July 10th, 2005


Sunday, July 10

(ok... silly picture...) :D
Holy gorgeous day batman!!!!

There's a haze ... but it's mostly blue and sunshine and a breeze!!! I'm all about liking the cool breeze... !

We finally got around to buying our bikes yesterday...

Oh... and a Thule bike rack... I bought another model before the camping trip and ended up ixney'ing the bikes on the trip because the other rack ... just suckedcocksinhell!! But the new one is nice. :D

We toured to one of those parking lot "instant amusement park" things with a few twirly rides, games and barkers trying not to look jaded... which, of course, the children just freaking love! Then it was "Joey's Own" for dinner (fish n' chips franchise) and that was ... as always... really delicious.

I need a good "batter" recipe to make fish with... any suggestions? and I wanna use it on onion rings too!!!

~ black ftls
~ p-z shorts
~ strong bad!!! (Hi kimberly)
~ AHHHHH! (umm... busy day!)
~ morning post...
~ bake muffins
~ take apart dishwasher... (leaking!)
~ clean bathrooms
~ bake a cake...
~ cut lawn
~ ice cake...
~ go to folks house for family dinner... celebrating a bunch of family birthdays. :)
~ Ed's soccer after dinner... (rush rush rush)
~ and then... try to relax tonight. :)
~ THAT MY FRIENDS IN THE PATH OF DENIS... are all ok ... and don't blow away!
~ that no1topaz and balljar would plan things so that they would each make a coffee table book out of the beautiful pictures they post!!!!
~ and that my charming friend... notcharming doesn't break the bank at IKEA!! :D

// k, so I'm just say'en... after watching yet another 5 minutes of the show 7th Heaven... I am once again reminded that ... if you draw a normal salary and live in a typical western city, embracing a typical western culture... you must be fricking mentally retarded to have seven children. You will a) die from exhaustion and b) never be able to send any of your kids to a proper education. Seven kids? What the hell is that guy? A minister by day and running a traveling crap game at night? SEVEN KIDS? Who the hell has seven kids?

/ Dear Sheep;
You are immensely stupid but it was very gracious of you to pile up like that so the slow pokes had a soft landing.

K... time to get the muffins out of the oven. :D