July 24th, 2005


Sunday, July 24

Well... Saturday was "captain of industry" day... busy with job jar stuff and sorting things for the big road trip. :)
We going from here to montreal, from there to burlington, from there to peabody, into salem for a visit, then down to fulmouth for a week... then to the white mountain zone (lincoln?) and then, finally, home again. With two kids, a game boy, a camera and a car-topper loaded with stuff... oh, and bikes strapped to the back of the car... We leave later this week. ;)

Family vacation time... :)

It's beautiful outside...
The A/C is off and the sun is shining. ... although, for some strange reason, my nose decided to turn into niagra falls last night.
must.... not.... get.... sick....

!!! :D

~ black ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ blue chicago t
~ a day of sloth like behaviour, game playing, and possibly... a little cooking.
~ to send some thoughts of condolence and care fro kissekat...
~ that my friend acoolsecretary ... remembers how important she is...
~ and to send a few good vibes out to yupjustme... :) enjoy the storms.

// So two solitudes... on the one hand... canada is just canada... we talk big but we put great effort - apparently - into staying small and inconspicuous. So why would anyone bomb us? On the other hand... 2000 J2E troops heading off to Kandahar because they're to "help with reconstruction". J2E is out elite storm-trooper team... They are going in with the expectation to do battle. So... exactly what makes Canada think it's not on the radar?
Honestly... I am well and truly worried. I work in a large government complex in the nations capital.
When I asked... "how much security are you willing to put up with?" ... I was really pointing out that there's not a whole hell of a lot you can do when you get to that limit.
We are, all of us, pawns in someone elses game.
They play for power and energy resources.
They say they play for peace, but their guns give away the truth.
Whatever is going on... it's out of our hands.
So we wait... for them to run out of players,
or us to run out of resolve.
I feel so sorry for the london commuter.

/ 5 shots... and he wasn't even involved.

Ok... I gotta get busy with the slothing stuff. :)

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

What Would Yoda Do?

Obi-Wan: "Howie, my padawin-learner... he must go Owen Wilson on Rachel's bum!"
God: "No no... no... not yet. First... Ivette must bring her lezbonicness to April!"
Yoda: "Butt Kissers... There are always two... always two!"
Grover: "hey!!! stop that!"

Collapse )

camera day.:)

so... frustrated with my pentax...
I go out and buy a new camera before our trip.
Off to Future Shop (land of the hassel free return policy) and buy a Canon Elph SD200.

It's very tiny...
I like.

Ok... so the price is reasonable.
(hence the purchase decision)
... and then they tell me that there is a promotion going on...
puchase your camera for $100 over the purchase price...
get a tag to do a "mail in rebate" for the full $100 and they kick in a Lexmark Snapshop Photo Printer.
I've been down the "mail in rebate" road before... it takes a while but if you do all your bit... you get the cash back. :)

~ just say'en... sweet. :)