August 23rd, 2005


Tuesday, August 23

So last night I sorted out the html to repost this summers vacation story on my web site instead of just in my journal...
and I sooo seriously want to figure out how to turn it... and last summers PEI journal into "little books" for us to have... research research...

After working through some of the last 1/8th of (but not the very last of) Harry Potter with Geo... and other sundry late night things... we sat down to watch "The Aviator" at 11:40? I really should have checked to see how long that flipping movie was before we started it. holy crap... Interesting movie and I loved the portrayal of Kate Hepburn and Ava Gardner (Kate especially!!!) but ... damn... it was way long.

So a very sleepy start to the day... zombie moments abound but I managed to get myself here on time again, so ... score. It's glorious outside... sunny, cool, fluffy clouds and ... still summer. :)

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... I know I know...
~ white t and a groovy three tone dress shirt and the very new tie.
~ get my ass in gear... this particular chapter in the story of this gig is hard... "hard to get a handle on" is more accurate.
~ phone suz and tell her to use the fish in the fridge of it's historical fish tonight!!
~ watch BB tonight and laugh... :)
~ really not sure what will happen tonight... but I need NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to go to bed early...
~ I could bottle a certain feeling... unscrew the lid and fill myself up with it on demand... but ... forget about that for now.
~ to send a smile to angryvixen and remind her that good things happen... to nice people.
~ the very best of lifes fortune to heatherbell ... who is going to have another baby in just a few short days..
~ for a day of grace to find princessblondie...

Look, I was listening to Georgie Poopy-head talk on the radio yesterday... and while I could rant endlessly... I want to make just one point. What is this "mission" that he so often refers to? Certainly he doesn't mean the "War On A Noun" thing ... because we all know the terrorists are in London now, having become sick and tired of all the shooting, blowing up, et. al. back in the Iraqi desert. So what mission is it that all america is so keen to see George complete? The continued commentary by Bush that "leaving now would bring horrible results" earns my continued response that "dude... have you been noticing how bad it is now?". Support The US Troops... Bring Them Home Now.

Karla Homulka.
Very quick historical perspective because... it's a Canada thing, so the US prol'y knows nothing about it.
Karla and her boyfriend Paul raped and killed Karla's little sister. They raped, murdered, (and I'm talking vivisectionist here) three other young girls... two of whom we know by name around here... and caught the whole thing on home video. He was the Scarborough Rapist... She was his willing assistant... although she has since whined that "he made me do it".
She received a sweetheart deal for vast testimony against her husband Paul. After her deal was signed and sealed (12 years and then she's out) they found the video tapes. Her complicity was sickening and much more so than they thought when the put together the deal. But... a deal is a deal.
So that was 12 years ago. She's out. She never made parole, so when I say "she's out"... I mean, she is free and clear... except that they imposed a control on her that is somewhat controversial because it's a bastardization of law made for a different kind of criminal... but whatever... Bottom Line: she's out and living under an assumed name somewhere in Montreal.
Some people say: "she got her deal... she served her time... leave her alone... her penalty has been served and let her get on with whatever life she has. Besides, stressing her out is maybe a bad idea, considering what she's done before.
Other people say: her punishment was pathetic and she deserves to be pursued by the media, etc. and her "past" is exactly why people should be worried about her.
They found her... the press... Our local papers are cover pictured with her and her new look and the town she's in ... etc etc etc...
My take on it? I hope some nut job spots her, kidnaps her, rapes her, beats her, then chops her up and chucks her on the road.
Fuck her and fuck her freedom and screw the deal. I know the government has tied their own hands with the deal and a deal "is" a deal. Fine.
But I still hope someone kills that bitch.

You will live... and you will die.
There is not one among us who can avoid one fate or the other.
From this, there is no escape.
Only the question...
Will you lie upon a death bed and wait for the shadows?
Or will the light be snatched away in a moment of sudden change?
One gives you a chance to reflect, the other... perhaps saves you from it.
Either way... it will end.

Love now. Live now.
Love completely... and stop worrying so much.
Live fully... and save no emotion or dream for later.
Be someone... be loved if you can... and love others recklessly.
Reach out... touch someone with your smile...
and hope for it to come back to you... over and over.
Why wish for these things when it's too late?

work work work...
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