September 18th, 2005


Sunday, September 18

So yesterday was... wet. :)
I managed to find time to let the admiral play through a couple of times... meanwhile the boys were pounding back beer.
But oh my god... it flippen rained all day long... constantly... not hard... but ... constant. So... I spent the day wet, driving around in a golf cart and pretending I can golf. (ok, I don't suck at golf... but man, can I ever duff off the tee nicely... some rather lovely "directly into the forest shots. :D haha)
I sunk two 30 foot puts ... so I'll feel good about that.

I got home at 9:00 ish...
We watched Big Brother from Friday night... (and what an amazingly big fat snarfy bummer that was)
and we rounded off our night by walking through the house and pointing out things that must go... "go" as in... make them vanish forever...

The absolute worst part of buying a new house... is selling the existing one. blech.

Oh, and we've had to implement new and hard core rules with the kids about computer time ... and "screen time"... tv, games, pc, etc... they have "side by side" computers so that they can be "off the computers" at the same time... (for play time together... etc) but ... their screen time has to go down.

So... accounting for different times on the weekend versus school days...
(and comment about whether you include TV or just pc or what? and how old they are... )

Poll #572752 screen time.

how much screen time do your kids get ...

~ 3WV shirt...
~ pj pants...
~ what ever sleeping left stuck to my eyes...
~ shower... hot shower...
~ dress and get at the job jar... sigh.
~ going to start on the "kick plate" project on the central vac...
~ off to look at houses at 1:00
~ fix my moms computer... must ... find... time... :)
~ that tonya ... stops itching that yellow jacket bite!!!
~ to tell the world... raylenetaskoski is way good mojo... you're working so hard sugar... :)
~ that I could take the time needed to catch up from yesterday!!! gah... a lot happened around here. :D

Birthday moment...
Yesterday was kristylicious's birthday...
You know... there's a link on my bio page to her web page... "my little pretty".
I have known you for many years now Kristy and I have seen a lot of things change in the world of you...
You're picture... with Ron and zak... lives on the wall in front of my desk at home and I will cherish it forever.
Those changes... that picture... my memories...
You are a big part of why I have so much love in my heart...
Happy Birthday sugar... and I hope this year brings you ever greater happiness. :)




The three G's of perdition.
It would all be so easy if people just had a more relaxed attitude about those things.
But noooooooooooooo... people tend to want to make you like their version of the GGG because... you know... it's better.
sigh. :)

Have a great sunday. :)

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I turn from the pure joy of packing away groceries...
and see Ed bundled up on a kitchen chair under the light.
Suz is putting the bib over him...
and plugging in the trimmer.

The half hour that followed,
was peppered with a mix of
frowning faces, wild eyes of panic
fake smiles to Edward
and goofy googles of terror
between suz and I.

Despite our best efforts...
and it was a tag team thing,
I zoomed Ed over to my moms house
at 9:30... for a little snip snip magic.



(we'll do better next time... - insert maniacal laughter here - )

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

It Never Fails...

Where in... Julie's hair clump continues to poke her in the eye, and not bother her - animatronic!! - and they play several games... all leading to the final two strutting their stuff and Julie talking to her last guest in the Loser Lounge.

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