August 9th, 2005


Tuesday, August 9

Holy crap!! Is it ever good to be home! :D

We had a wonderful family adventure... and I'm gonna post a big - ol - story about with pictures later... (you'll be saying "geeze I liked it when he was away!" in no time!!).

For now... I had to call in dead at work today and treat a road trip induced head boomer this morning.
I had zero net access for the whole trip... well, save the first night in Burlington... but not again till last night...
so I've missed you guys!!

Two things...
~ you ever pull out an article of clothing from your drawer and you're like... "what's this?" as though you've never seen it before? Ever??? Todays shorts... never seen 'em... but apparently I wore 'em all last summer...
~ I MISSED BB FROM SATURDAY... my pvr setting for Saturday Big Brothers was ... shit. mage67.... dude???

~ gray ftls
~ beige shorts
~ new cape cod t-shirt
~ visit home depot and bring back the almost-set-fire-to-my-house light fixture
~ clean car!!
~ watch BB!!!!!
~ there was some way to figure out about all the stuff I've missed with you all... !!
~ my PVR had taped the Saturday Big Brother
~ that nbbmom is digging the new digs...
~ the members of Team Time Bomb are all doing well and are waddling around with healthy little egglettes in their tummys
~ that doowat's new puppy is all cute and happy...
~ and a few extra quiet little wishes for a wee baby named Aidan... who is never far from my thoughts...

So a quick 10 second trip through our vacation looks like this...

~ snicker... man it was awsome!!! Pictures and the story later today I hope... :)