July 22nd, 2005


Friday, July 22

Holy Friday man!!! It's ... it's LATE JULY already??? there's like a month and a bit left before... September!!
We've got a huge family vacation coming up ... but still when we get back from that... it's all downhill to school.

Man... last night... we went to Geo's soccer game, and it was flippen fabulous. They had us by 3-0 up until the last 10 minutes... We only had 8 guys and they had 13 show up... so we had one sub while they had a complete separate line. The little guys were getting tired... and they still whipped it together in the last 10 to tie the game 3-3 by the end. Seriously ... you should have heard the parents screaming their heads off, jumping around, clapping, yelling etc... it was awesome!! :) So fun!!

Dinner was late night nachos... and the night was all about little jobs. Fix this... mess with that... and, eventually, watching BB.

Does anyone know how to take the automatic antenna apart on a Nissan Maxima? Fuck'en thing is making a horrible click'en noise when it's half-way extended. ??? I tried a little but it was night time and I was loath to start completely removing a quarter panel... ug!!!

The smell lingers on!!! I went up the attic and there was nothing but lovely cedar smell. The scent of rotting death... lingers just inside the doorway to our bedroom but a few steps beyond and it's ... gone. Hallway in front of our bedroom? no smell. Vents ? no smell... rug? no smell... grrrrrrrr! I think it's some kind of demonic possession thing.

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and their comfy today! :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt... (hi kimbers)
~ beige shirt... couple of buttons done up. :)
~ room-a-zooooom out to my office early for a 8:30 presentation by... people I should have done my "sleeping through" in the comfort of my own bed. Seriously... I mean... nice application... nice presentation... and do I care? um... no. Not really. Everything they said I could get from a half page pamphlet... everything else was just painful. sigh.
~ work on a proposal for the client boss with my boss and hopefully deliver that proposal on Monday.
~ work on my client deliverable all afternoon....
~ write something about BB6 ... ;)
~ that my friends would jump over to kutie_kara's journal and say hi... nice girl... good heart. :)
~ to say that my friend Misha... willedit is in my thoughts... just because it's a good place to keep her. :)
~ and to send some good vibes out to summer_flowers... again, just because.... :)

/// Ok, this is kinda TMI'ish... but whatever... You know how you get a tickle in your nose and brush your hand past... and you feel a little crispy bit at the edge of your nostril, so you turn away casually so you can reach up and pick that bit away... flick and it's over ... right? I mean... god forbid you should have a dry booger on your nose edge while talking to someone... that's almost as bad as having one of those white spit bits in the corner of your mouth while your talking to someone... OK... so back to the nose... so you know how you reach up and try to pick / flick it away? Yeah, well have you ever picked at that little hard bit... and then, when you pull your hand away, a three inch long thin liquidy booger thing-a-ma-job slides out of your nose? I mean, it's not like a regular booger that you get and wipe away... put in a kleenex or whatever... no, it's kinda wet and ends up slapped across your whole hand... ick!

// What exactly is the problem with having security cameras all over place, let alone on subway and transit systems? For that matter, why is it a hassle for people that the police want to randomly search their bags as they board public transit systems. What exactly are you worried about? Unless... you know... you regularly transport big bags full of dildos and vibrators or something illegal... I don't actually see what the hassel is? "Oh it's an invasion of my privacy"... oh shut up... privacy smivacy... people invade one anothers privacy all the flipping time because they're curious, obnoxious, nosey or whatever... and here's we've got the people we give our taxes to trying to keep us from getting blown up and people are bitching about a few cameras or possibly letting some cop check the contents of a back pack... I just don't get it.
Privacy is not something you take... it's something you give. This security thing... well, how much of are you willing to put up with before you ask your government to stop playing global saviour and police force? Because if you're good with that behaviour... policing the planet... then you better start getting used to a few frick'en cameras.
Edit: Believe me... I have not illusions that a few random searches will stop anything... hell if they banned backpacks and bags all together... then the bombs would be in pop cans or cigarette packs... however... people complaining about the searches... just seems a bit rich from the people who complained soooo fiercly that thier government didn't do enough to stop terrorist attacks at home... ?

/ I don't know anyone named Sally.
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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Did she just break up with me?

Where in... another house-mat joins Julie The-Space-Alien in the loser lounge. Resplendent in her gold shimmery dress, Julie hoped to distract us from her inability to read a teleprompter with some naked Space-Alien thigh... didn't work. Not only do we get treated to a lot of revealing outfits, we get a couple of house-mats practically licking the skin off one another and Janelle reaches for new heights of class by breaking up with her boyfriend... in a sound byte!

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Suz took the boys to a place called "Saunders Farms" today...

Big mazes in the hedges... :)
Water park...
Play areas...
... totally AWSOME!

Here's some pics from the day... :D

Goblet of Fire anyone?
(I'm jealous!! It looks so cool! :D)

There is a mile long maze and six others...