July 4th, 2005


Monday, July 4

Happy Independence Day to my American friends...

It's all about sunshine baby... sunshine and a world gone quiet with calm. I woke to the alarm doing it's thing and enjoyed the news while I convinced my eyes to stay open... Oh, and the shower... hahaha... I step out... and by the time I get the towel off the rack... my hair is dry... well, all 1/4 inch (if that!) of it... hahaha...

So I go about my quiet business... and, of course, Geo wakes up, gets dressed and finds the sofa. He's not much of a "sleeper inner". :D

It's a really brilliant day... perfect weather... perfect vibe... I mean... you know... touch me... I'm electric. :)

~ blue ftls...
~ green dockers
~ a white SC shirt..
~ strange colour ... is it beige? is it a kinda pale green? heck it could even be pail green but I'd have to check m-w.com to figure that out... I tend to lead towards pale... any ways... it's a button up shirt..
~ to really enjoy this starbucks coffee...
~ work work work for the morning...
~ and then zoom to the downtown office to work on a presentation with my boss man... after lunch.
~ packing and continue getting "over ready" for a three day camping trip...
~ bath time for the boys... enough of this quick shower garbage... they need scrubbing!! :)
~ my friend Luke... luker ... enjoys his day... :) (i miss you! You know Tim (strat)'s Linda had a baby on Saturday? !!!)
~ to send a wee shout out to sylvidoptera... a long time lj friend and a good girl... :D
~ to fess up to teasdale... it's me... i keep sneaking in and changing your chair settings...
~ that tj642 gets everything done today... and gets to relax a bit. :)

July 6... two days from now... I'll be camping... so let me say... FIVE YEARS.
July 6, 2000 I made a journal entry. I had made the journal (signed up) in June in order to make a reply to something in ana voogs journal (does anyone still track her? i wonder what ever happened to the voog... ... ok, I don't actually... it just occurred to me...) and in the time since then... well, a great deal has happened in the life and times of me. When I think back... and casually remember the first names... the ones that come the most quickly to my mind are ratonil, bair, kristylicious (although it was something a bit diff then), nbbmom and allyn. I know there were others and I could look and see who they were... I mean... there were a bunch! right from the get go... and now? It's like I've known them all my life. It is truly strange how close I feel to the friends I've made here. :)

Thank you!: you guys have made a really big difference in my life and I honestly and very deeply appreciated the friendships that you have extended to me... the advice, the occasional ass-kicking, the shoulders and the incredible moments I've been able to share. I've watched no less than a eighteen babies join the world and followed wonderful friends into a dozen weddings. Five of my lj friends have passed from this world to another... and I suppose I should be happy it's only five. Every one has been the object of great emotional attention and care. I've been targeted by crazy people with complex hoaxes, evil people with dull axes to grind and foolish people that just have no class... and I've felt the warmth of friendships that my life had poorly prepared me to realize were possible. Most important of all, however, are the insights I have been able to achieve... new ways of looking at myself... rebuilding some elements of my personal value system using an interesting and well informed world view that was just not possible before.
Thank you... so much!!!

Remember that love is a powerful tool when it is held by honest hands.
It can change a life in an instant... and reshape the world over night.
Let it into your life and treat it right... and you will surely be rewarded.

That american troops in Iraq are doing good things for people living in a world that must seem to have gone mad, I have no doubt. I read the stories... the personal blog accounts of help and humanitarian moments. From time to time, those stories end with the wish that the media would cover the good things... and that's when I start to shake my head. I hope the media completely ignores the good things... Sorry but ... exactly what good is served by glorifying anything that is going on in Iraq? Oh boy... look at the good things... hurry up and support more funding... hurry up and sign up for service? WTF? Public opinion is only just starting to move into the zone where people will ask the all important question "What the fuck are we doing getting blown up in the desert half way around the world??" or the even more important question... "Why are we asking our sons and daughters to change from the people they were... to the people the will become after spending time getting blown up in the desert half way around the world.???" The cost to america of letting George launch an immoral, ill conceived, illegal, and likely ineffective war in Iraq, as if all the bad guys in the world will line up there in the desert for the storm troopers to kill... is just beyond the comprehension of anyone... except the men and women that work in Vet service organizations. I propose that the real cost of this war is no where near being realized. That will come... Happy Independence Day america...

The simple truth is... it will take more than money to make lasting changes in the poorest parts of Africa. Be that as it may... money will not make the situation worse. We all have to soon realize that the policies of the last 50 years have not been working. Only then can we properly embrace the challenge of figuring out what we can do different. What is the right thing to do? This is a huge topic. Glib statements about corrupt governments or the need to throw cash at aid organizations... do not address the issues. I don't have an answer and likely you don't either. We need a real plan... and I don't really think Bob Geldoff has it. Shit... he can't even figure out how to use a brush...

K... xo ... time to go.! :D See ya later.
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No A/C in the honda...
it's hot out...
so down with the windows...
and gee... my hair just gets so mussed with all that wind...


hahaha... er... ok, never mind.