August 24th, 2005


Wednesday, August 24

While I suspect that Nola intended Suz to get the Zebra fur nail file... I kept that for myself and ... hola teaser I still use it. :D :D :D :D

Ok... going to bed at 1:00 and being asleep at 1:00:10 seconds, makes for a well rested corto come the 6:55 alarm. I was up and done my zone by 7:30. Waking up the rest of the family was another story. Ed was still awake at midnight... and Z? goes to bed later than me... but then again, she doesn't normally have to get up in the early morning... at least not till the school / work year starts up again. :) However, today she has a dentist apt and the boys were going to my folks house while she's there... so it was "everybody up" time at Casa de Corto.

CRAZY beautiful day outside... sunshine... cool air... My most favorite time of the year... is just around the corner... light sweaters, walks at dusk...

Recently overheard ... (ok, seconds ago and right beside me)
"well my hair has basically looked like this since I was thirteen...
I ask the hairdressers... but nobody will do anything fun with me."
~ and I didn't say anything sarcastic, inappropriate or... anything... NOW THAT'S self control baby!!!

~ black ftls
~dk green dockers
~ black t and the weird green dress shirt...
~ I'm in the zone... working on a "specs" doc for the contract...
~ going back to my actual office for a 3 pm meet'n with big-cheese types about this client and the project I'm working on . :D
~ LAST soccer practice of the year tonight... tomorrow is the last regular game and Saturday is Geo's tourney... Good Times yo!!!
~ totally going back to lulu land tonight... actually, it's all about formatting the text in my "soon to be book" BUT I'm just about as jazzed on this... as it is possible for me to be jazzed.
~ that today goes well for naggylover... I've got you in my thoughts there little sugar. :)
~ well... that day one of little miss work-to-rule princessblondie ... is a FAB!! (sorry... thunderbirds thing)
~ for danicia, fragbert and all their co-workers to hold it together and congrats on nobody showing up with a machine gun.

ps. I've noticed a couple of people "tagging" me in various mini memes... I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a stick in the mud... I've just not had time to respond to those... :D

Holy Fricking CRAP... Pat Robertson... bwaahahahahahahaha... what? America take out a foreign leader with a bullet? never happens silly... and ... not for nuthing, but Pat? Aren't you a televangelist? WTF is all this killing talk? Personally, I think it's about time Venezuela shut off their oil supply to the US. I mean... sure... they'd a) go broke almost overnight and b) the US would invade within three weeks. bwaahahaha... but not before the american public had been convinced that Venezuela was the latest hotbed of WMD production. Of course, that would stretch the military forces a bit thin... I suppose it would be time to introduce the draft or maybe pull out of Iraq ... bwahahahaha....
Ok... and while we're on this subject...
The United States of America, the country that fought tooth and nail to convince Canada and Mexico to join with them in a "Free Trade Agreement" ... the Number One NAFTA Cheerleaders, is officially in default of a NAFTA ruling to the tune of 5 billion US$ owed to Canada. (this is last weeks news... but NOTHING is happening!!!)
I recommend that Canada officially cut off all fresh water pipelining (a majority of northern US fresh water comes from Canada) and cut access to the power generated by the James Bay power plant (powers the entire North East) until the bill is paid.
(however... canada wont actually do this... because we live in fear of the freak in the White House and our government, is afraid of confrontation - which, btw, is spelled p.u.s.s.y. but I wont dwell on that... at least the last guy told George to jump in when he asked us to join him in "Liberating" Iraq.

VLOG - [ :: check it out :: ] Is cool... but check out monday's entry on that Vlog. She's popular... and it has nothing to do with really nice boobs. :D hahaha... my god I love the internet. :) (and thanks for the linkage nightvixen) Video blog hm... interesting... think think think...

Google keeps up the pace... they're fixing to bust into the instant messenger market ...
Yeah, well check out [ :: google talk :: ] - I am "". :D

K... of to be worker-boy.
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pretty fricking poignant line when you think about it.

"versace and prada... they mean nothing to me... to me...
Well you can buy your friends... but I'll hate you for free..."

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OK OK OK ... I'm hooked.

go to [ :: Rocket Boom :: ] right fricking now... and (HEADPHONES REQUIRED IF YOU'RE AT WORK!) and watch!!! get to very end... hahahaha... gah... how many times a day do these people post in the VLOG... bwaahahaha... shit, i about wet my pants on this one...

Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Teen Girl Squad!!! [:: click me baby... dare ya :: ]

Where in... the teen girl squad and their fag stick it to the horse. Captain Veto rides again, and the incredible shrinking table makes hypocrites of everybody. They play a great game but it's hard to remember because MY BRAIN IS ON A FREEZE FRAME OF APRILS FRILLY ASS!!! Er... and now back to your regular programming.

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Ok... computer graphic artist types...

question time

~ instructions for creating a graphic read like this...

"make the cover 6.375 " X 9.75 " or 1913 x 2925 pixels"

~ then elsewhere it recommends that all images be 300 dpi.


sooooo... if i made an image of those dimmensions in pixels... it's FRICKING HUGE...
or those dimensions in inches... but also specifiy 300 dpi... it's FRICKING HUGE.


I'm confused.
This is supposed to be a bit of cover art for a 6x9 book. What's with the "fricking huge" parts????