July 12th, 2005


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My good friend carefreespirit suggested I repost her baby shower invite for Circle and Kat!!!

I know circlek has touched many of our lives... (stop that!!! in a good way... sheeeesh!)
and a week without angryvixen is like a week without sunshine...

please note:

Since there are so many of us that know and love circlek and angryvixen but cannot be there to participate in a live baby shower, let's have one online!

You can get to their baby registry by visiting here:


Please post this to your journal and pass it on to as many of their friends as you can so the baby shower can be sucessful!!

Tuesday, July 12

What a ham!!!

Holy crap man... it's frigg'en hot yo!!! This is a week of 34 temps with a "humidex" of like 42 (translation: self important meteorologists speak for "it's not the heat... it's the humidity!") So, "up early" is, once again, the way to go to start the day avoiding as much of the ick as I can. :)

Geo was learning about horse grooming yesterday and today I do believe he will be up on a beast. :D (I suppose there are a lot of more rural people out there who wonder what the big deal is ... but dude... this is HUGE to me... Geo on a horse? I can only imagine the massive excitement that he will be going through....)

[ :: Geo and I decided to make a tiny little video to say "hi" this morning... so here it is. :D :: ]
(very corny!)

We watched Finding Neverland last night... suz burned through six tissues... I used up three... and I really really loved that movie. Best Depp by far for me... and every time I see Kate W I wanna jump her... so, add cute kids and a great (read: fabulous!) story and it's a bang on movie!! :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a light blue cotton shirt...
~ busy day (big surprise... they've been busy since I started this gig!)
~ building R&R docs to support a process flow... (cool eh! :D hahahaha ahhhhhh geek)
~ watching Big Brother tonight... :D
~ to send some good lj style love and comfort out to whatilove... and may your memories be vivid forever!
~ that I could sit for a coffee with sin_da_rella... because I know we'd just laugh and laugh :D
~ for mentalconundrum to enjoy her upcoming sunday!!! :D :D
~ and for dessert... snarky_angel to have a grand day... :)

/// yeah, so I get a lot of feed back that goes something like this...
"you anti - american bastach... you got this or that wrong and...
and ... you suck... ".
Ok... so most of it is not so pointed but it all boils down the same way.
Look... I'm just some guy. I'm looking at the big world and listening,
reading and watching news... I'm trying to stay informed and, personally...
I find that the news of the world scares the crap out of me sometimes.
I should be impressed that anyone reads this drivel at all ... let alone
takes the time to be critical... and I am (impressed) but the whole
anti-american thing ... it's gotta find a home. Get it through your head
that anti-current-administration and anti-US-foreign-policy does not
equal anti-american. If you can't believe that... then I can never
convince you so... whatever.
There are exactly 37 things that are wonderful about America and every
one of them out-classes the negatives by a country mile...
There happens to be 42 wonderful things about Canada, so when you
get down to it... Canada wins, but that doesn't mean America isn't peachy.

My post yesterday... rant like though it may have been... was born
from the question: "How much security are you willing to endure?"
but in asking that... I was trying to consider the roots of the problem.
The easy answer to the security question is "as much as it takes",
but when it starts to look like an episode of Dark Angel... I'm betting
people will resent it. So that leads me to the notion of "how can we
stop the need for this level of security?" and if you think, like
Georgie-poopy-head, that what we have to do is "get all them terrorists
to come to the desert so ah can get 'em all killed up" then you've got some
learning to do. The roots of this problem ... of the terrorism that threatens
the US... is way complicated and has, at it's core, a great deal to do with
the history of US foreign policy. And now? Well watching George say "The
fight must go on..." makes me wanna gag on bile and spit...

If this is all horrible to you and I still suck... please enjoy saying so. I wont
fault you for saying it... but if you really need to be angry at me about it...
well, chew me.

// Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... Summer concert line up includes... among the contemporary bands like Black Eyed Peas, K-Os, kelly clarkson, avril lavigne, and (cool) green day, a scheduled to have bruce springstein, U2, and The Rolling Stones perform. The combined ages of the TRS, U2, and Bruce is approximately sixteen thousand, five hundred and eighty three years. Don't any of these guys have lives and families? Fame and stardom sure lose their shine when you think that you have to keep it up long after you die. Oh, and you have to a) rob banks for a living, and b) have a friend that works at Ticket Master if you actually want to see any of these Geriatric Case bands... I guess I should be impressed at their stamina... but I'm way too busy marveling at how good they look for a bunch of dead guys. :)

/ You know those handle bars on the old style 10 speed bikes? Curvey down and you have to lean way down to ride... yeah... those. A guy invented those... no question. :)

k... see ya.