August 11th, 2005


Thursday, August 11

Awake at the proper time again... even had the coffee-with-the-news thing... and then snagged forty more minutes of zzzzzzzzzzz beside Z 'cause she looked sooo warm and snuggly.
It's supposed to be a hot day... but not a killa hot day. The storm yesterday broke the hard-ass humidity that has been chewing things up around here. I'm all for not needing to set the A/C on Over-Kill.

... I soooooo need to find less expensive parking!!! This contract is going to kill me with the parking. grrr!
Oh, and speaking of parking... I've been having a bird for the last month on the company's finance department re an unpaid expense report... and then ... d'oh, I find all the receipts in my lap top bag ... unsent. (head slap ... over and over...).

~ black ftls
~ green dockers
~ beigee-green short sleeve dress shirt... nice shirt actually... my current fav.
~ long ass edits of a report at work... trying to incorporate the observations (read: red pen) of three different reviewers...
~ Geo has a soccer game tonight!!! so that's right after a quick dinner.
~ finish the new server install... O/S (FC4) is in, kernal patches done, now it's just patching all the bits and pieces. (config is gonna take another day though... sigh...)
~ finish FINISH the vacation post... the picture choices and edits are the longest part yo... so much to do... so little time. :)
~ watch BB tonight... and watch Kaysar - I blow your house up (!!!) walk back into the house...
~ that monkey has nothing but good times around this corner.
~ for some coffee making magic to find fragbert before it's too late!!! :)
~ to send a few waves and hi's out to the pink dress girl... er... no... (snarf)
~ that little miss giggles (gigglecam) has a great show on the 19th of August...
~ that harleydog has a grand day... just 'cuz.

Happy B-day joei!!! May you have a wonderful year and find little treats waiting for you every time you turn around!!
And Happy birthday to ketsele too!! You little neb you! It's hard to keep track when names change... but I can see you!! Have a wonderful year sugar...

You know... if you're a guy... playing Final Fantasy... and you find yourself busy taking a serious beating by some sith lord like character with god like fighting styles and capabilities... you're prol'y getting your ass kicked by a teenage girl... just say'en.

I'm not sure how well this is being covered in the US media (google on Maher Arar) ... so let me just say that a lawyer, Mary Mason, representing the US Government, said - in a US Court - yesterday that air line travelers, passing through the United States to a foreign destination are subject to being seized, imprisoned without a hearing or a charge and may be subjected to physical abuse at the governments discretion and that non-americans are simply not entitled to any rights at all when their connector flight lands in the US. While I can grok a countries right to self determination... this is just screaming "I'm the biggest mo-fo on the block and I'll do who and whatever I want... so bite me."
'S really looking a whole lot like Mary is trying to polish up that reputation US citizens enjoy overseas...

When you feel like it's time to run...
You're prol'y just about at the point when you need to turn and face it.
You can choose to give up... that's you, making choices.
But never give in.
You'll never forgive yourself.

k... time to git... :D