July 13th, 2005


Wednesday, July 13

Arm... I sit with my arm like that, all the flipp'en time.

Still hot!!! ick!!
I made the same play this morning with the 6:45 timed coffee pot, 6:55 alarm to get a cup of said coffee and 7:00 radio news (cbc) watching the family sleep. :)
The sky was threateningly BLACK to the west as I drove east to work... thunder rumbles chasing me along the highway... but so far? no rain.

We put Finding Neverland on again last night, except this time for the boys to watch... :) Geo loved it... and Ed found the magic of the on-screen neverland (but was too young to get the plot)... The best part? hands down that was Geo jumping from me to Suz to give hugs when the movie was making us cry. :)

~ green ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white t
~ beige short sleeve dress shirt
~ finish R&R and process element descriptions for a presentation that goes down this afternoon ...
~ run a few errands on the way home from work...
~ and hurry home from work... because Geo has soccer practice tonight... (and man... the bugs are going to be horrid!!! I actually wear a bug hat the whole time... one of those net-over-the-face things... haha :D)
~ write about last nights Big Brother episode. :)
~ that the shuttle launch is a success and Nasa has it's collective shit together.
~ that debby finds a good buyer for the kids... Sell them... and get some rest... ar ar ar... ok, shhhh... I'm just kidding!!!
~ for something to turn around with my friend, indigobluejelly!!!
~ to send a few good vibes to mspish... just 'cuz.

/// T-Minus 2 hours and holding... Shuttle Launch Discovery can be watched on Nasa TV
[ :: check this link for the video feed :: ]
~ and I will give considered effort to not treating this shuttle mission like an Air Show where you're basically just holding your breath while everyone waits for airplanes to collide and explode.

Please let me take this moment to say that, while I love at a WOWOWOWOW level, watching cool jets do their thing... Air Shows are basically modern versions of watching Evil Kenival jumping over a canyon. You know there's gonna be death and destruction and you better damn well hope it doesn't include crashing into the audience. I will never ever forget the horror I felt at watching the jets crash into the civilians at the German air show so many years ago... (watching on television).

The whole "Mission to Mars" thing... You know we sorely ("we" = the planet) have to come up with something a whole lot better than a "bullet slug" to ship people around the solar system. The current geek to get to the moon (or Mars, for that matter) is nothing more complicated than pitching a ball at the desired location - accounting for the whole gravity show and orbital trajectory deal. But the bottom line remains that there is no actual "maneuvering" going on, let alone the ability to say "nah... we have a problem and we're coming home instead". We need a "space ship"... not a capsule. Maybe they (NASA) could get that Space Ship One crew (X prize winners) to work on this...

Dear Mr. Gurmant Grewal;
It is clearly not a good idea to fuck with the Government In Power.
mmmmmboy do I ever bet you have this message loud and clear.
hahahahahahahaha... sucka...

And in other news, a train slams into a parked train then that accident sends a rail car or two into the path of an oncoming train... death is everywhere and train cars crumple like origami... Holy crap! How fricking ridiculously screwed up is that? Maybe it's just me... but train wreck stories seem to come out of India, Pakestan, etc... every other month. It almost seems safer to fly the shuttle than to ride any of the bobble head express trains!!! gah!
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my work universe is defined by the security arrangements that constrain me.
overcoming that begins and ends with the liberal use of a USB "FOB" or a jump drive...
Plug it into laptop... copy results of work...
Plug it into secured client system... copy work in for printing, email etc...

AND IT FLIPPING VANISHED ... like... within the last three hours!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

~ ok... nevermind...
(palm to forehead moment)

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great arcs of white
individual fingers and sky encompassing flashes.

rain... big and fat... pelting down like little rocks...

the power hasn't failed... which is nice (for a change)...

It will end soon...
but for now... the wrath of heaven rages on.