July 18th, 2005


Monday, July 18

Up super early ... coffee... breakfast... news... and totally relaxing ... in a quiet house. :)

Holy muggy madness. and that was "muggy" not... muggle. When it's 31 outside at 7:00 am... well, the day is shaping up to be sticky.

It's a monday... it's a damn busy monday... with a presentation, and a vast amount of work to get another one ready! Ug.

Still... I shouldn't complain. I've been headache free for a while... my cold has evaporated (along with everything else in the city) and ... I'm happy.

There are so many things in my life that are "good" ... and these are things that should never slip away from my thoughts.
Life tends to bring reasons to be pissy to your door and kicking that stuff to the curb... is way good mojo.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ light blue shirt... and a layer of muggy every time I step outside...
~ big presentation this morning... the work to date is sorta in "rubber hits the road" time...
~ sort out info for yet another major presentation tomorrow morning... sigh.
~ take apart the dishwasher and put that 3$ clip in it...
~ read more of Harry!!! :)
~ watch Saturday's Charlie Jade... (is anyone else watching this show???)
~ that my friend veeter... gets some sleep !!
~ to wave at katy_kate ... just 'cuz... :D
~ for lizvang to feel better...
~ and for danicia to feel better too!!!!
~ and to congratulate carefreespirit on the vacation achievement... time ... is fleeting.

// you know... people came to this part of the planet... because they wanted something different. I could write a chapter on the notion of the settlers escaping Europe and finding a land where they could live "free from the domination of the theocratic governments that oppressed or abused them". The "free" part of that, however can show up in a whole new way... sorta like this ... Settlers came to this land with the promise of a religious freedom guiding their hearts and their feet." Both of those are worthy topics for a paper... AND NEITHER ONE translates into settlers coming her hoping to live under the thumb of a new Theocracy. Watch your back America.... Sandra is gone or going... and the other guy? the guy that's basically gonna die in his robes one day soon... he'll be gone too... and you all get to watch while the republicans in-fight about how right wing to make the replacements. The debate ... inside the republican party, will rage on for a while... but one side is sure hell bent on interpreting the events of 1776 as a mandate to establish a theocracy in America. I'd let my being a Canadian buoy my spirit... but we all know better. In the mean time... (example only!!) I will hope for the welfare of the women in America that must be fearing the death of Roe v. Wade, let alone access to birth control information in general. Remember girls... just say no...

/ So hockey's coming back...
Great. Long traffic jams to get through on route home are a pain in the ass... but whatever. Even though a bunch of millionaires had a hissy fit when a bunch of billionaires started picking on them... and every fan in the land was told ... "ti's not our fault by both sides" and asked to hang in there... we'll be back next year. Ok, so they're back. Now ... who is gonna hold them all accountable for the ridiculous hardship they put the service workers at the stadiums through... the services around stadiums that had to cave and fail because they relied on the traffic generated at game time? Oh wait... never mind... they'll be too busy counting their money. A $9 million salary cap? Tied to revenue? haha... funny that.

k.. no really... i gotta get back to work >:D
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A very busy day... (sweet mercy... this is almost like ... you know... hard work!).

but a busy day leads to a night of comfort wrapped in the arms of a life I wouldn't trade for all the treasure in the world.

so I guess it's kind of a "hard work be damned" kinda thing. :)

Here's a thought....

You are a seemingly insignificant
speck of dust swirling with the
currents and eddies of a life you
didn't choose to live,in a place you
did not make.

... and so was Einstien, Steve Martin, Gandhi, and my dad!


I still love this song... :)
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