September 12th, 2005


Monday, September 12

Yeah... the monday morning look of utter contentment...
Waking up... enjoying the paper, a coffee, some breakfast and sharing a moment with each of the boys as they get sorted for school... Lovely!
Z doesn't work on mondays so I get to rely on her for the morning deal... it's a nice way to start a work week.

The air was cool, but the weather idiots are calling for a hot day... low 30s??? wow. I mean... I'm all for warm days especially if they are book ended with cool nights. :) :D

I got to work... and IMMEDIATELY... ring ring... "Hello mr. XXXXX this is blah-blah public school... Edward is here with me... he fell off the play structure and hit his chin..."
Of course, suz is at a work-out class from 9 - 10 ...
I spoke to Ed and his little voice was all wobbly... so I called my mom and had my dad zoom over to the school.
Follow up is ... as suspected... after a few hugs, a glass of milk, and a kiss ... he's better. So it's back to school for the boy!!
He has had sooooo many bumps, scrapes, gashes, stitches, bruises, nicks, cuts, bonks and ... everything...

This song!!! It's great to listen to on headphones... especially the beginning... the bongos and guitar jumping from ear to ear... I love songs that just kiss your sound-loving-ass with their use of the stereo concept. :)

It's the last week of this contract... I'm a bit nervous about what's next but ... that's pretty well how life has been for the last eight years, (every single month) ... so I'm just going to pretend I'm good with that and fake a little relaxed attitude. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ beige short sleeve dress shirt.. :)
~ no flippen tie yo!
~ a couple of meetings and a whole lot of document work...
~ I'd say "work on the bb update from Saturday but ... I wont get to that until tonight.
~ so LuLu work tonight... I'm still tackling recreating each graphic as a 300 dpi image... when that's done... it'll be reformatting words time.
~ that the gods of Neighbor Punishment smile on haela
~ to just send some good-girl vibes out to raylenetaskoski
~ to lean my friend kaylee and give 'er a wee hug ... just cuz.
~ for no little surprises to startle bratt72 today... she may jump out of her skin. :)
~ and for a good laugh... [ :: LOTR Gag :: ]

Standard Rant - Oil companies / Government.
They are so transparent... I mean, I recognize that the european price of gas is WAY higher than our prices and that's just the way it is... We should be counting ourselves lucky. Fine... Agreed... but that doesn't change the fact that you can hear our collective strings being pulled from a mile away. The gulf coast storm... BIG PRICE jump... and then when it settles out... it will settle at a price that would have raised eyebrows before the storm zone. And if anybody is telling you that the price fluctuations reflect a complex market and the market driven responses to that complex relationship between supply and shipping... they are just blowing smoke up your ass. It's classic consumer manipulation and corporate greed. Of course, in this case, it's corporate greed on a scale that involves the governments that swirl around the edges of those giant corporations.

Here's what has been on my mind about New Orleans for the last few days... Maps show just how much of the city was unscathed by the flooding... and how much is still underwater. The maps, in fact, are voluminous ... published in every paper and news magazine you can think of. The authorities are taking the guns away from the citizens... and taking the citizens away from their lavish homes. So... in my head... I'm seeing every crook that fancies him/herself a modern day Treasure Hunter sorting out diving gear, night vision goggles, and heading to what will surely be The Big Easy.

And on the subject of Nah Orlens!!! As much as it's a lovely place ... or was... why on earth would they "rebuild" the whole thing in the "bowl" again? The long range forecasts for the the planet are that Humans will continue to be moronic with the behaviors that impact weather patterns... and the prospects for the future just suck big fat screaming... um... things... Rebuild "Residential" New Orleans in the same below sea level bowl and expect another category 5 storm to cream the shit out of it again.

Jennifer Teague... an eighteen year old girl that lives in close enough to be considered local... I don't know her or her family...
Jennifer left work at the fast food joint she works at ... and vanished walking home at 1:00 am. This is just sooooo NOT GOOD~!!! We had an evening with Suz's family last night... lots of highschool age nieces... and this kind of thing affects the world they live in ... sigh.
I hope Jennifer comes home... (versus being "found"... ug).
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two things...

~ Lj is not sending comments... or is "sending them sporatically". just say'en...

~ we watched the movie "Stir of Echos" the other night... it started at 1:00 am and we pressed buttons to tape it and thought we'd go to bed... but the first 10 minutes hooked us with a good scare and then we sat there... having the crapola scared out of us... good ol'kevin bacon... And it was a good scary flick!!
There was this one funny moment in the movie... this central character that we don't like... is a bit of a creepy husband... and he's walking with Bacon while both men's wives are walking together behind them... and creepy-dude is totally eye balling every girl in the universe as they walk along. At one point... his wife hollars out to him "Why don't you just lick them as you walk past?"

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Boink... Boink.

Where in... the fact that it's early September suddenly becomes inconsequential because in the BB6 editing room... it's all April. Firmly impaled by her own ego, she twitches and convulses yet manages to live on. There's boobie poking, stunned disbelief, and a wee bit of fame for the leggy one.

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