August 15th, 2005


Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Do The Snake!

Where in... the gay guy gets looped and acts the fool... surprise surprise. Oh and booty shaker girl, gives peeler lessons to Rigid Rachel, sheds some crocodile tears, and makes all kinds of game-time promises (aka honking bullshit) to gets Kaysar to hand over the power.

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Monday, August 15

So this was a classic morning... I wake up with the beep-beep-beep of the "buzzer" setting on the alarm clock. The "radio" setting will kick-in in five minutes. I get up and with body parts still tingling with sleep... I lurch downstairs in my ftls to the just-finished-brewing coffee maker (love the timer setting) and pour a cup. Me, the cup and my sleep addled brain, find the front door and open that to get the paper... and ... Do you remember the movie TXH 1138? There was a fog so think out the front door that I walked out into it... and vanished. I had a few sips of my coffee... in my underwear... invisible in the fog on my front lawn. It was very cool... woke me up. :)

I was back up stairs in time for the news at 7:00 and it was read by some strangers voice... because the CBC has locked out all it's worker-bees. 15 months of negotiations and they are to the point of lock outs? Organized labour... and the management that negotiates with it... is totally for shit. This was the major I finished in college before I went to Uni for political science... Human Resource Management and Collective Bargaining. That was where I a) decided unions were totally punk shit and b) that I hated the notion of working for either side in that dynamic. So anyways... 15 months? Please tattoo big red L's on your foreheads... everyone of you.

~ green ftls
~ dk green dockers... I still haven't bought new pants... sigh
~ white t and a funkadelic patterned dress shirt..
~ my black shoes... that I only mention in hopes of reminding myself to go the store I bought'em at on the way home from work to get new laces... these specific laces...
~ busy day... meeting from 11 - 12 and another from 2 - 4 ... first one is a breeze... second one is with grand-formage types and I gotta get my shine on for that one.
~ to find answers to stupid I-hate-you sendmail problems...
~ get salmon for dinner? hmm...
~ I had a "at work cam" again... sadly, not on clients sites... but still ... i miss it.
~ to send some good vibes... some hopeful vibes out to evangelinaarion ... for quiet reasons.
~ that Miss Salty-Pants... er... angryvixen manages to dilute well today and feels better tomorrow.
~ that chicaboo25... enjoys the "Day"...Que Sera Sera Sugar... :)
~ thank you out to bigbull for passing on a good idea. (ICE... see below)

A couple of texas girls celebrating today. :D
Happy Birthday out to easilydistractd... may the year ahead bring you big and small moments of excitement.
and to westhill_mom... Happy Birthday sugar... may this year keep you and your family in good health, and great spirits. :)

// I.C.E. ICE... In Case of Emergency
Cool beans idea... not sure if this is one of those "I'm waaaaay out of the loop" and it's old news to everyone else... but I just read a cool thing about a push to have EVERYONE ,b>program a name into their cell phones</b> and use the name ICE for it. This would assist the emergency service workers isolate who to call when they pull your cell phone out of the mangled wreck of your car etc... (insert other gruesome moments here) So you put your Next Of Kin* or spouse phone number behind the ICE entry.

/ So I download ubuntu... !! It fits on one cd and it's TOTALLY FREE (linux - free!!) (it's an ISO so you use whatever burner software you have to "open disk image") and then I slap that cd into a fairly old laptop... pII laptop that is a pain in the ass to run Windows XP on. I have to answer about 5 questions to the install software on the way in... and then a couple of questions later... all of them easy beans questions... NO GEEK DEGREE REQUIRED. Result? Totally setup laptop, with a full office install. I opened ms work, powerpoint, excel and acrobat files without a hitch. And the laptop runs faster than it ever did with Windows on it. So when pay a couple of hundred for XP Pro and then several hundred for MS OFFICE... remember this post.

*kin? don't you have live in the ozark mountains and brew moonshine to have "kin"???

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so... the Sendmail problem...

or should I perhaps say... the BLOODY FUCKING SENDMAIL PROBLEM.

See the real problem is that I hate using a server based mail product... I'd rather just use gmail and stick with that.
a pox on thinking I actually need to save email... ever...

but that's not gonna wash. I have dozens of friends and family that rely on my sendmail server running... and they connect to thier email addresses with outlook and outlook express... sigh.

So let me put some questions out there...

a) when I run the test on sendmail on my server it comes back with my hostname but none of my domain data... grrrrrrr... is that because sendmail is fucked up or because my domain name is not properly set? I mean... it's in hosts, and in resolv.conf... (my server is running BIND - and that seems to be working fine...)

b) can I just STOP using sendmail... uninstall the rpm and use something else? a friend mentioned... qmal, postfix and exim. Are those likely replacements for a sendmail server? and - the big question - are they any easier to use and manage?

I need to get my server mail back up!! :(