September 20th, 2005


Tuesday, September 20.

Last day of summer...

Well ... I'm totally stuck deep in cube land... so I can't see a window from here... but I drove to work in GORGEOUS weather... and then watched it cloud over after I got here... (and I have to be in the car in 30 mins driving to a client site... grrrrr).

We had a lovely wake up today... cool night air holding everyone under covers and snuggling ...
I'm glad we foster a "touchy feely" vibe in our family... I know that's not everyone's cup of tea... but I love it. :)

You know... regular Astro yogurt tastes so sweet ... how can it not be bad for you? hmm?

Do you use Microsoft Internet Explorer? I do... but only for a few things. The significant majority of my web browsing ... is done with Opera. The opera browser is now license free... as of today!!! (it used to be free with a banner ad thing... or pay with no banner... now it's all about the free). You really should give it a shot.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers... which have pleats... and I've just been told... pleats are OUT... so I guess I need new pants...
~ white t and brilliantly white dress shirt... and dk blue tie...
~ back to my previous clients location for an 11-12 meeting... and another from 3-4
~ lunch with my coworkers from that engagement... (they were planning one, last time I looked...)
~ BB finale is on tonight... such as it is... hahaha... I'm way more 'cited about Amazing Race starting next week. :) :D :D :D
~ visit to my Moms house to set up her computer and get her mail working again...
EDIT!!! (hahaha) ~ to send out big congratulations!!!!! to kaifawn... she's had a baby girl... will be "having" a baby girl... in four months... and she coined (from my point of view at least) the adorable term "romper womb" as in "lots of activity in the romper womb today"... hahaha.... and now we wait for pictures of the baby!!! :D
~ to send some good vibes out to grrrrrrrrrrrowl on the occasion of her four year anniversary with her main squeeze... GO YOU!
~ that my friend no would sort out her sleep issues before they consume her. :) !!!
~ and I'm hoping something spins right today for distortedgirl :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday dear velcro_girl!!!! You're such a treat... sugar I do hope you have a wonderful day... and a great year ahead. May good health keep you and your family throughout the year. :)

Tyra Banks... her aching back up against the wall... what with the endless litany of her detractors accusing her of having large fake boobies... is going to dedicate todays taping of her show (???? she has a show?) to proving that her big ass tits are real. First she will (no fooling here) reach into her shirt and remove her bra... to show how they "fall". Then she'll be showing a video made of a sonogram made on her boobages. Of course, this will finally lay to rest the abundant rumors of her fake boobs... yet there is no plan to address the notion that the rest of her is really only a bag of saline with big eyes but ... whatever.

Can you dig the David Safavian fiasco... (the guy is a crook) and the Jack Abramoff cover up of Safavian's crimes?... Hmm? who? Oh... just a couple of SENIOR FEDS that the Bush Admin put in place to handle acquisitions and contracting. Your tax dollars hard at work... racing out the windows or being spent on the prosecutions of those that opened the window.

But that's just the tasty fruit filling... the real cream is to be found in the way that BILLIONS of dollars that vanished between tax collection and deposits into the Iraqi government bank vault. Did you know your tax dollars are being turned into the Iraq governments military budget? AND THAT BILLIONS OF IT HAS GONE MISSING!!!!!

Personally... I'd be marching in the fricking streets by now...

Smile at a stranger... smile at a friend... smile at your kids and your lover...
I mean... exactly why not? The happiness of the world starts with a single smile...
So do your part.

see ya.