Schroeder when he grew up? I wonder if he still plays piano?
Dude's from New Orleans... and he's an architect... No shortage of work for this guy.
His daughter, Stassi, 17 looks like she can get a tennis ball in her mouth and still burp all the names of the school football team. Hunter, 15, looks like he's gonna kill his sister the next time she burps.

The Aiello Family (colour free in dark beige)
~ Dad is here with the husbands of his three daughters.
Bottom line... it's party time back home.

The Rogers Family (light beige and purple... look for the headband)
~ Kids names... Britney and Brock... sigh... when will people learn?
Moms a "beauty pageant trainer"... so you know Britney gets shit for smiling wrong all the time.

The Black Family (no explanation required)
~ er... and I didn't make up the name...
11 and 8 year old boys and they're all in tie die shirts... from Woodbridge, VA!!! (soft spot for woodbridge)

The Weaver Family (white and black shirts, and lots of blonde)
~ Dads dead... so we got the mom, two biscuits for daughters... (sorry, but look at 'em) and 14 year old rolly who's playing for his dead dad. There will be strife in this family.

The Bullshit Family... er... Ok... The Linz Family (orange)
~ But I mean... four twenty somethings, all fresh from Glee Club Try Outs and buff... how fair is that?

The Bransen Family (pale blue and more blonde everywhere)
~ ah, the old looking guy... Dad and his three daughters... all Hot and dad when broke paying for their they need to win.

The Paola Family (yellow shirt on dad, and the others are just ... you know... there)
~ basically.. family guy time. Dj and Brian hmmm... which one is gay?

the Godlewski Family (pink pink pink and more pink)
~ Bwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....
(grown up sibling sisters, all dressed in pink and ... they are soooo gonna fight).

I'mma gonna be writing short updates for this show...
Lets all hope they give me good material. :)
There's kids... so ... clearly "good taste" is going straight out the window.
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the hand

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[ :: A whole new float valve... :: ]

ok, so time to take apart the powder room toilet
and see if the replacement dealio from Kholer does the trick.

Relatively new toilet... all cool-as-cucumbers with the fancy spancy float valve...
and it still "runs on".

I got sick of whacking the side of the tank to shut it up. :)

cross your fingers.
plumbing jobs of any sort what-so-ever, tend to be cursed.