July 5th, 2005


Tuesday, July 5

Sweet mother of god it's fricking muggy and hot!!!!

It's totally overcast and a t-storm is in the offing.

Add to that the statement... "and the car is packed and we're ready to leave for our camping trip" and you maybe can feel a little of my pain. :D

Ah well... the boys are practically shooting off sparks, so there is no such thing as a bad adventure. :)
Oh, and I bought a bike rack for the car...

~ gray ftls,
~ ripped blue jeans
~ b.u.m. t
~ and a load of ... um... well, sweat.
~ to get in the car and drive it for an hour or so...
~ unpacking and building out home away from home ...
~ swatting flies...
~ building fires...
~ and pretending instant coffee is actual coffee (ug!)
~ that I get home to read some cool news and pictures from catherine

The kids are sitting in the car...
and there are toes a'tapping all around me.

So I'm guessing that means I have to go now. :)

A kid in Ontario... a 15 year old, was charged with producing and distributing child porn.
Note that this is a HUGE MOTHER DEAL and he is royally fucked.
His crime? Reposting the web-cast pictures he snagged from his skanky 14 and 15 year old web-cam-enabled net hoe-bags.
In my opinion... the parents of those girls deserve a harsher punishment than that kid.
The applicable laws were made to deal with adults that prey on innocents, and written before the advent of the Net.
This ... is not that crime. Clearly it's offensive and crime of some sort... but geezus!!!


On the road again... See ya on Friday.