August 10th, 2005


Wednesday, August 10

Hola... headache boy again... grrrr! I'm blaming the a/c and that's final! :)

We sat and watched the original Jaws last night... all four of us. I've seen it a million times... (saw it in the theater when it was released...) but it was new to Suz and boys. It was filmed in locations we were at during our vacation. :D haha... That's why we watched. Of course, the "scare the pants off you" p arts were good too.

I woke up with my alarm... and then passed out again... blink blink... 8:25!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! first day back to work and I'm waking up at 8:25!!!
I was in Hull, at my desk, by 9:15. Not an easy task yo! :)

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a beige shirt...
~ from a clothing point of view... I am boredom personified.
~ work work work... warcraft peon time...
~ write about BB...
~ finish picture edits, etc, to get the vacation journal posted...
~ begin the install of my new FC4 server (to replace my existing server...)
~ to congratulate jenlovefl2003... she'll all married up now... :)
~ that I could spend a little time with lisabella ... She's good people... you should go say hi.
~ that thatthingido stays the hell off the street... no gun battles for you!!
~ to send a wee virtual pinch to sin_da_rella... just 'cuz.

My friend sillz had her baby while I was away... [ :: Click Here :: ] to see a most beautiful photograph!! no really g-g-g-g-gorgious image... beautiful baby. :D
Congrats guys... :D and "welcome" to little Adam.

Happy Birthday B-Girl... (bratt72). Clearly this will be a big year for you and your growing family... May your arms hold good health and great love.
and Happy Birthday ever-so-distant-Kaar... (netherlands) kaar and may you and your family enjoy good fortune this year. :)
Oh, and a late but not forgotten birthday wish out to snwbrdette (Happy B-Day super-mom)

Big Yellow Ribbon... "support out troops". There is no shortage of that bumper sticker in the US. Popular too is the additional sticker that goes beside that yellow ribbon saying "Bring them home". Guess what... that doesn't mean "in a box". There are no end of folks just dying to step up and tell me that "well, we have to finish..." or "It would be a bad thing to leave now..." And I think ... yeah, sure... if you left now, the shiites extremists would rise up and there would be anarchy in a heartbeat through out Iraq. This would lead to greater and greater opportunity for the extremist groups outside of Iraq to gain foot holds in training, finance and influence...
And that's about the time I think to myself... "Yeah... ?? So?" Personally I'm getting sick ... sick sick sick... of people thinking that we will actually have any impact on these people. Leave now, or leave in twenty years... NO DIFFERENCE... ten seconds after you leave the shiites extremists will rise up... They are totally fucked in the head an no amount of picking their noses, wiping their asses and selling them american products is going to change that. I know their country will fall apart if american troops left... and I just couldn't care. "Oh no... that will just give rise to more terrorism in the West if we leave now..." BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! because ... you know... we can all sleep comfortably now knowing that we're all safe and snug today. I'm sorry but... there will be more terrorism in the west regardless. If you're really super bent out of shape about the problem... if you really thing the entire middle east is such a big ass threat to us ... then act like it's a war... (instead of just calling it one) and bomb the middle east back to the stone age... you know, 100 years ago. And no, I don't really want anyone to bomb the middle east... The israelis will take care of that. At least, they keep prooving that while wandering down Bush's "road to peace".
"America!!! Support your Troops... Bring them home... before you have to send them home... in boxes!"

Rogers Communications (Canada) has decided to market the "Firefly Cell Phone". They call the adverts they're running on YTV (Youth Television) as "Awareness Building". And as I listened to their marketing rep try to say they were targeting parents with their advertising...all I could hear was this executive saying they are PUSHING cell phones on little kids... PRE-TEEN kids with developing brains need a cell phone strapped to their heads like they need a gun. Rat Bastards. Die Rogers Die... DIE DIE DIE...

Speaking to CBC reporters, Tom something (American government spokes-dude) says that we can all rest assured that America does not deport people to countries that pose a safety risk to those people... BWAAHAHAHAHA.... Excuse me? Ex-squeeze me? bwaahahaha... Oh my god... do you people ever listen to yourselves?

alrighty then... time to get back to work. :)
See ya.

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things that are true:

~ you can't possibly stop smoking unless you actually want to... and in the end, all you will be, is a smoker that is currently not smoking.
Face it... you're a smoker or you're not and non-smokers will never ever understand this. (tomorrow will be 11 months as a smoker that is currently not smoking)

~ when you set up an lj poll to gather peoples contact information, ask for name, address, and email, etc. on one long line of text. The "poll results" page is a horrible way to sort out the names, addresses etc. if you ask for each field in a separate poll line.

~ Angela Jolie is not actually attractive. Not even a little bit... however, like almost no other woman, she has a sexual energy... a remarkable beauty that comes out in her eyes... and when it hits you... you stop noticing how average the rest of her is.

~ war is about killing people that don't support an aggressors agenda. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise, is part of the problem and they will never have anything to do with solutions.

~ if you drive a Hummer... and live in the city... you have a mental problem that should be treated before you hurt someone.

~ love is not about living in such a way as to appease and coddle the object of your love. That's just sucking up.

Big Brother 6 Update!!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

April Stirs The Pot

Where-in... the nasty ass shit disturber, aka April, has a little of her mask pulled away revealing the demon within, but – sadly – not enough to do her any lasting damage. That’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, we get to watch while Sarah dribbles tears, and James dribbles ... something else. It all boiled down to a game for math geeks... and word ‘em up home-slice... if there’s a math geek in this house, she’s hiding in the fridge with the elephants.

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