August 31st, 2005


Wednesday, August 31

"hey Geo... k'mere and lets give 'em that freaky beaver salute thing... "

[ :: and because it's a good day to get a smile out there... (even if I look like a dip) :: ]

I got up early ... well, with the initial alarm and made for the coffee and TV. I watched the images from the gulf and ... dude, it looks like a war zone. War in the gulf... imagine that.

The rain has started here... they are calling for heavy rain and wind but it will feel like nothing... after watching the news for the last couple of days.

Geo woke up when I was on the sofa watching the news and he came to snuggle... a coffee, a housecoat, a blanket and Geo in his pj's all snuggled up... is a gift from the gods unlike any other. There is nothing I would trade these moments of fatherhood for... not one imaginable thing in the universe. *sigh*

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ new shirt and nice tie...
~ meeting at 11:00 ... important meeting at 11:00...
~ write about BB6 at lunch... bwaahahahaha... April... you eeeeediot!
~ no soccer... hahaha... er... oh, we're going out to dinner with the soccer team tonight. Pizza.
~ tonight... if I can actually apply myself... more graphic work for the LuLu project.
~ that there is some possible shred of hope or good news for the men, women and children of the gulf states...
~ to send some warm vibes to sin_da_rella ... hoping her sinus dealio clears up and that she feels a wee bit loved. :)
~ to give a virtual high five (vh5) to caranya... just 'cuz.
~ and a random wish for sadtomato ... to find the center of things and smile out at all the world around you. :)

birthday moment...
Happy birthday liquid girl... er... lesslyn... and I hope you find a great place for the year and that the year brings you all kinds of great reasons to smile. :)

West Wing script writers could not produce something as compelling and hilarious as the Hugo Chavez / Pat Robertson thing.
Chavez was first up the plate offering support to the Gulf states.
Now lets look at what actually happened... A religious leader... arguably an "extremest religious leader"... makes a televised threat against a foreign leader. WOW.
When Bin Laden did that... (from Afghanistan) Bush attacked Iraq and kicked the shit out of that country.
So... what I'm worrying about is... if the parallels continue... Venezuela should be attacking Canada any day now.
Can you just see Bush demanding that the middle eastern countries hand Bin Laden over to American forces to answer for his crimes.
Well... Chavez is asking the US to turn Roberson over. We can only hope that the US will try to set a good example... bwaahahahaha...

How does that work? Hurricane yesterday... and today...
the oil in the ground under the gas station for the last week...
purchased at last weeks prices... suddenly jumps by 20 cents
per liter. Dude... gas was $1.20 per liter... that is pretty
damn close to $4.00 per US Gallon. (and, btw, you don't
convert exchange rates when comparing gas prices...
it makes no sense to do that... seeing as you spend your
own currency on your own gas )
~ this is ... I have heard... only the beginning.
It is - officially - time to point and laugh at people driving hummers, yukons, expeditions, and the rest...

Handily this next line... will be the most heartless thing I think I have ever said in my journal.
"Southern gulf red states... hmmm... bummer. Karma's a bitch ... So, who's next? Ohio?"

(edit: find the tongue and see how it rolls around on my cheek... goodness. enough with the hate mail... and if something that blatently goofy is gonna be a shit storm starter... then you are definately reading the wrong journal. The weather gods clearly hate the red states and I'm making a joke out of it. Don't like the joke? Well you don't have to. and - in light of the response - I refuse to remove it.)

(Edit 2 (a 1:40pm): ok... so, I'm not intractable. I can see - after reading a few comments and ignorning hate mail - that the degree to which that last bit was in bad taste needs to be addressed. I take it all back and appologise for making the crack in the first place. If you know me... you know I'm anything but heartless.)

Alrighti then... work .
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there's some very interesting blogs out there... being updated by people living in New Orleans... running cams, watching looters, and bearing witness to total anarchy.

New Orleans... is gone.
A newer New Orleans will rise from the muck... one day... but not soon.


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midday rambling...

~ morning post... edited. healthy debate is good mojo and I'll never turn it away.
The heartless thing was tongue in cheek ... but alas... in bad taste.
So ... carry on. :)

~ did the US raise it's "terror alert status" (they don't really call it that do they?)
Because... If I was a mad bombing psycho crazed fundamentalist whack job with
bombs and followers... Now would be a righteous time to strike.

~ I continue to marvel at a quote my friend jgurney handed me last night...
"It appears that the money has been moved in the
president's budget to handle homeland security and the
war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay.
Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished,
and we are doing everything we can to make the case
that this is a security issue for us." -- Walter Maestri,
emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish,
Louisiana; New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 8, 2004.

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Cult Leader In Training

Where in... the Head Ho decides to take a strip off America... somebody talks to their boy friend, gets a trip to the Bahamas... then the mouth with legs (Ivette) bawls her eyes out... and that raging C.L.I.T., Maggie, manages to get the phrase "that would be against the friendship" out again. Um.. did I mention April slagg'en America? Bwahahaha...

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The things you don't see in the news reels about the gulf coast...

Grave yards in cities below sea level tend to use above ground crypts. Those have surely all washed away.
Livestock in farming areas... animals (nature and pets)... do not survive floods.

Just say'en... it's gross... and it's a health nighmare.

I read a report last night that Wallmart had told people to just take what they wanted.
Sadly... wallmart did not send in a crack employee to gather up all their guns.

Shop Smart People... Shop S-Mart!