August 17th, 2005


Wednesday, August 17

Ug... k, so I woke up, stumbled downstairs and ... no coffee... I had forgotten to set up the automatic morning brew thing. So I grabbed the basket, opened the cupboard under the sink, stepped on the peddle to lift the lid on the garbage can and proceeded to bang the old, wet, soggy coffee filter and associated grinds... on the floor all over my feet. I stood there, amongst the yucky grinds... and made the new pot of coffee. Only after I could smell the new java brewing did I make a move to clean up the mess. Priorities...

The shower zone includes morning stretching... mostly because I only remember that I'm a human after a few moments of the shower and as a human I need to stretch... Whatever... the point is, I was (am) very stiff on the right side of my neck... very!! It hurt in the shower... now? it's 11:00 am... it doesn't hurt at all... The left side... is freaking killing me! I swear it (the ouch) moved. Actually, I suppose I have been favouring the right side all morning and it's hurt the left?? again... whatever!!! it's just a pain in the neck yo!

My folks are home the east coast all safe and sound... :) I want to go over and see pictures.


Do you know tonya?? go [ :: here :: ]... that's a short little phone post she made almost a year ago. It's one of those posts that leaves me all misty... :D :D

~ red stripee ftls
~ black cargos... (apparently I've lost some weight... it's like a whole new closet...)
~ white t and dk weird green kinda color... actually, I don't know what colour this is??? shirt. I love this shirt... and today I'd doing the no-tuck with it... it's got those cool hem line that looks good untucked. :)
~ and NEW fricking shoe laces... (finally).
~ first thing... early meeting with a grand formage ... before she goes and briefs a vp type on my stuff. :) Meeting went great!! :D
~ a few report edits and a short dive into the next deliverable... due in mid September. :)
~ write a little about BB from last night.
~ soccer practice for Geo tonight...
~ figure out what the fuck is wrong with my server and email tonight. I'm going to have to back out a lot of stuff and start over. (Really hating this issue... hate hate hate!!!)
~ I understood more about the complexity of BIND.
~ that danicia and fragbert make it through the day. They are Zotobo Hunters today... and I'm betting they are both resplendent in their jewel encrusted battle shorts.
~ for my friends, kimberly27616 and nortacon to get a couple of steps closer to answers...
~ to send some lords of geekdom praise out to jgurney and fallingforward... just 'cuz. :)

So there's this guy in Ottawa... with FIVE pit bulls. ALL OF THEM... have been involved in incidents like attacking neighbors, attacking kids, breaking down their own front door from the inside to get outside and attack somebody... And so the city takes the dogs. Well they've been given back... apparently there is some shit going on that means he gets to appeal and have the muts with him while he does it. This all makes so little sense to me. Forget the complicated laws... I am all about this notion: Your dog attacks and bites somebody on the street.... Your dog dies and you get a hefty fine. Period. I'm a dog lover... and personally I think it's pathetic that so many people have untrained dogs. Dogs... in my opinion, live more fulfilling lives in a city setting, if they have proper training.
~ on a related note, I heard on the radio that they have invented SPRAY ON BACON. Aerosol can of BACON!!! Like... "spray on a piece of buttered bread, add lettuce and tomato..." So, that dude with the five pit bulls. Wouldn't it be a stitch if he bought himself a faulty can of spray on bacon... and it exploded all over him when he tried to use it.
Pit Bull #1: "hey Spike... do you smell bacon?"

A careful review of the historical record will show that ... British and other European aggressors divided up the middle east when the wrested it from the Ottoman empire in the late 1800's. They created circumstances that dramatically altered the "faith landscape" across that part of the world. One of the "divided up" places was Palestine. A vast and empty stretch of unforgiving sand, in Palestine, was seeded to a group of jewish settlers... "here... take this and leave us alone". They built irrigation systems, and laboured and built a home. They turned the sand into an oasis. So the Palestinians living in the barren wastes saw the green and wanted to live there too. Such was the beginning.
Now the Jews were very protectionist and shunned the interests of their neighbors. They made totally shitty neighbors unless being a neighbor meant "you got yours and I got mine". They made labour laws that favoured other jews at the expense of Palestinian arabs. There were wars... there were agreements... and there has been so much death, destruction, anger and hate that... basically ... the lot of them can all fall into the sea and I wouldn't give a rats ass.
However... All of that history - and it gets very complicated - leads to the here and now where we watch as some 6000 jews that settled in a palestinian area called Gaza... (1.7 million - 1,700,000 - palestinians and 6000 Jews) are moved out by their own government... because ... they make lousy neighbors.

hahahahah go to (and that is definitely not work safe...) Bwahahaha...

K... time to get back to work. :)

have a wonderful day ... and smile... somebody loves you.

Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Let's All Trust Jennifer

Where in... the exact cost of Kaysar letting Jen win the HoH arrives at Kaysars feet... a wee bit like a cannon ball. James... the Lone Wolf (I'm thinking Lavern and Shirley here) is being impressive with his never ending load... and if you look closely, you can see the entire house vibrating with the anticipation of a blow up...

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One wont let his hair be cut... the other thinks he's angus...
(those are shorts. :D)... dress'ed 'emself today he did... :D
(geo on the left... edward on the right. :)