August 12th, 2005


Friday, April 12

K... the hat... The land currently known as Acquina (??) on Martha's Vineyard, used to be called "gay head". Funny that they changed the name huh... :) Makes a great conversation STOPPER of a hat. The kids on Geo's soccer team were frozen... till the plucky one asked "why's yer hat say gay head?" haha...

It was up and at 'em early today ... everybody up and in the cars! We need to take suz's car into the shop to have 'em look at the muffler, so that means, kids up, and both cars to the garage then I drive everyone home and then I split for work. :)

Note:... a mildly complicated looking little piece of metal... clearly from the inside of the photocopier is sitting on the paper tray ... on the outside of the photocopier... and it (the copier) still works. Makes one wonder just how many extra little fiddly bits are in there that could come out without affecting performance. Downsizing the photocopier! "hey you ... piece of steel... you are laid off! go!"

It's all about friday today... work work work ... but looking forward to the weekend HUGE.

I'm a dirty guy...
bit of a perv,
or so I've been told...
but when the chips are crunchy,
the peddle is through the floor boards...
and it's balls out time to have a hard on...
[ :: this works for me :: ] ... just say'en.
And that september release date... is whispering to me.

~ black ftls... different pair... promise!
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and stand'en all sucked-in and heroic like! :: ]
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ finish this draft of a report and get it off to my boss for final review.
~ get myself home!!! (want to be home!)
~ hopefully, get suz's car back from the shop.
~ work on server...
~ write bb update...
~ make something yummi for dinner... I'm thinking rainbow trout on the bbq!
~ maybe rent another disk from the sopranos?
~ squeeeeze my suzzy... 'just 'cuz.
~ a happy lj anni to canuckgirl
~ that there are fewer mornings like this one for nbbmom
~ and to thank katy_kate for this link... [ :: neat little 4 minute movie :: ]

happy birthday James...jamesbaxter, and may your long commitment to your sugar be rewarded with her return to good health.
... and because tomorrow will be a CFS... a happy b-day to a lovely and kind lj friend... darkbay ... may you take lots of pictures!!! :)

If NAFTA (something the US seemed hell bent to get approval for from Canada and Mexico) rules in favour of the US in some dispute and the offending country said "Yeah? well tough shit... we're not changing anything... go to hell" ... you know that the US would have a significant red hairy fit. They would - because they can - enact all kinds of economic sanctions against the offender because, no doubt, there are several other belts of economic binding holding that country to the US and they can be squeezed just enough to get whoever it is to comply with the NAFTA ruling.
Now slam that shoe on the other foot.
Canada wins a case before NAFTA that results in a sound drubbing for the US. Clear statements that the US is in breach and owes canada something like five billion dollars!
What does the US do?
"Yeah, well tough shit... we're not changing anything... go to hell... and btw... five billion? get bent!"
But can Canada say or do anything to tighten an economic belt on the US? No...
The US doesn't need Canada at all... no sir eee...
You know... like they didn't need that robotic Arm on the Space Shuttle. The one that made it possible to repair the Shuttle on it's Return To Flight voyage. (A canadian contribution to the shuttle program... although most americans wouldn't know that.)

Dear Canada... please stop awarding road re-paving contracts to the lowest bidder. Take a trip... on almost any highway in the US and then come back to our crap roads and tell me you still think it's a good idea to do that "lowest bidder" thing.

See ya.
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Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Welcome Home: Now Blow Up The House.

Where in... we are tortured with the wait to see who comes back into the house. They kick someone out, pick a new boss – sorta – and they let someone back in. Busy night... Good thing Julie wore her bathing suit.

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