September 22nd, 2005


Thursday, September 22

Yeah... so, sometimes a picture says everything that needs to be said.

i put it out there... you don't like it... and cant bring yourself to simply say so and move on... please say hello to my door.

I invite criticism. I've only ever blocked one person in five years... and he's a giant toe jam of a dick.
but I let you (generic "you") say what you like. I deal if I'm in the mood, otherwise... I just read and blink a bit.

If you can't see that... If you have to be all hurt and lashing out at me personally is your only solution,
well it makes you a bit of a smack monkey.

Now... for the rest of you... :D

Brrrr... it was actually c-c-c-c-cold when we crawled out of bed...
Had a little face off with Edward again. Mornings suck with that boy.
I think tomorrow I'm gonna carry him out to the car and wake him up while we're driving.
Just to see if a change of his universe will foster a different response from his waking self.

Work: my current thing is doing all these resume reviews, matching people to the requirements outlined in this ginormous bid.
So, MS Word "find" is way helpful ... right?
Can you fricking dig that the Find widget was actually NOT WORKING!!! I mean... NOT WORKING AT ALL. Oh you could call up "find" and put a word in there and search... and it comes back with "not found, want to start from the top" etc? and NOTHING... never finding anything. Not FINDING THE WORD "THE" is a clue here...
I freaked. I've done 12 resumes already... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Solution: which still requires me to re-do all the resumes... go into regedit and hkey-currentUser and rename the entire MS Office Key Group so Office re-links itself. Sigh... it works now... but ... what a drag. !!!

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ new long sleeve casual shirt... blue with white "under sleeves".
~ well... re-doing a bunch of resumes... and then "doing a bunch more"
~ lunch...
~ more resumes... then jumping in front of a roaring freight train... grrrrrrr....
~ I enjoyed everything I watched on TV as much as I enjoyed LOST last night.
~ every kind of good wish for the future real estate goddess... princessblondie
~ that my friend, harleydog found her J
~ Miss Crazy Person (kidding) angryvixen gets through the next little bit... keeping all her marbles. :D
~ and to shout and scream and dance around... while waving at lianna

A belief system is the crutch upon which people tend to rest their arguments and justify the pig headed way in which they close themselves off to contrary opinion. Such is the case, for example with a born again christian that steadfastly believes in Creationism. He or she will not allow any argument because that is the "thin edge" of the wedge that will - in theory - seek to debunk everything he or she believes in. However, every coin has it's flip side and I have to say... people like me, who believe in the science of evolutionary theory, are also resting their cases on a belief system. A well educated scientist may, in fact, actually understand and have just cause to believe in the theories and science... but I only believe in them... the scientists. I no more understand the fundamental and complete science behind carbon dating than the next guy, but I chose to believe in the scientist who decry's the carbon dating systems accuracy and probabilities. So that's my belief system I suppose.
However, the difference is that I can listen to contrary opinions and not become a freak show.
The contrast comes in the form of people who elect to express or embrace their spirituality in the form of a "relationship" ... that's a deal between a person and their god or "savior". That construct does not beg for arguments or defy logic.

So British troops are caught in full Desert Garb, shooting up citizens in Basra. Gee ... wonder why that happened.
[ :: BBC World Service :: ] paints it this way..
I can't find the article, but the piece I read the other day said they claimed outright that they were on "an intelligence mission".
I mean... WTF??? How is it that anybody can even marginally hold on to the notion that the people of Iraq are in any way shape or form better off today than they were under Saddam? Geezus. Their entire country is a fucking mess... if it's not smoking from a recent explosion, or lay dying from a recent gun shot... they are walking on egg shells waiting for the next shoe to drop... and sadly, it will prol'y drop with the leg of some blown up person attached. American, Canadian, British, French (all)... ALL the foreign troops... go home. Let them settle their own shit. And if they do a crappy job? So? What... now, all of a sudden, foreign countries are not allowed to be fucked up? Dude... We're all "foreign" to someone and we all have fuck ups at home.

How fricking fun was LOST last night? I mean... what does this do to all the theories that the whole island was a purgatory that all these dead airplane crash victims had to get through to "move on"? Dude in the basement apartment from hell... Suz had him pegged when he was running up the stairs... "same hair... that's him" she says. gah...

:) see ya.
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