September 23rd, 2005


Friday, September 23

Looking at the boys last night... as they went to sleep... I knew the morning was going to arrive with somebody too sick to go anywhere... but who? Typically one gets it at a time... The morning came, and it was definitely going to be Geo. So I was all about getting to my office and coming home again with my laptop and work. Not a bad deal for the boss... kind of a telework moment.

It's going to go down to 1 (that's "ONE") degree tonight... frost tomorrow morning.
Today is all sunshine and fall-cool weather (sorry crushdmb... :D).

For the record: I took off last night at 11:30 and filled my gas tank. It was half empty, so I filled it with 0.975 cent per liter gas. It was up to $1.089 this morning and there's talk of $2.++ before the day ends. Dude... that's in the $8.00 per US Gallon.
Please begin laughing at SUV owners now.

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: hey... it's friday! :: ]
~ strong bad...
~ denim shirt... brrrr.
~ up... early and zoom to work
~ collect my laptop... and zoom home again.
~ work at home all day. Geo's home with a cold...
~ write about survivor later...
~ chill tonight... maybe get some time in with LuLu.
~ to send some good vibes out to talashandy! just 'cuz...
~ and a happy birthday to topazgrrl's little princess...
~ I understood how iTunes could have vanished from my pc... I have no memory of un-installing it. strange.

Oh man... the entire zone through the gulf coast... texas, et. al. !!!! The images coming to my television are just awful. All jokes aside about the vast numbers of SUV's pulled over... out of gas... it must be just evil to have packed to run, left your home, and be unable to actually get anywhere. Frustration beyond imagining. Oh, and I heard about a bus full of elderly evacuees that... burned up on the highway... sigh. You almost hope the storm goes north and avoids the oil production zone, but that - of course - consigns New Orleans to the potential killing blow.
To my many many friends here that live in the potentially affected areas... I send my most sincere hopes for your safety, sanity and speedy return to home and comfort. Of course, if you're reading this... well... aren't you supposed to be stuck in traffic somewhere?

Radio and Tv are having a blast with this Kate Moss Nose Candy Queen thing. The thing is... the comment that sticks out was from some fashion industry luminary who pompously sat back in her folding fashion show chair saying "well, what kind of a role model is that?" So, here I am thinking wtf? First of all, if people are turning to runway dress racks for the position of "role model" ... then the problems go far beyond some emaciated chicks coke habit. But seriously who gives a rats behind if Kate Moss injects heroin in her eyes... it's her life... let her fuck it up if she wants. Personally, I think the whole thing is a stupid invasion of her privacy and the judgments coming from the industry are hypocrisy gone mad. They (the fashion freaks) are the biggest barn full of drug abusing, eating disordered, overpaid, nut jobs out there.

Is life on well water and septic systems much of a hassle?
To get a 2 acre property under your house... around here... you gotta go septic and well.
I'm assuming the entire related geek has move somewhat distantly forward from outhouses and buckets on a rope.

K... time to get busy. :) See ya.

Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

The Mud Bowl!

Where in... Jeff obviously gets his way.
Mark: "you want to what?"
Jeff: "Look... they're all still healthy... with a little meat on them... well, except for that Danni stick."
Mark: "But mud? wont that be a bit obvious?"
Jeff: "What? Throw in some ropes, make 'em struggle... no wait, make it so they can actually attack one another. Everyone will be fine..."
Mark: "... and you'll get to feed that twisted little mind of yours..."
Jeff: "Hey... fifteen obedient subs? A giant mud bowl... Dude... this is heaven and you know it."
Mark: "... fine."

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~ rice crispy squares... !!

~ tablespoon of veg oil, little sal - or a mrs dash or some seasoning you like, a crushed clove of garlic, pepper and a little chili powder, and two tablespoons of light soya and a quarter cup of orange juice. Mix it in a bowl, pout it in a big zip lock and put a grill'en steak in the bag with it. Leave it in the fridge over night and bbq it for dinner. No really...

~ 802.11 g pcmcia / card bus adapter for the laptop... so seriously needed...

~ was invasion any good?

~ fantastic feedback on the Well and Septic question this morning... my sincere appreciation!! :)