September 2nd, 2005


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I mentioned interdictor's journal (re: N'orl'ans) this morning...

Here is full text on his most recent post... which you can read [ :: Here :: ].
It's an account he received from a contact at the center...

Note: I make no assurance as to the credibility of this source... but his journal is an outstanding read... outstanding.

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and then bed time.

today was an interesting day work wise...
and then I opened a flier labeled "Labour Day Sale" and I was really struck with the whole september vibe.
I'm looking forward to light sweaters and leaves...
and that flier had a SMC wireless g router and a usb 802.1g usb mini nic for 39$ Hmm...


I wanted to say... We watched George Bush Junior (aka Poopie Head) saying "I understand what these people are feeling... and I understand that they want help yesterday" ... and you know...
That is such crap that it's putrid on the way out of his skinny little lips.

If a handful... even a BIG handful of local na'awlins ghetto-brain smack monkeys with stolen guns have any impact what-so-ever on the might of American Resolve to get in there and help the dying civilians... you gotta wonder what hope they have of actually accomplishing squat in Iraq.

Dear Poopie Head:
Mobilize ... call the flipp'en Thunderbirds (thunderbird 1 is go!)... call in the sharks with little fricking lasers ... mobilize!
If for no other reason than because whatever you're doing now... just looks really bad... on every television set that tunes in.


and another thing... every freaking radio station in canada is leaping... nay... tripping over each other to say they wont be playing "New Orleans Is Sinking" by the Tragically Hip. And this makes no sense to me at all...

My memory is muddy what's this river I'm in
New Orleans is sinking and I don't want to swim

The Hip.

What do they think is going to happen?
~ "oh that song I don't know the words to, includes the chorus 'New Orleans is sinking'..."... and then they suddenly die?

k... night. :)
Sleep well.

Friday, September 2

Up on time... tv news with breakfast... shower... cam shots... wake the kids... (well, sorta... sleepy little logs) and zoom off to work.
For some reason... the roads were way not-busy. It was zoom fever the whole way in... I suppose there's a lot of peeps making it a four day sucker... lucky snucks... :D

It's sunny... they're calling for rain... the sky is clear like a bowl of blue paint... light blue... :)
For some reason... I've got a double wammy headache going on... some kind of "back of the head" ache... (started after breakfast... but I finally took an advil for it...) and a sinus thing that has me rubbing my forehead and temples... like, pressing... and dragging my finger across the bridge of my skull above my eyes somewhere under my eyebrows... gah... it feels good... but seems to make people around me think I'm about to expire. "no no... 's ok... just a head ache... thanks. :D" Of course... if I was at my actual office... I'd be on the phone lining up coworkers-that-owe-me to come and rub my shoulders... I spent enough time handing out the chair massages... but alas... on client site... I'd sooner run around with a shovel and bonk people on the knee caps. The whole "level of professionalism" thing gets a bit tiring... hahaha... :D

Oh... and geeky moment... I'm trying "Opera" for a browser... I got a license for it via their "online birthday party" promotion... (thanks again henman) and it kinda rocks. :)

~ black ftls...
~ blue jeans that [ :: need to shrink darnit... :: ]
~ strong bad...
~ strange sorta green dress shirt ... wait... lovely shirt... but the green is strange.
~ hush puppy shoes... little hugs on my feet all day. :)
~ set up a category-type-item matrix for an approval process... fun eh... ?
~ write about BB6 at lunch...
~ LuLu tonight... maybe some Prison Break (taped it),
~ planning session with the boss... er... z... about *GASP* moving Edward into his own bedroom. (this is a huge deal).
~ to send some calming vibes out to a good friend... Find your center mandy-sugar... er... agateway
~ that caranya hears me quietly applauding... (very proud... )
~ for the evening ... to go swimmingly ... for musicalcolors
~ some congrats out to circlek :D
~ and just say'en... way to go debby!!

I remember when I took the time to slag Heir Doktor Rice, President Bush's fuzzy little lap dog, and took all kinds of heat from voices extolling her many virtues.
Yeah... well keep on singing... A random woman heckles Rice when she sees Rice-er-oni buying multi-thousand shoes on a shopping bonanza while "New Orleans Is Sinking". So Rice has her physically removed... hahahaha... "You don't like me buying expensive shoes, shopping and relaxing... while some non-doctor black people with poor diction die in Louisiana? my goodness... Guards... beat this woman up." [ :: what a skank :: ]

Dear CBC Management:
While you continue to collect tax dollars and run re-broadcasts of the excellent shows produced and hosted by the exceptionally talented people you have had locked out for three weeks I am reminded that you are a PUBLIC BROADCASTING COMPANY and not a private enterprise. I do not give a care about the issue of you wanting to control your management role and keep the punk ass union from telling you what your hiring policies have to be... That may be a valid argument... and the union may be just another in a long line of useless organizations... but you should have settled this a long fricking time ago. Find a damn compromise, sort out your shit and start giving me my moneys worth again.
Thank you.

It totally makes me laugh when I listen to news reports and interviews with gov officials or corporate execs on the Gouging Issue at the gas pumps. Never before has so much hot air blow around without giant balloons in place to capture it all. It's a fricking crime... it's gouging... everybody knows it... and - once again - you will say a bunch of utter crap that ultimately adds up to "tough shit sucka ..." rat bastards.
Next Wednesday... September 7 is a day of gas protests that is being promoted on the local radio stations. The goal is to get gas... specifically get $6.21 worth of gas. The 6 representing the letter F in the alphabet... and the 21 representing the letter U. It's called the Suck My Gas protest. I suppose protests like this make no real difference because EVERYONE in positions of power through out the gas supply chain and governments along that path do not actually give a shit ... BUT it's still a fun protest. So I'll be gassing up with $6.21 next wednesday.

easy peasy muchachos y muchachas...
find a reason to smile and then pass that smile around. :)
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holy crap...

go to [ :: rocket boom :: ]

Todays v-blog entry is in two parts.
Part one starts up when you hit the site... it's a good video segment filmed from a recon helicopter.
Part two requires a click... and it's amanda doing a little something... omg... I'm bawling my eyes out here...

no really ... go there now.
the hand

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~ moral incentive pulled from the script of an animated talking squirrel... curious... but valid. If you have the resources to put a team on the ground in NO... (i.e. News Media) and all you have that team do is a news report on how bad things are... and you don't actually help anyone... you really need to reevaluate the character of your being. Stop doing news briefs from the scene and start helping people.

~ personally, I see this as a turning point in the career of Poopie Head (dubbya). And the new direction is south.

~ when I criticise a public figure that is white... I'm just being mean... but when the figure is black... now I'm a racist? Yeah... i don't think so.

~ headache... wont leave me alone. sigh.

~ I've had streaming video on all afternoon of downtown NO. Rightnow... I'm watching a big ass convoy of military vehicles moving east along Podyas towards the waterfront... bast the building that is still on fire...

~ from all I am reading... I have to say that the people reporting from the ground that are NOT part of the newsmedia are painting a really terrifying picture of how bad things are.

~ oh... now (2:47 EST) vast... HUGE... convoy heading west along Podyas towards the Dome... oh... it's huge.

~ AND WHY hasn't Bush asked Canada to send in DART yet... The PM stood there yesterday saying... "all he has to do is ask... " It seems as though DART takes up to 48 hours to deploy but there's no way in hell the fresh water alone wouldn't make a huge difference...

k... I gotta git.

Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Janelle and her Happy Place

Where in... we are treated to Julie Pom Pom, some live votes, a kick-out, another double eviction week and Janelle flailing around like big spaz... Oh, and we get to see the set up for BB Smack Down at the Sequester House.

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