September 19th, 2005


Monday, September 19


arrrrggg!!! awake... n' scratching in the galley to get some food inta me belli and load up my scurvy crew with good eats and packed 'em on their way.
Well... my cabin girl (i'm gonna pay for that) did most of the "pack'em on their way" part... whilst I clomped around on me peg.

Today... is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. You absolutely have to tell this to someone... and talk all pirate like to someone else. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ a big white puffy shirt...
~ black short trousers...
~ my best peg!
~ my best hook...
~ my fav eyepatch
~ and, of course, polly, poopen on me shoulder
~ all rape'en and pillage'en... work work work...
~ oh, and making all the corrections various "reviewers" have asked for on my final report to my client...
~ getting ready to go back to my clients office tomorrow for two follow up meetings...
~ tonight? ... Suz has her companies AGM right after work so I'll prol'y be doing kid stuff for the evening. :)
~ finish up my moms computer!!!
~ and if I'm really lucky... some lulu work!!
~ for just the very best of cir-cum-stances to be with dishpan_nipples when she heads out for a visit.
~ to point out that I never get tired of danicia' recounting of IM convo's with the "can't speak english crew" bwahahaha...
~ for the best of good fortune to hold ouroboros668 as he sorts out the new house moment in his life.
~ that sweet relief finds teaser in this summer of South African heat!!
~ to send a big "hey" out to gaelic_iriquois... a new man in my life... :)
~ to hold my friend kimmellee's hands... and make quiet wishes for her little girl... and for the future in her home.

Birthday moment...
~ Happy Birthday James!!! jgurney, and his main squeeze, sillz have been great lj friends for ages and while there are many wonderful people on my friends list... I have to say that he has been a hulluva giving and kind friend. Please accept my sincere wishes for the remission to be a staple in your life... and that this next year brings you every kind of parenthood joy you can imagine and maybe a few you can't. :)
~ and when I want to head into the wild and take someone along for protection... you know I'm taking perfection1144 :D Happy birthday Lori, and may your next year keep you safe, keep your holster secure and may you find the greatest of happiness wrapping itself around you.

So... the double edged sword of relief and grief is hacking it's way through my community. No wonder relief and grief are spelled the same.
Police have sectioned off a major part of the suburban city to complete their investigation... They found unidentified remains a scant 10 minute drive from where Jennifer Tigues was last seen... and, while they are not confirming it yet... the word is... this is her... was her? ... cry.

I hold a loose grip on the notion that knowing is better than guessing for her parents...

It remains beyond my ability to comprehend that a fellow human... and I'm using that term loosely here, can take a girl... abuse her... and kill her. Her terror... her experience must be beyond comprehension and - I admit - I am ill equipped to conceive of just how horrible that must be. Her family though... I can relate to that. I can sit here and wonder how long I would need to be sedated... and how on earth I would find the strength to carry on if something so horrific happened within the confines of my extended family... let alone in my own. We - extended family - are close... in fact... we were just looking at party pictures send from a niece at her third year of University... I used to change her diapers.

Who takes responsibility for this? Beyond blaming the fucker that did it... What can we do?
I'll tell you what we can do...
Nothing. People can really fucking suck sometimes. Bastards.

Wahoooo... yeeeeeehaaaaaa.... shake that turban Ackmed... dance around, clap your hands... and have a drink... er... wait... no drinks. This is Afghanistan after all... and wild democratic freedom is reigning supreme in the land of religious fanaticism. Yesirreee... they're having an election there today... and you know... with that will come instant westernization. All those women will be free, and the people will all be able to wear jeans and get fat eating at buffets.
Fucking Moronic Process: I'm sorry but elections shmelections... Drug Lord War Lord... President... Minister... All one guy. Ok... so it's a few guys. Just because you force the idiots in that country to have a democratic election... you think ???? what???? they're all going to suddenly think they live in Pittsburgh? This is a religious patriarchy and ... in case nobody has noticed lately... they live in the fiery arm pit of the planet. Several thousand years of finding a way to cope with living in some of the planets harshest conditions will not be undone by a bunch of guys in battle fatigues telling everyone to vote... vote... vote...

When we look at other houses... resales... we only see the things about it that we would change if we were building our own house. I'm looking into the crystal ball here... and I'm saying... no matter how many houses we look at... we will not escape the desire to build our own. Now if that's true... how long will we wait to admit the truth and get on with it?

Mantra: One life... and no prizes at the end. Get your prizes while you can enjoy them.

Build your immortality by ensuring that the children you leave behind when it's all over...
know how to love and appreciate the life you have given them.

Later skaters...

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yeah... you know that marcia cross?

remember her in melrose?

seen her in desperate?

yeah... gimmi.

no ... really... get in ma belly!!!!

gah... I remember thinking she was such an insanity case in melrose... and then I'd think to myself... "well, I guess I could learn to live with that..." hahahaha...

now... just get me a spoon and bowl full of mz cross and we're good to go.

but shhh... this is our little secret. :)
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EST person?

Big fan of the show Medium?

Then why are you here?
You should be pressing buttons to record THE SEASON PREMIER OF MEDIUM

It's starting NOW. 8:00 pm. :)