July 20th, 2005


Wednesday, July 20

my evil plotting look. :) ar ar ar...

Cooler today... and while I suppose if would be fine if that meant the day was a wee bit Arthur Fonzerelli like... sadly, all I mean is it's a whole lot less humid. :)
Getting up and getting to work is into a groove station pattern with this alarm clock up to get preset coffee maker coffee and sit with the news thing. Geo woke up today... and came for hugs and stuff... (any day that starts with unrestrained hug action... is a good day in my books. :D)

I'd love to tell you about where I'm working... (but alas... I like my job, so I keep some things kinda hush hush) but this organization does cool work around the world and they have all these beautiful portraits of people affected by that good work in third world locations. They (the portraits) are up in all the board rooms... it's very touching stuff. The faces of wee children ... living a life that is prejudged to be horrific... yet there they are... smiling and playing. Grown men and women joyous at the prospect of clean water. It often reminds me that life is far more enjoyable and rewarding ... if you live it with simple needs. Happiness is not so hard to find...

~ black ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white t and a beige, blue and green... (no really) short sleeve dress shirt. :)
~ sugar from an apple fritter on my lip...
~ finish a proposal draft...
~ sort out deliverable number two for client boss
~ tacos and burittos for dinner... hmmm...
~ soccer practice with Geo tonight.
~ write about BB6 at some point...
~ that today brings good news... and the light of Dawn... into njtech home...
~ for good job prospects to wrap themselves around danicia and fragbert
~ to send several moments of lj style squeezen out to aprilfool29... just 'cuz... :D
~ and may harleydog get the answer... the answer she wants to hear. :)

/// The major cause of death among american pregnant women is... homicide.
This is probably also true for Canada but Canada has not collected the data... because... we're too busy pretending we don't have a spousal abuse problem? whatever.
Look... the data says that there is no common character trait among the abuse victims in this "kill the pregnant wife" thing. It has nothing to do with her... she is simply in the wrong relationship. The common traits show up when you look at the guys. There is no clear profile but there are undisputed facts (the numbers) and there are lots of educated opinions on what is going on ... The popular notions include "he feels threatened by the baby... in that the baby will release his iron grip on all the attention in a relationship." While it's not always the case, a history of abusive behavior is also a good clue that a woman might find herself sucking knuckles and having a smoke butted out on her 8 month belly. Ok... SO CLUE NUMBER ONE: If your man is beating you now... what the fuck are you having a child with him for? Leave him, find a social service that was set up to assist you, call your mom, your dad, your friend or something... but don't take that shit yo!!! CLUE NUMBER TWO: if your guy is all about self-centered, delusional and demanding your attention and subservient posture... do you think maybe he's not a great parent in the making? I mean... I want to say stuff that sounds like "why did you get pregnant?" but I know that would be grossly unfair. But still... If my dad was a horrible abuser of my mom and I, I would seriously wonder what the fuck my mother was thinking of when she decided to have me... like... "thanks for nothing" comes to mind.
I have been exposed to the support systems in our community dedicated to providing shelter and counseling to victims of spousal abuse and it just burns my ass all over the place to know that there is no safe place to go... If you live in a city ... then there are abusive men in that city that are hurting their wives. If you drive down a street lined with homes, bicycles on the laneways, trimmed hedges and gardens of colour... you're driving past a battered wife at some point.
When the revolution comes... and we're all done with the lawyers... we drag the wife beaters out next.
Bottom Line: Don't be a victim. There is help! Don't make a little tiny helpless victim just because you think it will help you with your issues as a victim. That's terrifically unfair and only makes the problems worse.

// Canadian troops leave for Kandahar today. Another contingent of Canadian men and women heading to the middle east because Afghanistan needs to be a whole lot less like they ended up after 4000 years... and more like we ended up after 200. Geezus.

/ Hey!!! Georgie-Poopy-Head... Hows trix on that Road Map To Peace you spent all that American money on... it's been another crazy year of everybody trying really hard to rush about gently sucking the nipples of Israelies and Palestinians... heck, even the G8 decided to give ... fricking MILLIONS to the Palestinians... and, of course, countless summits, peace accords, trips to Israel and lot's of armored cars that look like spiffy SUVs. And what do we have to show for it? Oh... helicopter Gun Ships launching missile strikes as reprisals for firebombing jeeps of soldiers in reprisal for some woman getting blown up... fires raging on the streets, random gun fire... total insanity.
Wohooo... looking good guys. Keep up the good work.

k. work. :) see ya.
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I'm eating a baby gouda... little round cheese thing with some ritz crackers..
and I thought... hmmm... perhaps I'd like a little whine with that.

so... here goes;

like, for ever ago... when I was (I'm guessing here) 18 ... I was in FLA with a couple of friends for a March Break thing.
Living up the name "march break" I managed to get hit by a car and break all kinds of things.
The smallest aspect of the injuries... has turned out to be the most insidious. (clavicle fracture)
If you were to look at me from the front... you would see that my left shoulder is kinda "turned" forward a bit.
The result is that there is a loss of symmetry to things I do with two hands.
If I was to hold, for example, a bar-bell with two hands... one arm (left) would have my elbow almost pointing out (up by about 20-45 degrees), while my right would be in a normal position.
So... I avoid this kind of thing... things that strain the arms because they are meant to be done with two normal arms.
Now... I'm sitt'en here with a killa sore left shoulder.
Why? All I can figure is bike riding. Holding the handlebars... and pulling as my feet push (equal and opposite force thing).
bummer eh. :)

ps. that is one scary looking corto in the icon... wowza.

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Groovy Baby ... Groooovy

Where in... Mini-Vin and Doctress Evil wage a little war. Of course, Mini-Vin going psycho but attacking Austin Pincher (Micheal the Terrifying Sexual Preditor) was nowhere near as effective as sharks with little frick'en lasers!!! Sarah Breast takes a moment to use her brain for a few nanoseconds and solves the puzzle of Big Brother's International Room of Mystery (and exercise machines). Rachel rats out The Pincher, all hell breaks loose, and representing Cuba, Little Miss Cantshuddap, goes mucha-lucca on Kaysar The Magnificent. In a terrifying twist of fate, Mini-Vin vows to die as the Veto games gets ready to zip...

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