September 8th, 2005


Thursday, September 8

It seems my server is once again cut off from the universe... and I never know till I leave the house... sigh. It may come back or it'll have to wait for me to get home.
Bottom line: no pic till it's up. :(

The plan: Rain... was supposed to happen over night and start the day sunny and lovely.
The reality: wake up to a steel gray sky and a cool breeze. torrential rain mid morning and we can all look forward to sun ... later.

An 18-wheeler with a load of cast iron? steel? pipes jack-knifes and flips killing the driver ... on the Queensway - main Ottawa auto-route - this morning. Highway closed in both directions. Traffic mayhem... sigh. I got to work at 10:00.

Now... if I knew I was getting another gig here... i'd have bought a monthly parking permit... but no... no news on the next contract, so I'm going day to day. Well the day to day stuff is about to add up to the cost of the "gotta walk for 10 minutes" parking lot monthly pass. And if you arrive after 9:30... it's full fee for the day... so I'm double burned today. :(

Making their lunches at night...
dressing them and feeding them breakfast in the morning...
getting home from work and making dinner for everyone...
feels like a lot of cooking.
Mostly, it feels like "a lot of" anything because it's so hard to a) come up with stuff they'll eat in their lunches... and b) getting them to eat breakfast is like pulling teeth.
I think I will get both kids up at 6:00 tomorrow, and let them play at something and work up an appetite for breakfast. This "wake up and shove food in your face" thing is not feeling like a winning strategy.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black cotton t... new... very black...
~ two tone blue and black dress shirt... artfully left undone 'nuf to see the black t...
~ and a giant feathered head-dress... because nobody reads this. :)
~ despite not having even a clue as to what happens after this contract... (grrrrrr!) ... I'm still banging away towards the end report for it...
~ I've several little projects on the go at home... moving some shelves in the basement... working on the LuLu project... I finished one set of graphics last night... but I still have to work on the main image files for the book.
~ to just send a few good vibes out to mrssuperbad... just cuz...
~ to give a big VH5 (virtual high five) to dreamy_thoughts... go you on the career planning thing... haha... :)
~ that I could share a smile with pixiecup...

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday swee heather ... aeue... team time bomb girl... May this next year keep you well, wrap you in happiness and bring you the lovely of gifts... :)
and haela... thank you for our friendship... I hope the very best of a life well lived chases you around the world. Have a wonderful birthday. :D

Here's an interesting article and link... and I'm reposting it because... it's a nice bit of positive spin and ... the maple leaf is there. :)
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (Reuters) - A Canadian search-and-rescue team reached a flooded New Orleans suburb to help save trapped residents five days before the U.S. military, a Louisiana state senator said on Wednesday. [ :: interesting short article :: ]

The news reports from early on in the wake of katrina... were tough to watch ... but for some reason... the stories about the pets people had to abandon, let alone the ones that lived while their masters succumbed to the flood... those stories got to me. It makes me ever so darn sad to think of all those poor dogs with no food, water or ... company. And what is worse... from the very get go I knew where it was heading. Those dogs are going to become a health problem. They will be sick with disease or become carriers of the diseases. My point is... someone, er... some people are going be paid to hunt "dog" in Louisiana. Think about it. (shudder)

I am remarkably sick and tired of the CBC Lock Out. PLEASE PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS...
I was thinking... what a loss for the people that work there in the news rooms and research groups... to have been away from work through out the Katrina aftermath.

~ And then he went to work again... :D
the hand

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just when I think I have angel versus angle down pat... I go and blow it.

I remember... just in the last couple of years... nailing down "friend"... (it's "fry" and "end"...which, somehow sticks in my head)
or... "there's two s's in dessert because "you like it so much" (versus the "desert" ... one s and you don't like it...)

I swear... I have the spelling information retention capability of a 1972 calculator, that is to say... nothing.

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Suzy heads off to a work-out class...
and I head out with the boys... we three on bikes... the boys enticed to the ride with the promise of 'bucks cocoa when we get to starbucks.
The whole deal is an excuse, from my point of view, to get a little exercise into them before the darkness comes...
helmets, peddles and obeying traffic signals all goes well...
"We're renovating to make us better" or some rot like that adorned the window of 'bucks.
~ bad luck that. :)

now it's time to go watch bb on the pvr...
oh, how I love the pvr ... :)