July 21st, 2005


Thursday, July 21

Another big tired day. I went to bed too late again (wow... big surprise eh). It was a bit cooler last night and while I'm still walking outside at 8:00 to find it already hot and muggy... it's a bunch better than it was a few days ago. :) :D

That Lego Star Wars game... doesn't play on the kid computer... unless I can swap the video card... but I'm loath to spend another cent on their computer... er... well, I guess I will end having to... but for a game? grrrr... and it (the Lego Game) is only out for Gameboy Advanced, XBox and PS2... but not on GameCube. (We have game cube). Soooo... the kids are playing it on mine or suzanne's computer for now. It's a super game for kids... geez... what a great idea!! :)

~ black ftls
~ black cargos, white t, dk cream dress shirt... then realize I don't actually fit those pants any more...
~ dk blue dockers, white t and a maroon dress shirt and dk blue tie. :)
~ I sooooooooooooooooooooooo need new pants...
~ to continue searching for the evil oder at home... I checked the attic last night... and no stinky dead critters there... (phew!!!!!)
~ work work work!!!
~ lunch with Z and my friend Jay. :) We're having Thai at a restaurant near my office. :)
~ BB6 tonight.
~ finish my SIL's computer ... they bought a dell desktop last spring... and had it hosed by ... well, a month ago. So I've totally refried it and it's about to be returned all purty :D
~ to cheer a bit for perfection1144 and the "good team" zone. :)
~ that my friends in London (and parts near by) are keeping their heads down and hearts clear.
~ for the busy day to work out for bsally!! :) (I hear ya on the "work under pressure" thing... :D)
~ for circlek to find a little better health soon...
~ to remind groovysegue that I think she's seven kinds of fabulous. :D :D :D :D
~ that I could take the time to just make a million wishes... I love reading you guys... but more on that later. :D

/// computer question: The dell dimension came with XP Home. I re-partitioned the drive and re-formated and installed XP Pro. Now when it boots up it offers "XP PRO" and "XP HOME" as boot options. The XP HOME option fails... (of course). How do I get rid of the option on the boot up menu?

// BB6... Dudes... remember that old psych research story about having volunteers deliver electric shocks to the other volunteers from behind a one way mirror and how the real trick was that the person getting shocked was faking and the real test was how much pain the first person would actually elect to give the other? They should go down that kind of "head game" path on this stupid show... having the players sign vast releases that basically say BB can pretty much do anything to them except kill them... and then play a psych game on them... GAH! Anything but this same ol'crap-tastic stuff.. Actually... It would be fun if maybe one of the house-mats would actually use that Power Of Veto thing...

/ The radio talked about some lobby groups trying to get them to let business travelers to use Cell Phones on airplanes. I'm just wondering what happened to the whole "you're cell phone signal interrupts signals that are used in the operation of this aircraft" thing... and the images of people switching on their phones and air planes falling from the sky. :D
Ok, so the only really note worthy thing in the radio show was when they dramatized the sound of the Flight Attendant making the announcements that end with the admonishment to leave cellular telephones powered off. Then they ended there. Which is not how things actually are on an aircraft around here... because as soon as they finish that speech... they start it again, except this time they say it all in gibberish (thank you Sandra Bee) or what some people continue to call french. I really think they should rename French to "Gibberish". What do you think? Good idea? Think the powers that be will go for it? hahaha... fricking french.
Dude... live for a year in Ottawa and tell me how much you love french when it's over.
(but shhhhh... because we're Canadian and we're supposed to love french... it's like a law or something...)

k... time for more fun and exciting work... *sigh*
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Yeah... so having lunch with my wife and a best friend that, besides being a big cheese in the government is also a home reno god... can have a serious impact on home renovation plans.

It's pretty much a done deal that the Kitchen Renovation Project (KRP for short) is officially off and ... now it's a choice between building a whole new house or buying an existing house.
All this because Suzanne wanted to get a new kitchen table a couple of months ago.
Flippen expensive table if you ask me. :)

Today has come and gone and next up is the big zooooooooooom home for Geo's soccer game at 6:15.

Tomorrow is all about trying to avoid the Dead Zone during an all-morning presentation that some vendah is giving... sigh.


The fire that burns the brightest...
fades to glowing ashes while a candle burns all night.

The love the washes away all thought...
consumes more than just time if the lover is not careful.

And the anger that consumes you ...
is rarely satisfied by what you give it to feed upon.


see ya. :)
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