August 26th, 2005


Friday, August 26

Holy self absorbed batman!!! :)

Chill cam ... the software I use to drive my web cams... is having a snotty pants day... and automagically became "unregistered" (hence a bunch of features just stop...) and it wont let me re-register. Nice.... It's really getting to be time to buy into a new product. I suppose it's up between Koolcam and webcamXP... but I really don't want streaming... just stills... grrrr... fricking chillcam... great software... I just wish the makers hadn't abandoned it.

Another chilly but sunny (read: Oh my god, I love this weather) morning... the fam wanted to be up early today so my mission was to wake 'em up before I left for work.
Mission accomplished... with smooches all over the place... :D

~ green ftls
~ beige point-zero jeans... [ :: and I know I still really really need a new pair of jeans that fit :: ]
~ strong bad!!! (Hi Kimber)
~ a funky fake silk kinda shirt with zippers, weird pocket action, and some rubber tabby thing with a logo on it... never needs to be ironed... so I love it. :)
~ (reads company email when he gets to work) "good morning andrew... can you have that document ready in an hour?" bwaahahahaha... er... um.... NO! But I'll shoot for the lunch hour... mmmk?
~ work work work... geez, gotta hurry now.
~ time sheets are due today... ug.
~ eat spicy noodle lunch and love every bite...
~ write about BB at lunch (if I get my doc done on time)
~ chill tonight... (big soccer tourney tomorrow EARLY... sigh)
~ to send some congratulations out to greenwavedave on the birth of his neice... nephew?
~ to send a big Happy Birthday to Wes... (pixiecup's little squeeze-a-snack)
~ a few good vibes out to macdatty just cuz
~ and a happy five year lj anniversary to wbahner

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday today to two amazing young women...
First... dear sweet bondas... a very distant Australian girl who is just six kinds of wonderful...Happy Birthday sugar-bons. May the next year bring you great success and keep you in the best of health. Of course, you could get married... that would be fun too.
Second but by no means less of anything... super Vita, veeter. All married up and ... well you just know she'll be preggers any day... hahaha... ok ok sorry. Vita you are a treasured friend and absolutely adorable... May this next year bring you to your first wedding anniversary with smiles that wont quit and a warm grip on the prospect of how grand life will be for you and the family you are building. :D

You know... it's bad enough that the President of the United States of America will not actually engage Americans in any kind of dialogue... relying only on pathetic little buzz phrases some hack wrote... five years ago... but now... ??? NOW the we get to watch as American libraries turn over sign-out records to the men in black because... you know... you're reading habits may get you a ticket to Guantanamo Bay. Holy mother of god guys... RALLY YOURSELVES AND MARCH ON WASHINGTON... sweet mercy... you all own fricking guns... storm the fucking white house already. When will it be too much for you guys? AHHHHHHHH!!! "careful there little johnny... that's one of those red-alert books... sign that one out and they tap your phone." Ok, so "storming" anything is a bit much... but I do strongly recommend that every man, woman and child in America call their state library and put their names down to sign out books on radical islam, Jihadism, and maybe a how-to book on building "the bomb".

Best thing about driving a stick shift... is that invisible little flip cover on the top of the stick that provides access to the make believe launch button.
matching speed... matching speed... I have tone... LAUNCH... bastach... Of course, then I have to swerve to avoid all the wreckage.

Hindsight is supposed to be 20 / 20... which is a lovely sentiment.
However, unless you have something to look back at...
clear sight will remain relatively useless.
If only you could look back at who you have been.
If only there was a way to capture the past and give it back to your future,
you know... for a little of that 20 / 20 introspection.
Oh wait... maybe you could write stuff down.
Maybe you could blog.

blog : b-law-g
~ a record that provides a framework for learning about who you are, what you do, how you think and bringing those things forward to a time when considered review breads better understanding.

k... work work work... :D see ya.

Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!


Where in... Beau's head starts to suddenly look a whole lot like Alien dude hiding on the shuttle that Ripley escaped on... It's eviction night – or, if you take Julie into account, it's Prom Night, and Beau asks for some Howie ass, April shows off hers (no frills this time) but they're all outdone by Janelle who, resplendent in her eleven square inches of fabric, clearly dressed for the occasion.

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long day...
... long evening.

The boys each were awarded their "next" swimming badges today... Geo got his 6 and Edward got his 2. It was a journey to get to this stage with Ed. :)
We are well pleased.

To celebrate, we went out to dinner...
So... "it'll be an hour sir... (and I like your strong-bad t-shirt... )"
It turns out to be... about 20 mins.
We sit down... and down sits two ottawa senators and their girls... guys with ... big features and girls with big ... jewels.
When they finished their food... kiddies started coming over for autogaphs.

Home rather late...
Reading with the boys... and early to bed (although... they still fall asleep at the same late time) for the boys.
Geo's soccer tourny is tomorrow... up and at the field for 8:45. sigh. Long long day ahead.
He's a bit nervous...


time to mess with pics for lulu...