August 19th, 2005


Friday, August 19

Ok... dorky picture... it seemed fine at the time... but I've never had "good judgment" at 8:30 in the morning...

brrrr!!! cold night. Normally this would be a good thing... snuggling under covers and all that good stuff... but I woke up at 5:30 with no covers - the kids were in the bed and I had been robbed! - and I had a chill on that was deeeeeep into my bones. I was shaking! So I moved people around until I could sort out me under warm covers snugged up to the human furnace girl (suzy is like a little blast furnace at night) and warmed up. purrrrrrrrr!!!!

hey... did you see catherine's pictures of her little twins at home together... my heart could just burst... :D

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: but they could fit better... :D :: ]
~ gray t and a light blue shirt. comfy day. :)
~ plumbing a system of electronic forms to pull out all kinds of category names and classification terms used by this client... RAW EXCITEMENT!!
~ more work on the phase III deliverable.
~ buy my lunch. I didn't bring a lunch today... so it's spicy hot noodles for lunch today! :D
~ write about BB6 from last night... bwaahahaha...
~ go to my mom and dads and put their email back on line... ;)
~ find entertainment!
~ something about Cinderella and vegas... but it's complicated. :)
~ that caranya a) doesn't get arrested for stalking... and b) gets her way!!! (good luck sugar...)
~ for some better health to wrap around alachicky's little Blaine...
~ that shebear is enjoying her trip...

Birthday moment...
So a year ago today... a very sweet friend... had herself a wee little baby. Little joshuakanine came into the world of tonya. Happy Birthday Joshua... and don't cry too much today mommy. :) May you, and your mommy and daddy, be blessed with great health and much happiness over the next year. And Tonya... thank you so much for letting me share in the story of you. You are precisely why I love Lj so very much...

You can feel.
Happiness, joy, fear and sadness all play little parts in the living of a life.
But what about tears... and what about love.
To cry is one thing... cleansing and often a good release to reset your world.
However... to sob... falling to pieces and cry with great gasps for breath
Held tight by the unfailing and patient arms of your greatest love...
For whatever good reason there must be to let such tears pour out
That is one of the moments when you can know the truth and depth of love.

I argued with someone yesterday.
I spoke to several people who spoke well and made compelling points to support
their views and, as is usually the case in such situations, I came away
having learned something new. However... besides all that good stuff...
I argued with some joker that seems to epitomize what I see as a central wrong
in the world of guns and their lovers.
I commented that guns, while they may now be mfg'd for sport, were originally
designed for killing. Not like some other things in our world that tend to take life
through their miss use (like cars and swimming pools) a gun, used exactly the
way it was made to be used... kills. It's not made to wound, knock over, or scare...
well, unless you're The Predator or something... but generally speaking... guns
are made to kill.
So dude argues all the stuff about cars and pools that kill "so we should ban
them too!"
Mind you, I never said squat about banning anything... my point came from the
lament that gun owners who do not follow established safety regulations become
news stories when their kids get a hold of their gun and have terrible accidents.
But forget all that...
Dude goes ape on the notion that "No... guns are not made to kill... You can buy
a guy and use it for years and never die from it"????? I swear... he was arguing
that because the gun didn't kill you when you used it ... it was, therefore, not
designed to kill.
This, to me, is the messed up thinking of someone that is so bent on arguing in
favor of their guns that they lose all sense and become irrational and ... ridiculous.
I understand - to a reasonable extent - the notion of a gun culture and I can
respect responsible gun owners... but flip charts that seem to be wound up
springs of goofy are the last people I want to imagine having a loaded weapon...
let alone a concealed carry license.

The Book "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"...
I'm reading it out loud to Geo at bed times... he could read it himself, but this is way more fun.
However... this book pushes the story... there is more references to dark and unhappy things...
Still fun... no worries.
But I didn't say SLUT.
At least three times per page, geo stops me to ask what a word means. Sometimes it's an easy one like "What does 'smirk' mean?" so I can put a smirk on and he goes back to listening... but as my eyes read over the words coming next I see one of the characters says, in anger, "she was a slut!" I wanted to avoid explanations, so I stuck to things he could relate to.
"She was a rat-faced-come-sucking-bitch" seemed so much more appropriate anyways.
bwahahaha... ok stop... jeez... I'm just kidding, and I said "tramp" instead.

... k... time to work.
see ya.

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Oh look, there's a line behind us...

Where in... everybody runs up the edge... and jumps off. It's party time at the mouse maze and these is some piss'en mice yo! If BB lobed in a few gloks you know they'd be busten caps left and right... bwaahahaha... No seriously, it's time – apparently – for a new strategy... and that would be... flip out non-stop until they crack up. Works for me. :D

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Thunderbirds are GO!!

~ ar ar ar... what a great movie for the boys.
and we have it rented for a week...
It will be well worn.

I can remember watchign t-birds when I was a kid but my bro can remember them more.
I remember having a thunderbird 2 toy... and it was wicked cool. :)