August 29th, 2005


Monday, August 29

K... that's a beanie baby called "The Geek". haha... it's a gift from ... five years ago that traveled from Australia to my door. He was my original Lj user icon!! :) He still sits beside my desk and watches me screw things up. :)

Yesterday... was a perfect day.
yup... a "perfect day".
We slept in... I had a bit of a head ache all morning but whatever... and we spent the afternoon outside at Edward's soccer tourney. Actually it's called a "fun day" because they don't want people thinking all competitive... although I was a little burned that one of the teams they played spent 10 minutes totally screwing around with picking a "line"... Um.. yo, dude... the game is 25 minutes long... and you've blown ... almost half of it. Ed's team lost one... tied two and we were out of there before 4. :) This is good, because it was home and cleaning ourselves up for a short road trip to Maitland Ontario. Uncle and Aunt live on the St. Lawrence in a vast and beautiful home... the kids spent as much time in the pool as they could and we all went out for a little cruise on Uncles boat, followed by an outdoor dinner ... sigh... By the time we left ... the boys were a) tired and b) in awe of how beautiful it was at that house... We got home at ... close to 11 and the boys were straight to bed... then Suz and I crashed unconscious in the extreme on the sofa... haha... :D

Dear Katrina:
Please leave my friends alone...
stop all that blowing and being pushy.
You need to learn a little about how to
play nice with people or you should just go home!!!

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ blood red dress shirt and a snaz monkey tie. :)
~ client boss is back from her vacay... so it's time to get on her sched for reporting progress...
~ a bunch of stuff that I wont say here because it's inappropriate to talk about negatives at your job in an open post... !!! (low growling noise)
~ tonight... totally working on the the Lulu deal ... and maybe that Donny Darko deal that we didn't get any where near last night.
~ for a little good luck on the 2nd interview to kimberly27616
~ a small mountain of good vibes out to aireal... just cuz...
~ that macdatty um... gets some sleep...

Happy birthdays out to, roaring_woman and vespertine_x... two women that represent... vastly different ends of the human spectrum. :)
May all your babies be well and give you smiles and peace this year sugar-lu... and Megs... I hope you have a blast on your b-day and that the year brings you much success. :D

So my bro was cluing me into this thing about Saddam being arrested in August... See they publically had him arrested on December 14... remember the "Ladies and Gentlemen... we got him." crap? Ok, so dig this [ :: picture :: ]... there's some talk going on about how that flower... some bush (no pun) blooming in the pictures taken of Saddam actually being pulled from the hidey hole... those flowers only bloom in August. And December 14 is ... you know... NOT AUGUST.
If this is true... it's just another nail in the coffin of truth... a concept horribly murdered by the current POTUS.

// Brittany Spears... gonna have her baby in a couple of weeks. So ... the gossip is that she got drunk the other night and drove herself away from the bar having a hissy... But that's all well and good... the real trouble, apparently, is that daddy wants the child to grow up christian... while Brittany... card carrying member of the Kaballa crew... wants baby to grow up as a nut case... er... sorry, as a Kabala Kid. I mean... really... what child wants to be brought up surrounded by Jewish Mysticism and Madonna... when he or she could be brought up as per the wishes of a hunk of trailer slime, in the shadow of dead guy nailed to a cross. bwaahaha... I gotta say... Organized religion continues to baffle the living hell out of me and that so many people excuse the idiosincracies of their specific flavour of the "one true god" so that they can be all religious too. Religion makes more hypocrites per day that politics... and that says a lot yo.

/ Click this link [ :: cute baby picture :: ] and read the little sign in her hand. That is cerulean_me sitting with dark_inamorata's newest baby. A valued and kind friend here in lj pointed me to the thread that has opened up in cerulean_me's journal about dark_inamorata and I'm passing on the words to you guys. I call you "the collective" to my day to day friends and associates... someone needs some info about something and I say "I'll ask the collective"... because you are all an unimaginably powerful brain trust. It's an awesome power you have... even though you all feel like individuals... you... we... are a collective representing between us... thousands of people.
So I'm passing on this message hoping for people to see a problem and do what they can to help. It's one of those "use your power for good Obi-wan" times... I cannot say I know the people directly involved in real life but I do know that it is a compelling story. Go [ :: here :: ] to read about the challenges that dark_inamorata is facing and decide if you can say or do anything to help.
The thing is... when we stop caring because other experiences have jaded our outlooks... then we have lost a battle we didn't know we were fighting.

k... time to go. :)
have a great day muchachos y muchachas.
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Midday ramblings... (the rest)

~ Rocketboom... [ :: rocketboom video blog :: ]
and a BusinessWeek Online story [ :: about rocketboom :: ]
Still making me smile...

~ I need something sweet and utterly not-good-for-me... wait... ok, so no, not an underage hooker ... I mean a candy bar. hmm... I'm thinking it's a toss between a Mr. Big and a Sweet Marie... what?

~ Shakira continues to be one of my fav voices...

~ I have to wonder about people that slag on Gwen Stephani... I remember being hot for their ska flavour of music when No Doubt was jonsing for a first-magazine cover. Since the very beginning she has played the game the industry thrives on and yet she has continued to make great and thoughtful digs at that very game. The first magazine cover... the song she wrote to point out how weird it was and the video to go with it!!! ... right up to the songs making the hit list now... are - to my ear - irony living large and by design. Whatever though... she's got arguably the most recognizable face in music right now and she's living the dream of super stardom. She's kinda earned the whole diva thing... and if you've ever seen her in concert... you know how hard she works when it's time to entertain paying fans. Gwen rocks...

~ US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins: "What we don't need is continued rhetoric to raise the emotional issues." BWAAHAHAHAHAHA... SHUT UP you fricking absolute moron. What we need is for the US to pay it's fucking penalty as demanded by the courts and to shut the hell up and quit complaining that the universe is not bending in on itself to suck american cock this time.
Personally... I say trade war and it's about bloody time. Loser.

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Some recent pics...

My "client site" office...

Yes... that's a laptop. I put it in a $3.00 recipe book holder... :)

My uncles house (where we were last night...)

~ a remarkable home from a bygone era of house building...

His pool...

One of the brief moments when the kids were not in it... :)

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The Rolling Stones played in Ottawa last night.
We were not there... because we did not have tickets.
No biggie... I know it must have been a phenominal show to see...
but ... whatever. It was a) killer expensive, and b) the tickets sold out in 11 seconds.

They (the stones) are also shooting a music video in a club in Ottawa ... they started around 3:00 pm.
Zaphods (the bar) is officially transported into "big important night spot" status. (it was popular already... now it'll be rediculous)