June 21st, 2005


Tuesday, June 21

Welcome to Summer... the longest day of the year!!

Yeah... so I sat on the sofa last night... around 12:00 and clicked in to watch the pvr'd 11:00 news. blink blink... 5:10 am... same exact position... legs up on ottoman, slumped into the sofa, with my arms crossed... TALK ABOUT STIFF... omg!!! I struggled upstairs and crashed for another hour or so... good sleep... but man, I do not recommend sleeping propped up on the sofa like that.

Everybody got up, fed, and out of the house in good time today... no arguments with the wee ones and... well, that's a nice way to get a day going. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ maroon dress shirt ... baroque tie... blue.
~ well... making some dramatic headway on my project (work stuff)... it's either that or jump off a cliff... so.... :)
~ eating Chicken Madras for lunch... (so spicy hot... your sinuses clear...) :D
~ writing a quick level 2 cleric type D&D module to play with Geo... he's hard core wanting D&D time ... (you shoulda seen me trying to remember how to roll out a battle scene... geezus... it's been 14 years since I've done any D&D... sigh...)
~ look up kitchen floor plans on-line tonight... and hunt for ideas...
~ for a little success, peace and understanding ... in the world of a long time and wonderful friend... willedit.
~ that today dawned bright and wonderful for ladyfire.... first day... new year. :)
~ that every step she takes... turns in a wee bit of pleasure (snicker) for lothie
~ to congratulate dotcombabe for her recent arrival in the world of professional artists... :) You rock!!!
~ to send a few special vibes and warm thoughts out to an amazing woman... baybabayba... which remains "yabadabadoo" in my head... :)

/// so...... about all those earthquakes... I just want to say that I, personally, don't think they mean the "Big One" is coming. I think they're just little ones to let the pressure off. However, that being said... why do people still flock to LA or points along that coast? have you googled (satellite maps) LA ???? It's so vast I can hardly imagine how much of a drag it must be to move from place to place there... I mean, I suppose it would be six kinds of fun to visit... but ... do you really feel safe from the quake stuff?

//1700 american troops dead so far... but no reported numbers on the number of injuries... and untold thousands (upon thousands) of non american deaths, dismemberments and broken spirits... and it's looking a whole lot like the cat's out of the bag on the lies George Bush Junior (aka Poopy Head) agreed to tell Congress to make all this possible. And what will happen? Nothing ... Now, if you get him to make the O face over one of his interns for a while... then you could impeach him. :)

/ Associate Press wire services are filling up with a report that Katie Holms attacked Avril Lavigne at Lavigne's Hollywood condo when party go'ers showed Katie the poster of Tom Cruise over Avrils bed. Lavigne is reported to have kicked the snot out of Katie and kept saying "I'm next biotch". Melissa Gilbert was observed running from the scene and is wanted for questioning by the Burbank police. Nicole Kidman could not be reached for comment... and Mr. Cruise was apparently busy communing with his inner clam.

K... time for work.
see ya.
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A thong (not the sandel) is not a g-string.

Believe me on this... but those nice cotton "breathing"
tight work out clothes... the pants... the shorts...
heck... even certain dress pants...
whatever, are not to be paired with a thong.
A g-string? sure... but you know those thongs with
the fairly large inverted triangle of material that leads
to a 1/2 inch band of fabric running through the crack
of your ass? Yeah... those... absolutely lovely though
they may be... should not be on speaking terms with
tight cotton pants/shorts.
ESPECIALLY if you're starting with a really nice ass.
It's a no brainer to tell that so-and-so is wearing a
thong... because her ass is all fucked up.
Ass cheeks pushed down and out... and the independant
cheek movement... ever so subtle sure... but it's enough.
Wear a g-string, boy cut, or god-forbid... actual panties.
(note: boy-cut... screams approval...)

I mean... all that money on clothes... all the money
and EFFORT on working out... so you can feel good
about yourself... and you get the added bonus of a
great look'en ass. And then you screw it up with
bad underthing choices.

Note: that thongy look... is best expressed under a sun dress, or in jeans. :)

class dismissed. :D
(do I suck or what? hahahaha)
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